Is pimple-prone, spotty skin getting you down? Whether the hormones or the elements are to blame for your less-than-perfect complexion, you should know that you can experience the picture perfect skin you deserve.

We’ve rounded up six of the best blemish busters to ensure that you save face and look fabulous at any time – no brown paper bag needed…



Pelactiv Essential Clarifying Toner

“I have been using this, along with the Pelactiv Gentle Foaming Cleanser and Oil-Free Balancing Serum, for the past few weeks and my goodness – my hormonal spots and overall unpredictable skin is now a distant memory. I love the way the toner is in a spritz format (the cooling factor is so important in my book!), and it distributes evenly on the face without drowning the face in a strong, pungent alcohol-y liquid. This is completely fresh and pleasant-smelling. All cleanser residue was picked and wistfully swept away and (best of all) NO icky spots! A joy to use.” Rating: 5/5 – bh’sOlivia


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