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AVST™ Moisturising Toner

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Environ AVST™ Moisturising Toner is a non-oily lotion that is pH balanced and is designed to work in synergy with moisturisers i the AVST range. The toner contains several moisturisers which occurs naturally in the skin. The cocktail of plant extracts has astringent properties, and together with niacinamide assists in improving the appearance of the texture of the skin as well as tone. Honeybush leaf extract has been included for its antioxidant properties.
After cleansing, apply AVST Moisturising Toner using cotton wool.


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Through selected skincare salons, cosmetic clinics and medical practitioners nationwide. Environ is not sold online.

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Best In Beauty Nominated Product Review

I’m re-submitting my review for the best in beauty 2012 toner. There is so much to love about this toner and it did wonders for my skin. The packaging of the product is really suitable for a toner. It never pours out an excess amount of product so there is no wastage. The first time I used it I was absolutely amazed at how gentle it was. It never made my face feel like it was on fire because it was as gentle as water. There is no aroma from this product and you could really think it was just water! A cotton ball is the perfect applicator for this toner on your face. It feels wonderful and soothing as you wipe it over your freshly cleansed skin. It doesn’t leave a greasy or oily residue and my skin always quickly soaks it up. Because it’s a moisturising toner it doesn’t dry out your skin or leave it feeling tight. You really could skip a moisturiser in the morning and go straight to your makeup.
My skin becomes quiet sensitive every now and then, due to allergies, and this toner never lets me down. It always provides soothing relief and keeps my skin happy and healthy. Never once has it inflamed my skin like other toners have. It contributes to my feeling of being able to go out make up free and I love everything about it.
I’m so happy to see that this environ toner got a mention, I don’t think many people have tried it though due to lack of reviews but I know it’s worthy of top position!



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great for dry skin

This product also come in a cylinder shaped container with a screw top lid. There is a small opening for the toner liquid to come out and you can squeeze the bottle if need be. This toner is very gentle on your freshly cleansed skin. It’s not oily or greasy at all. You simply use a cotton ball or two to light sweep the product over your face. Make sure your face has been cleansed and dried properly before toner use. It does not dry out your skin or make it feel tight. It was so light it was just like using water. There is no fragrance and no alcohol scent at all. Surprisingly it kept my skin soft and refreshed. I didn’t like using toners previously as they always dried out my already dry skin but this moisturising toner suits my skin perfectly. I highly recommend it to people with dry skin like me who usually avoid using toners.

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