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Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water

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Lush Breath of Fresh Air is a softening toner to soothe and revitalise the skin. It contains Japanese seaweed gel with mineral rich sea water, fresh spring water and aloe vera for a toner that leaves the skin feeling refreshed but flexible. With rosemary, seaweed absolute and rose, this toner revitalises any tired dry skin. Vegan.

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Lush stores nationwide (also available throughout New Zealand)


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Super refreshing!

Love this on hot, sweaty days when I don't wear make up and just in general. Lovely smell and I love the packaging.



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Transported to the sea side and sun!

Breath Of Fresh Air breathes of sea salt, seaweed and aloe vera, the perfect combination for hot summery days and the best organic solution for freshening up! As a lover of sea salt and the scent of the beach, I absolutely adored this scent, it was my ideal aroma for any sort of beauty product! The toner is contained in the familar Lush, jet black bottle and features the usual squirt function.

After cleansing, I spritz two squirts of the toner on a cotton pad and then apply it to my face. While it refreshes and rejuvenates the skin, it removes most of the dirt and leaves the skin with a soothed, clean feeling. The toner does not remove all dirt in one go, another spritz of the toner will remove all traces of dirt and dead skin cells. However, as a person with dry skin, I did find this product to be a little drying and left my face tight if I didn't apply moisturiser straight after. But, using this product strangely softened the skin and made it easy to apply my moisturiser, which is most satisfactory and surprising.

This toner works so well with reducing the size of pimples, this is almost an guarantee! When popped, the best solution is to apply salt and whenever, I can't resist the temptation I always smear a drop of the toner onto the pimple and it reduces the size drastically the next day! I love using this for reducing the size of my pimple and removing it; always works for me.

Using this toner for my very first was most beneficial and satisfactory! Left my skin supple and soft, but also did leave it tight. However, most effective when reducing size of popped pimple which I absolutely love, and will always use this product for occassions like these! Great aromatic product, many uses for this toner and will repurchase this, definitely my beauty essentials!


Apply this toner sparingly, spritzes comes out in gushes, preferably two spritzes

Ideal for

Freshening up and oily skin



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Very nice

This is a nice little toner. I was previously using the tea tree toner but switched to this just to try something different and ended up liking it.

I actually use toner as soon as I wake up - I just spritz some of this onto a cotton pad and then wipe over my face. It's very refreshing and leaves your skin feeling very clean and soft. I thought the salt would make it feel dry but luckily it didn't.

Would repurchase again...and it lasts forever too!



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A nice change..

I have often used just normal witch hazel as a toner, but when in the Lush store a few months ago and getting a skin consultation, I was recommended to buy this toner. It's reasonably priced and feels amazing on the skin.



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name says it all

It does exactly what it says, gives your skin a breath of fresh air! leaves skin feeling fresh and clean.



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Want a window of fresh air in a bottle? This is your answer.

My skin is like a spoiled child that is extremely picky about everything. Thankfully, this spoiled brat responded really well to this product (about time! Those breakouts were driving me insane)

This cleared my skin out like crazy. And when I mean crazy, I mean eating ice cream with tomato sauce crazy. In a few days I noticed my skin clearing up really well and my skin looked so much healthier - to the point that I even received compliments of it. (kind of like the rose hip oil syndrome but all over again)

I highly recommend this product! It is affordable, refreshing and straight up beautiful. 5 STARS!



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A good toner

This toner doesn't leave my skin with a greasy feeling behind (which is what my old toner did). It contains rosewater which helps with my normal to dry skin. . The spray bottle is handy so i don't have to use a cotton ball (which isn't as effective).

Price point is ok otherwise. I will buy again once i run out.



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Not bad

I use this when I am working long hours in air-conditioned spaces in order to keep my skin hydrated. Pros: It does tighten my skin initially when the water droplets are being absorbed, but after a while I am left with soft feeling skin. It does not have any fragrance. Cons: The bottle is a little unwieldy, and the spritzer releases quite a huge gush of toner at great speed.



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Nice toner

This product is a nice toner, but is pretty average and I did not find it exceptional. I generally spritz it on my face after cleansing and before moisturising. It makes my face feel a bit cleaner and refreshed but I did not find any exceptional qualities about it.


Use it after cleansing and before moisturiser.

Ideal for

This toner is good for everyday usage as an intermediate step between cleansing and moisturising. It is good for thinning down moisturiser for during the day or hot summer days.



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nice but still unsure

I like how Breath of Fresh air feels on my skin and the refreshing smell. It doesn't irritated my skin and doesn't sting which is great.

The only thing is,I have been using it everyday for about a month and don't think it has actually done anything for my skin.
I might buy again in summer as it is a nice light toner or maybe I will try one of the other Lush toners


the spray nozzle is a bit fierce, be careful or your face will be drenched

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