A'kin - Rose and Geranium Pure Facial Creamy Cleanser & Toner


Rose and Geranium Pure Facial Creamy Cleanser & Toner

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For normal, dry and sensitive skin. Akin Lavender & Jojoba Hand, Nail & Cuticle Creme is ideal to use on the most sensitive of skins and is enriched with natural panama bark, shea butter and olive squalane. It gently removes face and eye makeup whilst the witch hazel mildly tones the skin.


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Gentle and light cleanse

I'm not usually a big fan of creamy cleanser but got a sample of this and decided to use it. Firstly, it has a really pleasant and sweet fragrance. If you are looking for something to give your face a gentle cleanse, without removing too much make-up etc., then this product is great. As I am used to having more of a squeaky clean feel on my face, I found that I needed to use a bit more product than I would with normal cleanser to get the same effect. However, it did leave my face feeling really moisturised, soft and luxurious. So overall, I do like the product, but I'm not certain I will purchase it again as I may need to use a lot more of it than normal.



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Great for sensitive skin

I love that this cleanser does not cause any bad reaction with my skin. It's mildly scented and the creamy texture is great for massaging into the skin to gently lift away the impurities. The tube packaging is perfect got traveling, no messy spills and very hygienic for dispensing the tight amount of product. Not sure about the effectiveness of the toner in this as I always use a separate toner with AHA.

Ideal for

Travel, sensitive skin



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I was sent a sample set the other day. Went to use it and as soon as it touched my skin it instantly swelled.. turns out I'm extremely allergic to rose hip oil. Had to go to the hospital and everything :( RESPONSE FROM A'KIN: We are sorry to hear about your allergy to Rosehip Oil and would like to
work with you to find an alternative product that is suitable.
Additionally due to the severe nature of your reaction you have reported,
under Australian legislation there are certain steps that we need to make
to ensure that it is recorded correctly with the correct authorities. If
you could please email us onenquiries@purist.com with your contact details
and the best time to call you, it would be greatly appreciated.


test on small patch of skin before applying to your face



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not for me

i got a sample from them and since i'm a lazy girl, i always use my cleansers to remove makeup and this product doesn't work at all. It way too mild and doesn't remove makeup/oil at all and i didn't like the fragrance.



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Great for dry skin

I don't have dry skin, more like combination but I still really like the hydrating ability of this cleanser/toner.
It is nice to have an organic product which is affordable.



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Mild fragrance

This product has a nice mild fragrance and is quite creamy. It seemed to clean adequately but I didn't really feel like my skin had been toned. I used the Rosehip Oil & the moisturiser afterwards, and my skin did feel lovely & soft. However I don't think I will be using this range again.



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creamy and hydrated skin

I received a sample sachet of this product. I enjoyed the rose scent - my favourite. The cream cleanser is quite thick and does not lather.
I love how my skin feels soft and moisturised without that dry, tight feeling after wash. Like what other reviewers said, it is soothing and gentle. At the same time, it does not give a 'clean' feeling. For oily combination skin like mine, my cheeks feel very comfortable but T-zones still oily and 'not clean'. Recommended for dry skin.



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Creamy cleanser that's still very effective.

I've really been enjoying creamy cleansers lately - this one in particular. It's softening, soothing and protective without compromising on it's role as a cleanser. I find this cream cleanser does a better job than my previous cream cleanser, likely due to the inclusion of witch hazel. The downside of that is that this cleanser doesn't smell quite as nice (witch hazel is an odd scent and one that I don't particularly like), but at least the fragrance is mild and doesn't linger so it's not too big of a worry for me.


I like to follow up use of this cleanser with an additional splash of toner (gently patted into my skin) and a few drops of rosehip oil (patted in as well) for radiant, soft skin.



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Ohhhh I just loved this one!!!! it smelled so good just a hint of rose which was not overpowering! It made my skin very clear and soft without drying out or leaving it oily. I have tried other organic brands and have not been satisfied by their cleansing capabilities. But this one is perfect!!!


Just a little bit is enough. Massage into skin for 30 seconds and wash off and my skin feels clean, fresh and active! I will definitely be buying this one soon!



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Creamy cleanser and toner in one

This product is two in one which is convenient. It is very creamy and it has a pleasant smell. It does not make my skin feel as tingly and fresh as using a traditional toner by itself. The cleanser and toner removes all my makeup as I massage into my skin with water to remove all traces of my makeup.

My skin feels rich and hydrated after cleansing. It would be great for sensitive/dry skin. It is a bit rich for my skin as my skin can get oily. It is fine in winter to add moisture but is a bit rich for my skin in summer. Overall a nice creamy product and exactly as described.

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