A'kin - Rose and Geranium Pure Creamy Cleanser & Toner in one


Rose and Geranium Pure Creamy Cleanser & Toner in one

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For normal, dry and sensitive skin. Akin Rose and Geranium Pure Creamy Cleanser & Toner in one is ideal to use on the most sensitive of skins and is enriched with natural panama bark, shea butter and olive squalane. It gently removes face and eye makeup whilst the witch hazel mildly tones the skin.


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great for dry skin

I love how my skin feels soft (not dry & tight) after using this wash.
you need to take your make up off first (I use a make up wipe)
smells like roses


take your make up off first with a make up wipe

Ideal for

dry skin



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Smells great and very moisturising

This cleanser smells so good, it actually has a normal rose scent compared to the gross smell of rosehip oils. It is very creamy and moisturising and left my skin soft and refreshed while removing all my makeup.



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Very hydrating and nourishing!

I used this sample and I loved it. It made my skin instantly soft after using it the first time, even before I applied oil or moisturiser! As someone with dry skin, I love a cleanser that is hydrating.
Would buy.


Use in conjunction with the A'kin rosehip oil for smooth, amazing skin...the combination works!

Ideal for

Dry skin.



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Moisturising but not really cleansing

I tried this cleanser last night and it was a pretty interesting experience. The formula was very creamy however I didn't feel it was at all astringent which meant my skin didn't have that squeaky clean feel. The product was very nice however moreso as it left my skin really hydrated and moisturised. I would recommend this to anyone who is after a gentle cleanser or has dry skin.



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This was one of the first products I've tried from A'kin and I've enjoyed using it.

I found it is quite an average cleanser, yet quite hydrating for my dry skin in the way that it doesn't leave my face tight after use, and I like its creamy consistency. It has quite a thick texture and doesn't lather up into bubbles so a little goes a long way for use on the face.

Product is a yellow-cream shade and has a soft rose scent. I like the idea of the cleanser being certified organic as I've been on the lookout for organic skin care bits and bobs.



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Good For Dry Eye Skin

I don't find this cleanser particularly suitable for my oily/combination skin because it is a cleanser made for dry and sensitive skin - both of which I am not. Still, having tried this sample I would use the rest of it up around my eye area because it's so lovely and gentle and I can see why people with dry skin love it - it's very creamy and rich and soothing. A great product possibly for dry skinned people but this one's not for me. It smells delicately of rose geranium which is very beautiful!



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A very pleasant surprise

This is the first product I have used from A'Kin and after the experience I have had, it will not be the last.

If I had not seen Ruth Crilley rave about it on youtube, there is no way I would have bought this. The main factor in me not wanting to buy this is the fact it has 'Rose' listed a one of the main fragrances. I am not a fan of rose scented products @ all, however the fragrance isn't too overpowering in this cleanser, and in fact, I don't even notice it anymore.

This cleanser feels luxurious on the skin and I was blown away when I washed it off, just how soft and hydrated my skin felt.


I use this as a second cleanse after I have removed my makeup with an oil based cleanser

Ideal for

Dry, senstive, mature and combination skin.

Charlie B


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Absolutely lovely for dry or sensitive skins

This cleanser and toner in one is a gorgeous product for my dry skin.

The product is a cream consistency that you squeeze out of the tube and massage onto your face. You can then rinse or tissue it off. I personally prefer to rinse it off but it is handy that it can be used both ways.

I find that this removes my face make up really well - but I have not tried to use it to remove eye make up.

It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean but not at all dry.

I think it contains some great ingredients including shea butter which is nourishing for my dry skin.

I also think that the price of this cleanser is pretty reasonable.



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So, so

It cleanses my skin without leaving it dry but I don't like the feeling afterwards. I prefer Bliss cleansing milk as my skin is prone to blemishes yet it can get dehydrated and is sensitive at the same time. Overall, it is quite pleasant and smells lovely.


Cleanse with a muslin cloth if you are too sensitive to use a scrub.

Ideal for

Dry combination skin.



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Perfect For Removing Make up

The cleanser and toner all in one comes boxed.
It comes in a 225ml squeeze container with a click open swing lid.
The dispenser hole is covered by a flap, when the container is squeezed, the flap is pushed outward by the force of the cleanser and toner, opening a small hole for the cleanser and toner to come out.
It is for normal, dry and sensitive skin, used morning and night on face and neck.
Its also used to remove make up and is gentle enough to use around eyes, removing mascara and shadow.
The cleanser and toner is cream coloured with a thick consistency.
Texture is smooth and creamy.
The fragrance has a lovely soft rose aroma coming through the mix.
Squeeze a small amount onto fingers and apply to dry skin spreading and massaging onto face and neck.
Feels smooth and sumptuous on skin.
The cleanser lifts dirt and grime with massage.
I use a make up round to wipe it off skin, it can be rinsed off also.
I find the cleanser and toner to be a little heavy for my skin, its ideal for removing make up but as a regular daily cleanser I find it a little suffocating for my combination skin.
I received the cleanser and toner in an Akin prize pack.

Australian Made & Owned

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