When beautyheaven member, Amber674, recently posted in our forums asking for skin care advice for her tradie partner, we couldn’t help but throw in our two cents.

And considering it’s International Men’s Health Week this week, we thought it was especially important to talk about the products that help to improve the health of men’s skin (because we all know that skin care isn’t really something men think about!)

So, if your man wants to keep his skin looking smooth, youthful, and just as gorgeous as ever, here are a few products he might want to have on hand:

For his shaving rash: Yes, shaving rash is annoying for him, but his whining about it will make it annoying for you, too. NIVEA For Men Skin Energy Double Action Balm works to nip in the bud any irritations caused by shaving, so both your and his sanity will remain in tact (and his skin smooth and irritation free!)

For his dull skin: If your partner’s not looking as fresh-faced as he used to, it may be because he’s not using the right (or any) cleanser, and those impurities are leaving his skin a little dull. The solution? NIVEA for Men Skin Energy Face Wash. It contains micro-fine exfoliants to help slough away daily grime to leave his skin clean and clear, and co-enzyme Q10 to help revitalise and renew his complexion so that it looks more refreshed than ever before.

For his wrinkles: Yep, wrinkles happen to men too, and doing nothing about them isn’t going to fix anything. Smooth out those lines and wrinkles with NIVEA for Men Skin Energy Moisturiser – it's packed with powerful vitamins and antioxidants, like co-enzyme Q10, guarana and provitamin B5 so not only will it leave his skin looking years younger, but it also contains ultra-hydrating vitamin E, which has the added benefit of helping to soothe razor burn, too!

For his eyes: Tired-looking eyes don’t have to be something he learns to live with. Just a few applications of NIVEA FOR MEN Skin Energy Roll-On (which contains co-enzyme Q10 and creatine to help stimulate cell renewal), and his puffy eyes and dark circles will be but a distant memory.

For his protection: UVA and UVB rays can be incredibly damaging to skin, so make sure he keeps sun-safe with a moisturiser that contains a sun protection factor. LAB SERIES Daily Moisture Defense Lotion SPF 15, ($60 from David Jones), is a lightweight, but super-hydrating moisturiser that will simultaneously protect his skin and help minimise the signs of ageing.

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Do the men in your life look after their skin?

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