I’m taking one for the team here, beauties. Yep, I’m urging the divine Chace Crawford to unleash his gorgeous baby face once more and shave off that beard. I do realise he still looks super-cute with all that facial hair (I could never say no to those eyes…), but when I see an opportunity to put a stop to pash rash, I’ll take it.

Below is a list of brilliant men’s shaving products that Chace would find mighty handy right now, as would your own lovely hairy man. So as soon as I track down this gorgeous man’s email address, I’ll be sending him this winning list, stat.

HANDY SHAVING PRODUCT #1: Decleor Paris Men’s Aromessence Triple Action Shave Protector
Chace is likely to be sporting some ingrown hairs with such a full beard, and applying a product such as this prior to whipping out the shaver will ensure a smoother shave, as well as help lift ingrowns. The clove essential oil also helps to limit future hair growth.

HANDY SHAVING PRODUCT #2: Braun FreeControl (1775)
Because Chace is sporting a few weeks of growth, he’s going to need a serious shaver to get it all off without overly irritating his skin. This affordable electric razor fits the contours of the face for a super-close, smooth shave, and he can then rinse it clean under running water once he’s done. Win-win!

Every man needs a good shaving gel, and considering this one is enriched with organic avocado oil to soften and smooth skin, it’s is definitely a goodie. Chace might also enjoy the organic aloe vera, which nips any razor burn in the bud, quick smart.

This five-blade razor is perfect for a quick tidy-up shave. It wouldn’t irritate Chace’s (or your man’s) skin because of the hydrating moisture strip, and the handle fits comfortably into the hand for easy control.

HANDY SHAVING PRODUCT #5: Gentlemen’s Tonic Mayfair Shaving Set in Ebony
Having a spectacular looking old school shaving set like this would be a treat for any man. This one is hand made, and contains a shaving brush, razor and matching stand.  

HANDY SHAVING PRODUCT #6: Dr LeWinn’s Shave and Go Gift Set for Men
Chace no doubt travels a lot for filming and premieres, so this is the perfect kit for him to throw in his suitcase. Yep, he’s got no excuse now, ladies.

Cherie Herrmann






What do you think of Chace’s beard? Are you a fan? And does your man use any of the above products?

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