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For Men Maca Root Face Scrub

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The Body Shop For Men Maca Root Face Scrub is a rinse-off exfoliating scrub that helps draw out impurities and remove dead skin cells. It is enriched with maca root and crushed rice particles to exfoliate and promote a healthy looking glow. It is rich in Community Trade sesame oil from Nicaragua and essential fatty acids that help restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier.


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No-fuss and fantastic results

I bought this entire range for my husband because I worked at The Body Shop once and I knew that it was very popular and had a good reputation. Before he met me, my husband's skincare routine was non-existent. He had oily skin; lots of blackheads; and (due to his thick, black facial hair and frequent shaving) he was prone to shaving rash and LOTS of ingrown hairs. I knew that this gentle but effective scrub would be perfect for him.

Thanks to this scrub, and the rest of the Maca Root Range, his oily skin has balanced out and he very rarely gets ingrown hairs! His blackheads have cleared and he rarely gets new ones. Previously a skincare sceptic, my husband is thrilled with the results and will happily go and replace the products when they run out - I am so proud!

Personally, I love the packaging, it is simple, no-fuss and masculine. I knew that the packaging wouldn't be off-putting when I first gave the range to my husband. The bold colours also make the range easy to spot in The Body Shop, meaning that he can walk in and out of the store quickly; which suits him perfectly since he doesn't love to shop.

The entire range has a masculine, slightly musky scent, (which I LOVE!) that lingers on his skin long after use.

Do your man's skin a favour and spoil him with this great range. I promise he'll be hooked!


Store it in the shower, so your man doesn't have to make a special effort to take care of his skin (and you won't have to remind him.) Plus, the steam will open his pores, ensuring a deeper clean and better results.

Ideal for

Kickstarting your man's skincare routine!



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Man friendly

This is my husband's must have skincare product. He's not big on skincare but he loves that this is a no fuss, easy to use scrub.
He often is impressed by how smooth his skin is after he uses it and because its only used twice a week it will last a while.
It has white salt-like things to exfoliate the skin so doesn't look (or smell) feminine at all. It has an aftershave type scent.

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