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Skin is most receptive to treatment at night while the body is sleeping. This light, yet deeply nourishing, cream delivers vital moisture to the sleeping complexion, leaving skin looking brighter and feeling smoother. Enriched with natural safflower oil and a vitamin B3 complex, the cream also works to improve skin elasticity and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in even the most sensitive of skins. Free from fragrance and colour.


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Available at pharmacies and Priceline stores nationally.

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rich but gentle, easily absorbed, light scent

I'm into my second bottle (tub?) of this product and I think it's great. I mostly use it at night after cleansing etc but also occasionally apply a little in the morning if my skin needs a boost of moisturiser. Like all QV products I've used, it's gentle and doesn't have a strong perfumed scent and perfect for my senstive skin. It is rich so I use it sparingly and it lasts quite a while. All in all, a great product and I plan to keep buying it.

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Scray Scray


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Thick and creamy

This is the perfect night cream for me. Its thick and creamy, and when I wake up my skin has soaked it all up happily and feels divine and refreshed! Not like a huge oil slick as it usually is. Very great product. A worthy investment!

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Good for sensitive skin

I was using the QV range when I was on a severe acne prescription medication called Roactuactane, it was soothing a perfect for my dry sensitive skin at the time. Good to use occasionally if your skin needs a bit of a pick up overnight (say if you've been out in the sun or wind all day)

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not very impressed

I was not very impressed with this cream I did like the thickness of it but I felt little to no positive change in my skin. I felt it sooth my face after cleansing but that hydrated feeling did not last to long and an hour or so later my face felt dry.Over the weeks of using it I felt my face feel looser the skin felt saggy. So although the price a lot less than a lot of creams I think in this case you get what you pay for.

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Love it!

I've been using for a couple of weeks now and my skin feels so much better for having used it. After cleansing, I use it sparingly before going to sleep and when I wake up, my skin feels soft and looks healthy when I look in the mirror.
I look forward to trying the other products from the QV face range as I have sensitive skin. Very impressed!

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Good for dry skin

I wasn't a huge fan of this product, but to be fair I don't think it was particularly well suited to my skin type, so it could just be me. It did a good job at moisturizing, but for my slightly oily and break out prone skin I found it to be too heavy and a bit greasy. I imagine this would work much better for maturer, dryer skin types, but it just wasn't for me.

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Oh the moisture!

I got a free sample of this night cream recently in the mail and goodness it is amazing! It is very rich and creamy, so you don't need a lot at all (a little goes a long way you could say). I have dry skin on my chin area and this makes it all better. I am hoping that in the long run, it will diminish the dryness in that area of my face. The smell of the product reminds me of the classic QV cream, which isn't a bad thing.
I'm interested in knowing if this skin care will lighten pigmentation as it contains vitamin b3 (also known as niacin), so we'll see if it will lighten my acne scars. Very competitive price too, Priceline usually gives a 20% discount.

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A great night cream especially if you have sensitive skin

I bought this because I wanted a night cream and since I have used other QV products, I was sure that it would be pretty good. I like the fact that it is fragrance free and goes on very lightly. It is white in colour and I think the little jar is quite elegant.

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just great!

I bought this cream last week as I was in need of a new one. I've looked at it before, but for some reason, never been tempted to buy.
Well, this stuff is really great, and I'm kicking myself for not going with my gut and trying it before. I could of saved myself some money and my skin could of been this soft, and soothed ages ago. My skin is not too greasy, it seems to soak in, and just seems to love this. Will definitely purchase again.

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Leaves skin baby soft

Such a lovely night cream. I just finished the bottle and all up I think it lasted me two to three months! Great value for money.

It has a thick consistency so is perfect for dry skin like mine. The only reason I didn't give it five stars was because I'm just not sure if it's the best out there. Think I'm still on the look out. I did notice when using it the fine lines on my face stood out more in the morning & when using my day cream (not QV, one from simple) this does not happen.

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