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Revitalift Laser X3 Day Cream

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L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Day Cream is an anti-ageing cream with active pro-xylane (concentrated to 3 per cent), fragmented hyaluronic acid and LHA. The soft, velvety creamy texture corrects wrinkles, re-densifies the skin and re-supports contours.
Apply after serum, morning an evening.


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Perfect for morning and night! My new favourite!

I have been searching for a good moisturiser that leaves my skin feeling comfortable and hydrated without feeling greasy. I have been on a bit of a Goldilocks mission, with every cream being either too light, or too heavy. L'Oreal Laser X3 is just right!

This white cream comes in a beautiful heavy glass jar, which feels expensive and looks luxe. I do wish it came in a tube or pump though, aside from hating to dip my fingers into the jar all the time, I know that some ingredients can become less effective when exposed to air. I will probably seek out a pump dispenser of some kind and transfer the cream into it, I love it too much to stop using it!

This product smells amazing - no "nanna florals" here, just a fresh, crisp, slightly fruity scent which I absolutely love - the scent dissipates quickly, which is always good if you're not a fan of fragrance, I personally wouldn't mind if this scent lingered a little longer!

The cream has quite a dense feel, but spreads easily and absorbs into the skin almost instantly. It is an absolutely magnificent day AND night cream! It absorbs so fast and leaves my skin feeling firm, hydrated and soft. It plumps up the little fine lines around my eyes and particularly my lips, making them less noticeable. My skin stays soft all day without a trace of shine, and at night it feels soft, clean and fresh even when I wake up the next morning. Some face creams make the redness on my chin, cheeks and nose flare up, but my skin loves this cream, and looks and feels soothed and calm while I wear it. It is also gentle enough to use around my eye area. At first I was tentative, but every day I edged closer and closer, and now use it right around my eye area, just avoiding the lids. Love it!

It also creates a perfect base for foundation - I decided to skip my primer as a test, and my liquid foundation applied smoothly and evenly, didn't migrate into lines like it normally would, and lasted well throughout my long work day. I don't have oily skin, but after 10 hours my foundation can look a bit worse for wear, particularly if I apply it over an oily day cream. While my foundation didn't last as long as it does with my primer underneath, it held up comparatively well and a touch of powder on my t-zone brought it back to life. I usually wear primer but occasionally forget, so it is good to know that on non-primer days my face won't slide off onto my desk!

I am thrilled with this cream, it performs better than many higher-priced brands I have tried, and certainly smells better than all of them! It seems to be perfectly suited to my sensitive, dry-ish 40 year old skin - plumping and moisturising without being overly heavy or greasy. A real winner!


Tips: try it around your eye area, I don't even use a separate eye cream with this!

Ideal for

Ideal for: skin that is starting to develop dryness and fine lines, where a light lotion moisturiser is not quite enough.



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Comfortable Skin that feels Nourished

The L’Oreal Revitalift Laser X3 has been a welcome surprise, my skin feels really comfortable and whilst I can’t yet see any difference, I can certainly say my skin is feeling the best it has for some time.
L’Oreal Revitalift Laser X3 comes packaged in a cellophane sealed, stylish box in shades of grey, purple and red which gives a good sense of the product price point. The solid red glass jar inside comes with a twist lid the colour of hematite.
On opening you a presented with a thick white cream, which has a light, fresh scent. The scent dissipates quickly and did not clash with my usual fragrance. This cream looks much heavier than it feels, it is quite light weight and a little goes a long way. I used too much on the first day, which resulted in my skin feeling sticky and my makeup slipping. Once I was started using less I was very happy with how my skin looked and felt.
L’Oreal Revitalift Laser X3 Anti-Aging Power Moisturiser has active ingredients to correct wrinkles, re-densify your skin and re-support your contours and in my experience it appears to be delivering. Whilst I cannot see an improvement on the deeper lines around my eyes, the finer lines on my forehead and cheeks are less visible. My skin also looks plumper (denser) and appears healthier particularly on my cheeks & neck.
I love that L’Oreal Revitalift Laser X3 can be used day and night and does not contain a sun block. I would recommend caution for those of you that have an active sensitivity as this product stings on areas of reddened/sensitive skin.
I was lucky enough to be a member of the BH Trial Team and have to say a huge thank you – I would never have purchased this product to try for myself. L’Oreal Revitalift Laser X3 is an economical, quality product that will now be a regular in my skin care.



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Better than I expected

I am so glad i got to do this trial. I am like many women who are always looking for a good anit-ageing product. And i have to say that I have really liked this cream. Its packaging looks great with a heavy bottomed red glass jar, with an almost dark silver top. And there is also a white cover lid over the product. I found it to be so lovely and creamy, with a light scent and a lovely textured cream. It was so easy to spread. I started at my neck as its very good in this area, and worked my way up my face to my forehead. And I used my serum; and then applied the cream.It went into my skin so easily. I had no greasy feeling and I found that it was very soft and smooth, and my skin seemed to drink it up. Another good point with this cream is that as you work upwards, you dont have to worry about you eyes, as it doesnt sting and that way I found that i could get my whole face area covered in one go. I have really enjoyed using this cream. As I can see a difference. I have been using it for over 2 weeks now and I can see that the fine lines look plumped; And my skin feels soft and supple. And I am sure that as I keep using it that I will keep seeing great results. And I do like that it does my neck area, as this is one spot that I know alot of us forget to do. And I am sure that the longer I use it the better the results will be.It really worked alot better than I thought.


. I really found that it was a very easy to use cream and I loved the soft feeling I have when i had applied the cream. So I would say that this is a great cream to ensure we all covered all areas of our skin. I found also that I my skin felt so hydrated, that i didnt need to use a primer under my Mineral Make-up. As my skin felt hydrated which is great.

Ideal for

I would have to say that this is one cream that I would really talk to my friends about. And for women who are on the look out for an anti-ageing cream that does perform; I would have to say that Revitalift Laser X3 Day Cream is the one I would recommend. I also have to say that I dont forget my neck as much as i use to.I also like that I dont need to use a primer on my skin, as i use a Mineral Make-up and it went on really easily. So I would really have to say that I think this is one trail that i will surely keep using. As I like to see results; an I am sure that the more i use it the better my skin will be.Even now the lines across my forehead have lessened. And the lines around my eye area and so much smoother.I really think this is one Cream that I will continue to use. Its well priced and it works so I think this is one cream that wont end up, with alot of my other left in an old make-up bag. This one will be used, and im sure that others who give this Day Cream will find it as good as I have.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar-disabled

Beautifully Presented

Firstly thankyou to Loreal and Beauty Heaven for the opportunity to try Revitalift Laser X3 Day Cream

The product is beautifully presented in a navy box wrapped in cellophane.
The cream itself comes in a large heavy amber glass pot with a plastic disc inside the jar to protect the cream.
The cream worked well on my skin.
I massaged it into my skin twice a day, it did not add to my oily T Zone and left my skin with a smooth silky finish.
After two weeks use I could not see a huge difference on the density of my skin, but did notice that my skin seemed more radiant.
The only negatives for me were, the fragrance. It too highly scented for my taste athough once applied the scent became neutral after a few minutes.I also wish that Loreal included a small plastic spatula when creams are presented in wide necked jars.
I have a phobia about putting my fingers in jars and contaminating my creams.


mature skin



Rating: StarStarStarStar-disabledStar-disabled

It's good, but...

As one of the lucky trial members, I was very happy to receive Revitalift Laser X3. I immediately ditched my current skin care - Clarins to try this.
From a packaging point of view, this is a lovely product in a heavy glass jar. Standard packaging contains 50ml which is a decent size.
After cleansing & toning, I used this product every day and night for nearly two weeks.
The reason my summary has a caveat is that, for my skin, the product feels quite heavy, particularly in hot/humid weather. It doesn't absorb into my skin quite as well as my beloved Clarins, although it seemed more suitable for night time use than day time. In winter time, however, this may well be a suitable product.
I love the fragrance of this cream, it is fresh and delicious.
Whilst putting the tub away about 3 days after I started using it, the jar slipped from my fingers (which got a bit greasy from the cream) and broke the top of the jar. I still managed to be able to use it by picking out the broken glass from the cream (maybe not a great idea...). I noticed then too that your finger prints become really obvious on the glass jar and lid and this gives an idea of the emolient nature of this cream.
I didn't notice any particular improvement in my skin as such (other than it getting a bit oilier).
I find the RRP of nearly $45 to be quite high and would not consider purchasing at that price.
After the trial I will go back to using Clarins which my skin, at this time of year, simply prefers.


Tip - don't drop the jar, and perhaps use more as a night cream than day.

Ideal for

Dry to very dehydrated skin.

Princess Fiona1


Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

An efficient anti-ageing cream at a bargain price

Thanks you Beauty Heaven & L’Oreal for letting me trial the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Moisturiser.

I have aging skin, which is also combination, so I am always worried when using a new anti-ageing cream that it is too rich and heavy for my skin resulting in my skin becoming congested and breaking out. But after now having used the cream for a few weeks, I didn’t need to worry as that has not been the case at all.

The cream is very luscious and moisturising and absorbs quickly into the skin, without leaving behind a greasy feeling. My skin instantly feels soft and hydrated, and my skin texture is notably improved.

The cream claims to correct wrinkles, re-densify the skin and re-support the contours. Using the cream day and night for just a few weeks I am surprised to say that I can already see and feel the benefits. My skin is deeply moisturised without feeling greasy, and fine lines seem to be diminishing, as are some of my pigmentation and dark spots. My skin is simply glowing and radiant.

The cream also works very well under makeup, making the makeup go on very smoothly, and lasting well throughout the day as well.

The cream comes in a squarish heavy red glass jar, with an easy to open screw lid, and it looks and feels luxe. However, I have to admit that I wish that it came in a pump bottle or at least came with a spatula as I am not a fan of digging my fingers in the jar to use it, as I don’t find it very hygienic.
The cream is very concentrated, so at least on my combination skin only a little is needed, even more so as I use it very sparingly on my more oily t-zone, so the 50ml jar will last you quite a while.

The cream has a nice fresh and subtle floral scent, which quickly disappears once the cream has absorbed into the skin. And in spite of my eyes being quite sensitive, I did not have any issues with my eyes getting irritated, even when putting the cream around the eye area, but the cream is also claiming to be suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.
Apart from not coming with a spatula, my only negative about this cream, is that it does not contain any SPF. While I do prefer my night creams to be free from SPF, I have gotten used to my day creams containing a minimum of SPF15, so that would have been a welcome addition.

All in all I am very impressed with this cream, and at $44.95 I find that this is fantastic value. It really does live up to its claims, as after using it for just a short time, it has showed how effective it is, which is very impressive for such a reasonably priced anti-aging cream. I am looking forward to seeing what this cream will do for my skin with continued use.

Ideal for

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, and those prone to breakouts.

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Rating: StarStarStarStarStar-disabled

Action packed jar

Revitalift Laser x3 comes in a red square glass jar with a screw off silvery/purple lid. The colour combination looks very elegant and makes it looks quite expensive. Looks very impressive cool sitting on my shelf.
Once you remove the lid you are hit with a beautiful light smelling fragrance that immediately makes you think this could be good.
The moisturiser is white and while not 'thick' it is also not runny. You can tip the jar upside down and nothing will move.
The moistusier is light and light and refreshing and blends in really well without leaving a greasy mess or feel to your face.
Your skin instantly feels hydrated and loved and it simply feels so silky smooth on your skin.
The moisturiser blends into your skin so well that you would not know you have applied it. It is not heavy nor drying and will not leave your skin red or oily and a little will go a long way
At first I did not want to use it on the hot hot days as some moisturisers sit on my skin and I look all hot and sweaty but I gave it a try and found that it simply soaked in and no oilyness was to be seen.
Since I began using this moisturiser my skin looks and feels so much more refreshed and revitalised. Its sounds unbelievable that it could happen so quickly or at all but there is something in this moisturiser that seems to brighten and awaken your skin.
It claims to 1. Corrects, 2. Re-densifies and 3 re-supports and I feel that it has done that to my skin in a couple of weeks.
I have my nieces wedding coming up soon and I'm so glad I won't be looking like the tired old Aunt this time, I shall be the new refreshed and glowing Aunt with less lines and wrinkles.
Can't wait to see how good my skin will look after a few months use.



Rating: StarStarStarStar-disabledStar-disabled

Perfectly adequate cream.

I have been using the Revitalift Laser X3 cream for 3 weeks now.

It's a lovely cream with a nice colour and an inoffensive smell. The jar is a nifty red glass affair, though I prefer a pump or a tube - minimises the chance of bacteria getting into my cream.

I used the cream morning and night. I have yet to notice any difference. I am actually looking forward to getting back to using my beautician prescribed night cream as I feel I get better anti-ageing results.

I also found that after about 5 days of using the cream I had a really unpleasant outbreak of tiny sandpaper like lumps all over my face and neck. I amped up my exfoliation routine and struggled on with the Revitalift Laser X3 and by the middle of week 2 my skin was almost back to normal.

I found my skin to be really congested while using this and that my face was shiny during the day (even with oil controlling powder over the top). The lack of sunscreen also makes it less than appealing as a day moisturiser.

All in all this cream just wasn't for me. It was too heavy, but did not provide any noticeable anti-aging benefits. I'm sure different skin types will see different results.

For the price, it's a pretty good buy I suppose.

RESPONSE FROM L'OREAL PARIS: We are very sorry to hear about your experience with your L’Oreal Paris product and that it is not suitable for your skin type. We would love the opportunity to talk to you directly about this so we welcome you to contact our product experts for any further information or advice we can offer you. You can contact them on 1300 659 359 at your convenience. Thanks.

Ideal for

Best for dry skins.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar-disabled

Love it!

I was very pleased to receive this product to try from BH.

The packaging is nice – not cheaply made like some other skin care products. It comes in a beautiful 50ml square glass jar with a metallic look lid. Very stylish and looks great on the dressing table.

It has a really nice fresh scent. Not too strong or overpowering.

The cream is thick and non-greasy. It absorbs well into the skin and doesn’t feel heavy. When I put the cream on, my skin instantly feels very soft. I can even put makeup on straight away!

I have sensitive skin but have not had any problems with this cream.

I’ve used this cream for about 2-3 weeks now. Although there hasn’t been any noticeable difference to my wrinkles, my skin definitely feels more hydrated and refreshed.

Overall, it’s a great product. I will definitely continue to use it.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

** Powerful Anti-Ageing**

Fragrance was a bit over powering at first.But a really nice scent.Not too rich or heavy.i had no irritating or tingling for me that's a bonus as my skin is very dry and so dehydrated with heaps of lines { wrinkles}


Line's look more soft now. Thanks L'Oreal and Beauty Heaven

Ideal for

This would have to be one of the best every Moisturiser out.

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