L'Oreal Paris - Revitalift Laser X3 Day Cream

L'Oreal Paris

Revitalift Laser X3 Day Cream

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L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Day Cream is an anti-ageing cream with active pro-xylane (concentrated to 3 per cent), fragmented hyaluronic acid and LHA. The soft, velvety creamy texture corrects wrinkles, re-densifies the skin and re-supports contours.
Apply after serum, morning an evening.


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Rich cream perfect for night time

Firstly, this is not a moisturiser to use during hot weather – I received this to trial a few weeks ago, but due to a couple of weeks of a heatwave, I could only actually try it a few times. When I did try using it during the hot weather it just melted right off me due to its richness and thickness. Therefore, my review is based on limited experience.

Having said that, I like this cream quite a lot, and I’m looking forward to using it nightly now that the weather has cooled down a bit. As stated, it’s very rich and thick – not suited to oily skin, more for those leaning towards dry. My skin is normal/combo, with a tendency to dryness during the colder months. The scent is a light floral that doesn’t really add anything to the product, but is quite inoffensive and fades quickly. Despite its richness, the cream is easily absorbed. I used it without any other treatment products such as serums, toners, etc., and found that it was enough alone to make my skin feel hydrated and smooth at night and into the next morning. I haven’t used it long enough to see whether it has any effect on diminishing the appearance of lines.

My only real complaint is the packaging. The cream is in a large glass jar, quite weighty and luxe feeling, but I’d much rather have a more hygienic form of packaging such as a pump. However, this is minor and it wouldn’t prevent me from repurchasing this product if it meets its claims.



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Luxurious Day Cream!

I have now been using this product for two weeks and the difference is noticeable and quite remarkable! It is packaged professionally and has a refreshing light scent that is not too overpowering. It is easy to apply and quick to absorb, acting as a perfect base to my makeup. I found with this product a primer was not necessary either... even better value! This product is reasonably priced and offers real results! My skin is noticeably smoother, fine lines less obvious and it feels well hydrated and healthy! Fantastic product .... keep up the great work L'Oreal!!



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L'Oreal Revitalift Laser - my new skin saviour!

I had heard the buzz around the office about the L'Oreal Laser cream and couldn't wait to try it.

It comes in a luxurious burgundy, deep red colour box and matching container that just looks divine on my bathroom shelf.

The cream's consistency is light and gel-like, that absorbs so easily into the skin whilst also providing extreme hydration. Your skin feels even, dewy and 'plumped up' and my fine lines seemed to magically fade on application.

I loved using this every morning and night and have seen a significant improvement in my skin-tone.


Religiously use this every morning and night to see significant improvements in your skin-tone over time.

Ideal for

Anyone concerned with the signs of ageing that need something that's definitely going to work!

Princess Kirsty


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Nice product but I needed my time to trial it

I live in the NT so this product came to me late leaving just over a week to use it. In that time I don't think I noticed any visible differences, but my skin did feel softer and smoother.

The first thing I noticed was that on the box it claims that the moisturiser corrects wrinkles, re-densifies your skin and re-supports your contours. I had about 9 days of use with this product and although I experienced no negative effects I just don't think I had enough time to see if it really works. The texture of my skin was lovely but visually I saw no difference. The moisturiser came in a box which also looked stylish and presented itself in the usual L'OREAL style. The box was clear on what the claims of the product are and if I were looking at this in the shop I think it would have won me over some of the other plainer, simplistic product packaging.

I liked the shape of the container, as the heavy square shaped jar made handling easy, and it looked nice on my vanity, not like something that needed to be hidden away. The jar was easy to open, and the wide neck made accessing the moisturiser easy.

When applying the moisturiser the first thing I noticed was just how nice it felt. The creme felt like a creme not a glob of oil, or a caky powder, but a soft and silky creme that glided onto the skin. I enjoyed massaging it in and when I was finished there was no oily residue. My skin felt soft and smooth. There was also a lovely soft scent, not overpowering, but gently lingering in the background. Hours later my skin continued to feel soft, and there was still a touch of the scent. Even in the tropical climate up here it was a pleasure to use and I had no issues with sweating or beading after application either morning or night.

Overall I will continue to use this as I would like to know if it does have an effect visually. In all other areas it was great.



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Gorgeous Cream

I was really excited for this trial. After all, any anti ageing product has to be worth a go when trying to stave off lines and wrinkles etc.
I have tired a few LOreal creams and they have been really hit and miss for me but this one was great. I have really enjoyed using this cream.
The texture is Devine! Smooth, rich and soft but not so rich it feels heavy, no this one feels so good on the skin, feather light but mega nourishing. The odour profile is super girly floral, it's all roses and sweetness which to begin with can be quite overpowering but after a few days I became relatively immune and now quite enjoy it. The packaging is nice too, slick red glass jar with a gunmetal colour lid in a slick red box. Cool!
I have not noticed any difference in my skins firmness, contour etc, but I am really happy with the clarity of my skin! It is luminous. Pigmentation is decreased and redness is almost totally gone! WIN! My skin feels comfortable, hydrated and smooth. It's one doesn't have sunscreen so be sure to slip slop slap after but really, it is doing so many other things that no sunscreen is a non issue for me.


I love that this is a mornings and night cream, for the price it is great value, and even better due to the positive effects it has had on my skin.

Ideal for

This is a great cream for anyone wanting smoother, clearer skin on a budget. Nice one LOreal.



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A great penetrating moisturiser

I enjoyed trialling L'Oreal Revitalift Laser x3, although I'm not sure why they want to conjure up the thought of associating their product with an alternative to the drastic effects of Laser? I don't think this hydrating moisturiser is a close runner to the effects of Laser treatment. (based on what I have seen of laser treatment).

I found this product seemed to quench the thirst of those pesky fine lines just under the eye area and my crows feet seemed to enjoy dipping their toes in this pool of indulgence every morning and evening after cleansing.

I have to say this revitalift Laser x3 seemed to fill in the lines when used, but when not in use the lines seemed to reappear. So I am concluding that this is a highly addictive cream for the short term, but can it really have a life changing impact in the long run? I'll keep trialling and keep my fingers crossed.

I loved the scent of this product (and I am usually very critical of scented products). The texture really is quite luxurious and I found the experience of slathering quite cathartic. However, I do worry about the never ending list of ingredience for which I need a science degree to decode.

I don't feel this product 're-densified' my skin as promised (I think the aging process has won that war) and as stated I don't think it has "re-supported my contours" to "plump the skin from within" (I think that is up to your diet and hydration) but I do think it "corrected the appearance of wrinkles" - well at least those fine wrinkles around the eye area were happy to melt away for a while.

I would purchase this product again, but not for all three claims made by L'Oreal, just for the one claim on wrinkle correction which I can say I was happy to have my fine eye wrinkles stand to attention and be corrected. just wish it was permanent... but not ready for real laser, not yet anyway.... L'Oreal Laser x3 will have to do for now.

My only other concern was that there was no SPF in this product at all. I feel this is a must and such a great selling point.


Great under makeup and under SPF also as it absorbes quickly. Give it a week for your skin to aclimatise as my skin had a mini breakout as it is so rich and creamy, but worth the wait.

Ideal for

This product would be ideal for very dehydrated skin- any age could find this beneficial as a moisturiser.



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Fantastic moisturiser but didn't do much for my wrinkles

I was lucky enough to be invited to trial this moisturiser and I am genuinely impressed (and I'm not easily impressed when it comes to skin care products!).

This new L'oreal cream is very moisturising without being oily. As someone who has VERY combination skin (very oily down the middle, an arid desert on the sides, and fairly sensitive all over) finding one moisturiser that works well on my whole face is a huge challenge. It almost made me feel like I had “normal” skin. And as other reviewers have mentioned, it’s surprisingly gentle on the skin considering the power-packed ingredients. L’oreal have obviously put in the time at the research lab!

The cream is nice and thick which definitely gives it a luxurious feel. It goes onto the skin nicely (however see my note about pilling below) and creates a smooth canvas, minimising lumps and bumps. It feels amazing on and it’s one of the fastest absorbing creams I’ve ever used.

I actually quite like the smell of the cream – lightly floral but not overwhelming, and it fades into the background quickly. I’m usually a bit suspicious of scented products given me skin sensitivity, but I had no issues at all with it.

However I do have a few issues, which is why I rated this marvellous cream only 4 stars. First, for me it pilled terribly, especially during my day routine. To reduce the pilling I had to go without primer (and while this moisturiser has a lot of silicone and is very smoothing, it’s just not as good as my primer!) and sunscreen – it just doesn’t respond well to too much rubbing. After a few days of failed experimentation with the amount I applied, the other products I applied it over and under etc I gave up wearing it during the day on weekdays, and just wore it on the weekends and at nights. To compensate I bought a bottle of the X3 serum and wore that during the day (which doesn’t have pilling issues). It’s a nice serum by the way – fast to absorb and not oily or drying.

Second issue – while it hydrated my skin nicely, after using it for nearly 3 weeks I didn’t see much difference at all in my skin tone, texture, wrinkles or fine lines, despite the powerful ingredients (in both the cream and the serum). Maybe I just need to give it a bit more time. If I start seeing results I’ll post another review.

Third issue – I’m not in love with the ‘finger dipping good’ packaging that makes me really paranoid about getting the right amount of product on the first go. The serum has a handy pump that dispenses just the right amount and I’d love to see L’oreal do the same for the moisturiser (although the cream is thicker so not sure how well that would work). This is of course a really minor issue though!

The bottom line is that I will absolutely continue to wear this moisturiser at night during summer, and I’ll see how it fares during winter. I will definitely repurchase!



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Laser-like precision?

Well, maybe not exactly but this is a really excellent cream. Right from the start, the packaging is appealing with a red glass tub and a purplish blue lid. The product itself is a white cream which goes on very smoothly and absorbs with hardly any rubbing. I used this twice a day throughout the trial and I could see a difference almost immediately.

I tried to concentrate on parts of my face which had a few wrinkles such as around my eyes, my neck and above my upper lip. The cream really improved the appearance of all these areas, with the greatest success being the area above my lip. My skin looked smoother, more hydrated and dewy instead of dull. It also felt smoother and my makeup went on really nicely over it. My skin can be quite sensitive, as can my eyes but this cream did not sting my eyes or cause a reaction of any kind.

The only thing I did not like about this cream was the strong fragrance but luckily this did not seem to affect my skin in any way. The smell is not unpleasant, just heavier than I prefer.


This would be a great cream for anyone with wrinkles and/or dull skin who would like their skin to appear more moisturized, dewy and less wrinkled. I really enjoyed using it and felt that it did a great job.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar-disabled

My turkey neck is no more.

I've been trialling this product for a few weeks now and my opinions are mixed. Overall, I like it, but not enough to repurchase based on what I've seen so far.

Let's talk packaging. Some people love the luxe, expensive feel of a heavy glass jar, particularly one as attractive as this one, but I much prefer a squeeze-tube or pump-top...anything that doesn't require me to stick my fingers into the product. I found it very difficult to scoop up the right amount and often ended up with too much. Although this velvety, fragrant cream doesn't leave a greasy look or feel to the skin, you can definitely feel when you've applied too much. It smooths in effortlessly and doesn't cause any tingling, stinging or other discomfort often associated with chemical exfoliants.

Unfortunately, the trial coincided with a particularly painful outbreak of hormonal acne, which, while nothing to do with the product, meant I couldn't accurately judge how well it was working on my chin. I'm happy to report that on my cheeks and neck, the results were a pleasant surprise. My neck *cough* double chin *cough*, which had been looking decidedly crepey, is now smooth again for the first time in 9 months. No more turkey neck! My cheeks feel smoother and finer and my crow's feet are slightly less visible.

So, why am I not more excited about this product? I'm not exactly sure. It may be that the packaging is enough of a drawback that the results don't sparkle so much for me. I do believe that those with older, sensitive skin would truly love this cream. I gladly recommend trying it out - the results are undeniable - but it's not a Holy Grail product for me.

Divine Diva


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L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3

I received this as part of the trial team and was excited to try this new offering from L’Oréal Paris.

The cream itself is housed in a new square styled jar with their red signature bottom for this line and a silver/purple lid. I quite liked the new look of the jar and it felt a little more upmarket than it's $44.95 price tag .The smell is kind of a citrus twist which is quite addictive and the texture is light, yet very hydrating without being greasy or too heavy.

Just like most wrinkle creams, the L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Anti-Aging Power Moisturiser claims to be an effective anti-wrinkle cream and moisturiser that Corrects, Re-densifies and Re-supports skin to offer a more youthful appearance.

Aside from these, it also claims to be gentle, non-greasy and non-comedogenic making it a very good cream to use and apply on the skin with very little risks of causing skin irritations, making it perfect for those with even the most sensitive of skins. The chances of it causing problems such as pimples are also very low compared to other creams that tend to cause blockages in your pores.

Two of the main ingredients that help this cream improve the appearance of the skin are Hyaluronic Acid plus Concentrated Pro-Xylance 3% which help to transform fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet as well as lifting and strengthening the support fibres to help re-densify and re-plump the skin from within.

I found that after a few weeks of use both day and night, my skin had a new luminosity and smoothness that only seemed to get better day after day and teamed with my daily serums only made this cream more effective.
I must say I didn't see a dramatic effect in this time, however I did notice that fine lines around my mouth, eyes and in between my brows were noticeably softer and less pronounced.

I do think with continued use this Moisturiser will continue to fight the signs of ageing and offer you a more even, lifted and softer looking complexion.
I would have given this moisturiser 5 stars, however it doesn't contain a built in SPF and for me this is one of the main ingredients I look for when choosing a facial moisturiser that is aimed at Day time use.


Less is more and you only need a small amount to cover your entire facial area.

Also use on neck and decollete to fight the signs of aging in these areas.

Would be a five star product if it also contained a built in SPF.

Ideal for

Ideal for those that are showing the first signs of aging.

Ideal for All skin types, even the most sensitive as this moisturiser is light and fast absorbing.

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