Olay - Olay Complete UV Protection Moisture Lotion SPF 15 Combination/Oily


Olay Complete UV Protection Moisture Lotion SPF 15 Combination/Oily

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Olay Complete UV Protection Moisture Lotion SPF 15 Combination/Oily contains Olay moisturisers, vitamin E, and broad-spectrum SPF 15 protection. Non-greasy and colour and fragrance free, it helps skin maintain its natural moisture, increases elasticity and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines.


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really does what it claims

I love this I thought I would give this a go as its not too expensive and seems to have all the right ingredients that I need. I is really good not too greasy and goes on well and does not leave you feeling sticky or greasy like some products do. As I have a skin that tends to dry our I am thrilled with this and love the price too


Use it daily.

Ideal for

all year round, not just for summer.



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One of the best for my skin

I have a normal to dry skin and this moisturizer is wonderful for my skin. It absorbs well into my skin leaving it soft and supple. Perfect primer for the makeup. Will never stop buying this product.

Ideal for

Normal to dry skin

Rosey Posey


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Pretty good but not in winter

This is a really nice moisturizer because it's so light on the skin, SPF15 and smells nice. My skin feels softer after applying and it soaks in quickly. The problem is that in the cooler months it's not quite moisturizing enough and I will get dry spots on my face and have to hunt for a 'heavier' moisturizer. I carried on like this for years using two moisturizers throughout the year until I found a different one that was light but super moisturizing. Then I stopped purchasing this one. Also, the squeeze bottle is a bit old style and you have to store the bottle upside down towards the end so that you get every last drop out. Every bottle of any product should come with a pump top for ease of use.



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Affordable and it works

I bought this moisturiser as the SPF rating appealed to me. I am fair skinned and get sunburnt very easily.
The container is a plastic container that you squeeze. The lid is a hard plastic that you screw off and back on with ease.

I have oily skin but dry in my t-zone. I have found since using this moisturiser that my oiliness is kept at bay (thankfully!) and my dry t-zone is moisturised. I also haven't been burnt since!

I apply liberally to my face as neck as per the instructions and love it. It smells subtly of sunscreen but not overwhelming.

I would definitely buy again but I want to try a few more products before I settle. Very happy though and would definitely recommend for anyone looking for an affordable moisturiser with SPF.



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Hydratingly Smooth

I have oily skin and sometimes I would wash face with strong pimple/blemish-control facial wash to get rid of all the dirt and oils. I do this to avoid pimples, especially for my age. Usually, I would avoid moisturising since I have an oily skin - however, those strong facial wash actually made my skin dry at night. I would then apply Olay moisturiser in every morning, and I noticed that my skin felt very smooth and it wasn't oily as I presumed at all!

Ideal for

Anyone with dry or oily skin



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Good but should be SPF 30+

I used to use this moisturizer all year round as it was nice for my skin, I used it mostly on my arms and face. I have moved away from it now as I prefer SPF 30+ on my face and this product comes in SPF 15+ only, what a shame.



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Near-perfect for combination oily skin.

I've been using this for years (because of the SPF) and it does the job well. It always moisturises, protects and nourishes my skin throughout the week. The only little downside is that it can be a tad too moisturising on some days (my skin is so fickle, so I can't blame the lotion too much I guess) and particularly in summer I have to blot a lot more.



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One of the best for me

I have been using this moisturiser for quite some time now even though I have used some others in between because I wanted to try something else or because they were on sale. This is light to touch and doesnt become too greasy for me. I like the consistency and thats probably one of the reasons I use it so often.


Its inexpensive and since its got SPF 15, its just an added bonus for me.

Ideal for

This is the moisturiser that I go back to when I want my skin to just feel clean and not dry. Its ideal for me because it doesnt dry my skin and it isnt too thick.



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Okay at best

I get quite oily in my T-zone and whilst this moisturiser keeps most of it at bay, by the end of the day I'm still pretty oily.

It does moisturise pretty well and hasn't broken me out (woo!) but I usually have to apply a second layer around the areas that don't get oily. This moisturiser absorbs much better when I use a hydrating toner beforehand.

The SPF15 is a really great benefit too, but I have to admit that I'll be trying other moisturisers once I'm through with this. I've also read that Olay uses nanopartciles in their products, so that's a big turn off.



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Too oily

This moisturizer made my skin quite oily and the SPF made me break out. I got 2 for the price of one and gave them both away. Only benefit was it was moisturizing.

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