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Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Original

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Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Original combines the benefits of skin care and make-up in one moisturiser. The moisturiser leaves skin looking flawless and feeling healthy. The all-in-one cream contains vitamin C and mineral pigments for long-lasting hydration and UV protection with a light touch of make-up. The moisturiser hydrates skin for 24-hours, evens complexion, corrects blemishes, gives skin a healthy glow, and offers UV SPF 15 protection. It can be worn on its own or under make-up. Available in Light, and Medium


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"It left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated, but matte too."

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Works for some

I purchased this product in the shade of 'Medium' and it works wonders on my skin! It's quick and easy to apply and you really don't need much. My sister and myself have been using it for about a year now and on days where we just want to give our faces a break from all the make up, we wear only this with a bit of lip gloss and some eye shadow. But although it work's for us, we noticed that it was horrible on our mother! Our mother has fair and oily skin and even with the lightest shade, it still looked too dark for her. Not only that but it made her look as if she was sweating, even on the coldest days. I wouldn't apply too much either if you fair, because it also looks very blotchy.
I really wouldn't recommend it for people with pale and oily skin, It'll just make you look like a hot mess.

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All is rosy


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Not suitable for oily skin

This product basically does what it says it does, no more. My skin is on the drier side, so this works well with my skin and keeps it hydrated. This can replace my moisturiser, but because I prefer a little more protection I tend to use a product with SPF 30+ underneath. Would it work for those with oily skin? Apparently not. All the reviews from those with oily skin tend to say it slides off. If you are one of those girls, check out the oil free version, the reviews for that are a little more in your favour. This offers a very light coverage that is not buildable, and I'm fine with that because I don't think that's it's purpose. On days when I want more coverage, I reach for my foundation. But for those lazy days when I want to pop into the store to buy a litre of milk, I usually put this on with a light dusting of powder just to finish it off and even out the skin tone ever so slightly. I have this in the lightest shade, which makes me look a little pale, but I think the next shade down would be too dark, so I would have to mix them together to achieve the perfect colour. For that reason I wouldn't repurchase it, but as far everything else goes, I personally think it does the job.

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Wouldn't buy again

I was incredibly hopeful for this product as I had heard great things about it although it definitely wasn't the product for me. I bought the lightest shade of the bb cream, but it was still way too dark and had an orange tinge on my skin.

I have quite pale skin and was hoping this would be beneficial for everyday light coverage but the product was terrible to blend and I tried to apply it with fingers, sponge and brushes but nothing seemed to work. The coverage is very light but impossible to build upon because it becomes blotchy on the skin. It also makes my skin look oily when usually I have normal skin, even dusting setting powder over the product didn't work, I will not be buying this product in the future.

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I got this bb cream in light (I actually have olive skin but it was the closest in the store's light) and it's awful. No oily skin, but it's bright orange. I literally glow, and not in a good way. Disappointing.

Read the full review of Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Original by CandyCrush217.



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Not for me.

I was really excited to try this product after the good things I have heard about it. I liked how the packaging was, and that you could just squeeze the amount you wanted. When I was first put it on my skin, it was fine. I did provide a little coverage and helped even out my skin tone. But throughout the day, it started to look cakey on my skin, and smelled unpleasant. When I washed it off, my skin look very irritated and red. Maybe this product will be suited to skin that is not sensitive.

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Chantel Larissa


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Wont leave the home without!

Since I brought this foundation I have stuck with it for about 1 and a half years now. I suffer from frequent breakouts ( especially being in my teen years now) and i found this product to be the most effective foundation in helping my skin appear clearer making me more confident in my skin. Also its very light , never feels oily or creates shine and doesn't contribute to more break outs. Cant thank this product enough!

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Not the miracle I was looking for!

Although this BB Cream has some great qualities it is definitely not a miracle cream for anyone who even remotely suffers from oily skin or blemishes. It is easy to apply and absorbs quickly into the skin, gives you an even and natural coverage while helping to minimize any minor imperfections but that is where this BB Cream reaches its peck. Within an hour it feels heavy on your skin and leaves your face feeling and looking greasy. It will transfer onto anything you touch and by the end of the day it has all but melted away and left any blemishes you may have dried out and peeling.

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Blotchy, light coverage

The coverage of this is quite light, but when I try to build it up, it is really blotchy, so I would only recommend this to someone with already almost-perfect skin. The texture of this is really nice because it is thin and allows the face to breathe. I haven't experienced any breakouts from this.

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I like this!

I received this BB cream in the medium shade as part of my BIB 2013 pack. Having used several BB and CC creams I was curious to see whether this would suit me and I must admit it isn't one that I would have decided to purchase.

Surprise, surprise! It works beautifully on my skin. I love the tube and the flip top lid which makes it easy to apply the amount you want. I was unsure whether the medium would be the right colour as it looked very dark when I initially applied it, but it blended beautifully and probably is a better shade in the summer months when I have a little colour. I love the glow it gives me and I use this on days when I don't want to wear foundation but need some coverage and SPF if I am going to be outside. A little blush and lipstick an I feel quite polished.

I do have normal to dry skin, so I can understand that this may not suit those with oilier skin. However it works for me and I am delighted to have it. Thanks BH!

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Not sure about the texture

This was the first BB Cream I had tried.

I used the original in light and the texture is thick and slightly too thick/oily for my skin because after a few hours, it slides off!!

It definitely feels hydrating, yes it evens skin tone, not sure it corrected my blemishes, I did have a glow (not sure if it was a goddess glow or a drop dead gorgeous glow but still works) and there is SPF which is important for summer

Read the full review of Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Original by Ellyloves.

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