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Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Original

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Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Original combines the benefits of skin care and make-up in one moisturiser. The moisturiser leaves skin looking flawless and feeling healthy. The all-in-one cream contains vitamin C and mineral pigments for long-lasting hydration and UV protection with a light touch of make-up. The moisturiser hydrates skin for 24-hours, evens complexion, corrects blemishes, gives skin a healthy glow, and offers UV SPF 15 protection. It can be worn on its own or under make-up. Available in Light, and Medium


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"It left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated, but matte too."

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cat lover


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Not for me I'm afraid

After having avoided the BB craze up until now I decided to buy this as a make-up standing in for beach trips and quick dashes to the supermarket. Although I've usually applied my regular moisturiser earlier in the day before deciding to do a beach/supermarket dash, I can appreciate the great moisturising qualities of this cream and my skin does feel lovely and smooth after application. I have the 'light' shade which is only barely light enough for my skin so I can't imagine anyone with very fair skin finding this at all suitable shade-wise.

As far as a make-up alternative, unfortunately Garnier BB (in my opinion) does not live up to its name as a 'miracle skin perfector'. For this product to perfect the skin I would imagine that ones skin would already need to be 99.9% perfect as the coverage is very sheer. I still require concealer on any blemishes and a light dusting of powder to eliminate sheen.

I intend to continue to use this product in order to see any long-term 'perfecting' effects, but in all honesty I don't expect to be repurchasing it. The other thing about this product I am not really fond of is the perfume, which I find to be unnecessarily strong.

I'm sorry for having to give Garnier a rather unfavourable review as I use a number of their other product and think they're fabulous.

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Poor coverage

I bought it at a half price sale for trial. I have oily combination skin. My skin is kinda rough and bumpy at the dry zones, after application all the imperfections show up even more. I reckon it is due to the thick coverage, so I mix it with moisturiser in 1:1 and the finish looks better. I like it evens my skin colour and gives a glowing sheen. However the coverage and moisturising effect can be improved.

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Good for makeup base

This is one of the first western bb creams I've tried. I was disappointed by the level of coverage of this bb cream. It is very light but I find that the consistency was good - almost like applying a lotion. I like the dewy look on my skin and it worked well with my normal to dry skin. However I did get a bit oily on my T-zone at the end of the day, but it didn't really bother me. As the coverage was really low, I apply this before I apply my foundation. This bb cream keeps my foundation looking dewy without any dry patches throughout the day. This bb cream comes in 2 shades - light or medium. I chose medium which suited my skin tone well.
I recommend this for people with dry skin. I wouldn't recommend this for people with oily or acne prone skin.

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Scray Scray


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I have heard a lot of ranting and raving about this product, for its affordability and in general 'how good it is'. I picked this up on special. I don't have anything overly bad to say about it, though it did not blow me away. It's very basic, with very basic colour selections. Once again, only hues which companies believe to be "average" are included here. I think there might be a total of 2? Which completely excludes those darker than "medium" and lighter than "light". This is not great for oily skin. My skin is dry, and it made it look oily. I do not recommend this for summer. Perhaps in Winter, if your skin is very dry. It will melt right off your face. The texture is not pleasant either.

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Not for me

This bb has okay coverage but the consistency is NOT okay. It literally clung onto my dry patches and accentuated the pores on my nose. (sobs) It made me break out like crazy and tiny bumps appeared on my cheekbones. Everyone seems to love this product and I don't know why. I guess my skin is ultrasensitive. Just try it...I reckon this product drastically varies on individuals.

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Totally Disappointed

After hearing a lot of hype about the new BB Creams coming out, I decided that I wanted to give it a go. The thing that drew me to it was the fact it had colour in it, as I barely ever use foundation because I guess I'm too lazy to ever put it on if it isn't a special occasion.

So I made my purchase of the 02-Light/Clair cream and was excited to give it a go.

Note: I have fairly fair skin with some freckles, and sometimes my face gets a bit greasy around the edges of my nose and my T-zone.

I did my usual cleanse and tone and then applied the cream to my face. After applying, my skin felt really greasy and disgusting, looked really shiny and the colour was really obvious around my hair line, despite applying only a small amount!

I always try to use moisturizers that have a 'matte' effect as I mentioned before my skin gets a bit greasy around my nose and T-zone. So I was totally disappointed at how this "miracle skin perfector" made my skin look and feel.

Ever since then, this BB Cream has been thrown far in the back of my product stash just gathering dust, I even forgot I had it until now. I have not looked at other BB Creams since in fear of the same results and loss of money :(

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Nice even light coverage for when youré in a rush!

I like this product, its light weight and good for when you want light coverage, possibly on one of those days where your skin is being nice to you!

Having oily skin I usually avoid dewy finishes, and although this is a dewy finish BB cream I do feel like its bearably dewy. I do have to apply powder on top through for oil control.

Overall its a decent BB cream, not the best ive tried (I prefer my Maybelline dream pure) but definitely not one to pass up if you like a light coverage dewy finish.

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Excellent BB

I find it has the most coverage compared with other BB creams. I usually use a pore minimising cream with a beauty blender first then use the beauty blender to apply the bb cream, this give me a foundation like finish.

Read the full review of Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Original by kayla289.



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Not what I expected

I didn't like this product. I received a sample sachet and I was quite disappointed.

The formula was too thick, even thicker than foundation consistency, there was a shimmer/shine that made my skin look like I packed on shimmery bronzer and I looked like an oompa loompa. There isn't a good range of versatile shades, the light was too light for my skin and the darker/medium was too dark.

It accentuated my large pores and any other imperfections on my face. When I had dry skin around my nose or after cleansing, it magnified that problem and looked very cakey.

I don't recommend this for people with major skin problems, dry skin, large pores or very oily skin. It seems to be for people with minor flaws or blemishes.

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Definitely makes a dramatic improvement very quickly while looking looking really natural.

Read the full review of Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Original by Erin113.

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