g3moStone's product review of Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Original by Garnier

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  • Sep 28, 2011 9:28pm

Not for oily skin, low coverage, but great to apply

As a long time user of Korean brands of BB cream I was really excited to be a part of this trial, despite never having personal success with Garnier products in the past.

I'll start with the good points.
The BB cream has a nice fresh fragrance and is easy to apply, if a little watery compared to other BB creams. As a result the coverage is quite sheer, but it evens skin tone quite well. The colour choices are fantastic. I have porcelain skin so I have difficulty finding tinted moisturisers that aren't too yellow for my skin. The Light option was a good match for my neutral skintone. The Medium option was too dark for me for the trial, but matched my mother's darker skin and gave it a nice glow. As others have said, the tube is a generous size and easy to control how much is squeezed, while still being a great option for traveling.

However, the Garnier BB cream wasn't for me. Within only a couple of hours it made my face very greasy in texture and comfort. Granted I live in a humid area, I tested the cream in AC, outdoors, with and without moisturiser underneath and with and without powder, but I found myself on all occasions desperately wanting to remove it. The cream actually stayed put really well (unlike foundations that melt), but my skin was just too slick while wearing it... and I don't have oily skin! I also developed a couple of pimples on my chin while wearing it.

I am a long time user of tinted moisturisers and BB creams from a number of brands and in my opinion, or at least for my skin, the Garnier formulation didn't add up. Other TMs and BBs have much higher SPF and coverage without the slick. The remainder of both the Light and Medium tubes I have from the trial are going to elderly relatives as my Mum found the exact same thing and she has a totally different skin type.

I hate to be so harsh but the Garnier BB cream is a great concept, but not quite on par with what is already out there.

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