Lucinda27's product review of Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Original by Garnier

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  • Mar 5, 2012 11:16pm

Glosscar Review

I was really excited to try this product after the big hype over BB creams late last year. My first impression of this was how nice it smelt. I originally used it in place of a foundation but found the coverage was way too light for what I would usually wear. It really didn't cover any blemishes as a blemish balm should. I then resorted to using it as a primer as some other people had suggested. I found that during the day, it became slippery and my makeup wouldn't stay in place. One day I went for a walk and when I came home I literally had orange lines running down my chest from where my makeup had slid off! I really now have no use for it and have given it to my mum.

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Meedee (Australia)
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