Lana Lang's product review of Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Original by Garnier

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  • Mar 2, 2012 4:01pm

Miracle in a tube

Unless you have been living under a rock, or are a creature belonging to the male species you would have heard about Garnier's Miracle Skin Perfector or to be put more simply, BB cream.

Essentially BB creams, or blemish balm creams, are a Korean concept. They are supposed to be multi use products combining moisturization, anti ageing, concealing, mattifying properties, as well as giving you all the benefits of SPF and a tinted moisturizer... all in one!

Garnier's Miracle Skin Perfector BB cream comes in a simple, yet cute tube with a pop-top cap lid that is the perfect size for your handbag. It is available in two shades; light and medium.

There are a tonne of unique things about this cream. First of all, I use the light shade which is a really good shade match for my skin. The consistency is slightly thicker than other tinted moisturizers I have tried but it's super easy to blend out as it's incredibly silky and smooth.

The BB cream lasts me an entire day out of about 8 hours and makes sure my skin looks dewy throughout. I love the fact that it has an SPF, and yet still manages to photograph pretty well so thumbs up for that. It has quite sheer coverage though, I'd say low to medium. so if you're in the market for more coverage then look elsewhere.

Overall, Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB cream stays true to its claims of 5 benefits in 1 and is great in terms of being fast and simple to use. It's excellent for girls who are running late in the morning, keep one in your handbag for no-makeup / no-sunscreen / no-moisturizer emergencies!

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It's ok
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A sure miracle