hannah_almond's product review of Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Original by Garnier

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  • Jan 28, 2012 12:04am

a good start into introducing BB cream to Australia...

i tried it after hearing about BB cream in various Asian beauty sites but was hesistant to try something not from Australia. as the first BB cream targeted to Australians, it's a good concept but needs further refining- many BB creams available in Asia have various multiple qualities such as healing the skin and anti-aging properties, whereas this was a basic level BB cream, although a good start to introducing it to Australia. i felt it was a bit too shiny once applied, and the lack of skin colours available was disappointing- i got light on the hunch of the medium being too brown or orange (and i'm certainly not the lightest of skin colours- tanned south east Asian!) and the light was dark enough for me! i had to powder after application.


powder after application- it won't last without it, and bare in mind it is only light to medium coverage- if you want it to conceal, you'll need a separate concealer.

Ideal for

light to medium coverage, minimal makeup fuss look, for girls who want that no make up feel.

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