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Not sure about the texture

This was the first BB Cream I had tried.

I used the original in light and the texture is thick and slightly too thick/oily for my skin because after a few hours, it slides off!!

It definitely feels hydrating, yes it evens skin tone, not sure it corrected my blemishes, I did have a glow (not sure if it was a goddess glow or a drop dead gorgeous glow but still works) and there is SPF which is important for summer

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Disappointing coverage

I was quite disappointed with this product, mainly due to its poor, blotchy coverage.
It left marks every time i tried to blend it in, and it just wasn't wearable. Certainly couldn't use it as a make up alternative and wouldn't even suggest it as a tinted moisturiser.
It really wasn't pleasant for me at all.
wouldn't suggest it for really pale skin tones either, it was quite orange and dark

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Absolutely splendid :)

This a really great product. I only use a small amount but it still creates the perfect amount of coverage. It doesn't make my skin look too shiny, it is a perfect match for my skin tone and gives my face a certain glow. The only issue is that it always leaks a little from the bottle. Apart from that, it's a wonderful product :)

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Tashee 92


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Goes alright

I used this after my sister gave it to me because she didn't like it.. I honestly don't know if I like it or not.. Sometimes it really works well other times its just sits on tip of my skin look heavy & that.

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Sitting on the fench with this one!

Sitting on the fence with this one!
I love bb creams but this one im sitting on the fench with.
The Garnier skin perfector bb cream comes in a great container with a flip top lid and when squeezing only the smallest amount comes out so allows for you to start small and build up as needed. I only need the smallest amount and I start from my nose and work out- This bb cream is a moisturiser with a light foundation and on applicatin to the skin it looks healthy and glowing and protects with spf! Huge fan of that.
The light tinted lotion gives a reasonable light coverage onto the skin which seems to hide my pigmentation and my imperfections but thats about all- its very light coverage and for me it seems to make me look really shinny and glowy!
I love to glow and love my skin to look nice and rich but this product has the tendency to make me look oily- and the staying power of this isnt very great to be honest- I tend to find that it slides off my face leaving it looking a bit patchy and greasy- so didnt like that.
I will say when taking this product off for the day my skin looks healthy and radiant and im a huge fan of the vitamin c and spf in this product!
I like the colour match for me- its one of the most perfect ones Ihave found on the market and wont make me look orange or off colour- it does blend nicely!
For me overall though I like this product -its quite reasonable- there is an oil free version which might me more suited to me as this one can make me look a bit patchy and greasy and slides off during the day- but that said there are some nice positiive things about this one! I think that this would be perfect for dry ladies as the skin is left soft and moisturised after use!

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Not for me

I first bought this bb cream as i wanted a lighter alternative to a foundation. I have to say it is one of the worst skin products that i've used. It claims to be a 'miracle skin perfector' but it did more harm than good. When i first applied it i didn't use a moisturizer as most bb creams don't need it and im glad I didn't. This product had so much moisture that it made me shinier than a disco ball! I put it on, with a bit of concealer and went to school, and by 9:30 ( just 2 hours later) It had just melted off my face, taking my concealer with it. It is very perfumed, almost too much for a foundation and the texture is unpleasant. It others next to no coverage and never really seems to dry. I felt as though if I touched my face, it would all come off! I also found my skin seemed to be even oiler the night after I used it. If you have dry skin, and don't need much coverage, then this product might be better suited to you. But for anyone with oily skin, don't waste your money. The version for oily/combination skin of this product is amazing though.

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Nice BB Cream

I really love this BB cream for everyday wear to school, work or university. Really lightweight, however it can turn a little ashy on my skin after a few hours

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It's pretty good!

I sometimes use this for school for a natural look. It tends to make my skin look quite shiny tho which I don't really like. It has a fantastic smell tho and it's very easy to spread. I wouldn't say it's the best BB cream out there!

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one step foundation

I stumbled across BB Cream about a year ago and haven't looked back. I love that it conceals blemishes and smoothes skin tone in one step, avoiding layers and layers of makeup. I dust Thin Lizzy powder over the top for a flawless finish. Ive found that it allows my face to breathe, unlike some more expensive foundations that cause my skin to break out and form beads of foundation sweat. Cheap too!!! Under 10 a tube at discount chemist- definitely gets my vote.

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BB Quick and Easy

I use this product daily. I have also tried the oil free version as my skin gets quite oily at times. But i find this is great for my skin. Not the best coverage of any BB I have used, but fantastic for everyday wear and enough to get by. I don't wear in the evening (for going out). I sometimes also just use it as a base and add bronzer, foundation or mineral powder.

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