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Olay Total Effects Sensitive SPF 15

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Olay Total Effects Sensitive has been specifically designed for people with sensitive skin to help fight the seven signs of ageing. The face moisturiser combines powerful anti-ageing vitamins with natural white tea to help rebuild the skin's moisture barrier for strong, younger-looking skin. The formula has been designed to protect, calm, and strengthen skin, while addressing the needs of sensitive skin. The face moisturiser also contains broad-spectrum SPF 15 to protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays.


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Nice and light and make up goes on well

I have sensitive skin and often find moisturisers are too heavy and makeup doesn't sit properly on top of them. This one was really light and I like the fact it has spf protecting skin from the sun. Don't use oil of olay usually but read the reviews and tried it and thumbs up

Ideal for

Sensitive skin looking for good day time moisturiser with spf protection



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My sis has really sensitive skin and this was a perfect product for her. I found it super smooth and moisturizing. I loved wearing it!



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I love everything about it

This is THE perfect everyday moisturiser, no matter what your skin is like. I have acne prone skin and use this almost every morning. It is really soothing and has a perfect consistency. It is very light and absorbs instantly and leaves my skin really soft. It won't clog your pores and it has a subtle fresh scent that I love! overall a great moisturiser that I will buy again and again.



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Great everyday moisturiser

After a few unsuccessful attempts at trying Olay products, I have finally found one that doesn't irritate my sensitive temperamental skin.
I like the sleek pump style bottle because it makes it easy to dispense the correct amount for each use, one pump is more than enough for my face and neck. The moisturiser itself is a nice and creamy consistency, which is easy to smooth over my face and is very quickly absorbed. I love the fact that it is fragrance free too, because my skin doesn't like products with fragrances in them.
Since using this moisturiser my skin has become more soft and I haven't had any blemishes either. I would thoroughly recommend this Olay sensitive moisturiser to anyone with sensitive skin who is looking for a great everyday moisturiser which won't irritate or clog up your skin!


One pump is more than enough for the face and neck!

Ideal for

Great for those with sensitive skin.



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Smells lovely but still can't use Olay

I bought this after reading a few reviews by some favourite BH reviewers.I found that my sensitive skin reacted with the ingredients in this moisturiser, which doesn't suprise me because I have never been able to use any Olay moisturisers. I'm sure this would be perfect for anyone with slightly sensitive skin. Just be wary of not putting it on right after moisturising, that hurt my skin more!



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Finally found THE moisturiser...

I have acne prone and sensitive skin. Was prescribed some cream by the doctor and the cream has dried out my skin really bad. After reading the reviews here, I went and got myself this day cream without the SPF. Didn't expect much from it because drugstore brands normally make my skin break out. However, I am very impressed with the result, and am glad that my skin is calm and smooth. No inflammation, no breakouts! And for that price, I will definitely stick with this moisturiser.



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great everyday moisturiser for sensitive skin

i love the handy pump bottle and packaging of this product - looks very sleek. i was very keen to try this as i suffer from sensitive skin and was impressed with the results. i use it every morning, and a little goes along way. it glides on easily and absorbs into my skin without leaving a greasy film on the surface, and leaves my skin looking even and provides a great base for make up too.



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Another fab product from Olay

Thank you BH for letting me trial Total Effects Sensitive SPF 15. I've always been a fan of Olay!
This little beauty comes in a slimline tube which fits perfectly in the palm your hand and also your handbag. The pump is easy to use and I find just one pump is enough for my whole face and neck. The cream has a nice consistency and is absorbed quickly into my skin without leaving a greasy residue like most moisturisers with SPF. I wouldn't say the scent is strong but it is there. I suffer from eczema and found this didn't irritate it at all, if anything I saw an improvement as it reduced the dryness and also some of the redness.
I'm not sure if I would use this product at night what with the SPF 15. My skin tone has evened out a little since using this product. I would definitely use it again! Another happy customer :-)

Cosmetics Girl


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Olay does it Again

As a long time fan of Olay Total Effects, I was really happy to be trialling the new sentitive Total Effects. I love the new packaging and the long tube design is a modern take on the other Total Effects packaging.
The cream felt lovely upon application though I did feel that my skin could have used more moisture during the day. My skin was left very soft but occasionally I felt a bit of a tight feeling due to my skin being dry (probably from the effects of Winter).

I did not find the cream to be moisturising enough to be used under foundation, and when I wore it under my makeup,my foundation cracked and my skin flaked leaving a rather unappealing appearance :(

Upon using the cream everyday (I used it morning and night) though, I did get excellent results in my skin's appearance. My skin has become very even, soft and smooth and looks relaxed.

I defeinitely recommend Total Effects Sensitive to everyone as I did receive great results from this procudt and I have always felt Olay products are lovely to use. It's also very sweet to be using a product our Grandmother's and Great Grandmother's swore by.


I feel Total Effects Sensitive would definitely be suitable for oily, combination and sensitive skin but that dry skin would probably need an Olay serum underneath to prevent dryness during the day.



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When I first used this, I did find my skin overreacted to the serum, so I stopped using for a while and also subsequently used less when applying. So even though it is made for people with sensitive skin, it is not always the case. By the end of the first week, I think my skin adapted to the new serum, so I didn't have further problems.

I started wearing it under my make up every day. I like that it seems to complement my foundation quite well. It says it can minimize the appearance of pores, which ultimately means I don't have to use as much product. I did notice my pores were minimized, but not significantly within the duration of the trial. Perhaps in another week or two I might see something.

After two weeks of trial, I did notice my skin look softer and brighter. Bonus, it as SPF properties! so I know the serum is looking out for me when I'm not thinking about it.

I also love that it doesn't clog pores. All too often I find myself having to stop using a perfectly good moisturiser because it conflicts with my combination skin.

I am divided as to whether I would purchase this again. On the one hand, it is a bit pricey if all I am using it for is a moisturizer, however I use only a small amount each time I applied and noticed that this would probably last longer than my regular moisturizer with similar outcome.

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