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Hydrating Light Moisturiser

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Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser is easily absorbed and works to soften, smooth, and improve the condition of skin. The formula is suitable for all skin types and is dermatologically tested.


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I have sensitive skin with acne and have been on medication over the past three years. I have found that the only skincare range that has truly worked for me would be the Simple range. This moisturizer is sufficient to prevent my face from being dehydrated but at the same time, it is light enough that it does not worsen or add to my shine. I use this both at night and in the morning and I find that it works perfectly. It has a mild scent and has never caused irritation or breakouts to my face.

Read the full review of Hydrating Light Moisturiser by Joanne330.



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really good light moisturizer and absorbs quickly and i use it in the morning and it has a nice natural scent great product

Read the full review of Hydrating Light Moisturiser by stacey81.



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Creamy but not moisturising

Smell: Natural. It does not feel like a lot of fragrances are added.

Texture: White, creamy. Not extremely thick.

Moisturising effect: My face does not feel as hydrated as I wanted it to be, compared to other moisturisers that other moisturisers like Biotherm, Vichy.

Read the full review of Hydrating Light Moisturiser by rainislovely.



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Not so great

Bought this hoping to use a cheaper brand as I had heard great things about Simple but was not impressed. All well and good that the product went on nicely but I just couldn't stand the smell of it. Had to wash it off it was that unpleasant. Sorry Simple I won't be buying this again.

Read the full review of Hydrating Light Moisturiser by Janefre.



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Light and great for Summer !

I love this moisturizer ! I have tried many before and all leave a greasy feel to my face ! Not only does it hydrate my face but left my skin in an immaculate condition. For me I have combination skin, mostly oily in my t-zone and dry on my cheeks, light blemishes almost like sweat pimples nothing major. From using this at night time my face has completely cleared !

Read the full review of Hydrating Light Moisturiser by ShannaeElise.



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Average moisturiser

I liked this moisturiser to be begin with, it was light yet hydrating and my sensitive skin didn't react to it. After a few days I felt it was imparting a waxy film on my skin and since my skin is quite prone to clogged pores I discontinued use immediately.

Read the full review of Hydrating Light Moisturiser by Jessica218.



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Amazing moisturizer

This is my favorite moisturizer I have very sensitive skin and this product is perfect for me it's non clogging formula ensures that my pores will not be clogged and it's light so I can wear it before I go to bed. I using use this product in the mornings before makeup and again at night before I go to bed

Read the full review of Hydrating Light Moisturiser by Vanessa934.

Megan Sauer


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Great on OILY skin. Yep, OILY.

I used to steer very clear of moisturisers because I have extremely oily skin but within ONE week of using this, after cleansing and toning, my skin started to become LESS oily and my pimples started clearing a lot faster. My face became less tight and felt extremely hydrated (which I never knew it wasn't).

Read the full review of Hydrating Light Moisturiser by Megan Sauer.



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Pretty good

The moisturiser is really light weight and quickly absorbs into the skin making it effective in hydrating your face and easy to apply. My skin does not feel greasy nor does it cause any irritation.

The only faults I can say about the product is the packaging as it is really unhygienic and is not easy to use. The bottle is quite sturdy making it impossible to squeeze out the product. Also I personally dislike the smell of it.

Read the full review of Hydrating Light Moisturiser by thelife.



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FABULOUS in a bottle!

I use this morning and night depending on if I am wearing makeup or not. Its perfect for hydrating your skin, and helps to lessen the amount of open pores and oily skin! Honestly the Simple brand has great products because well,their made from simple ingredients! Bonus as this doesn't clog my skin nor break me out!

Read the full review of Hydrating Light Moisturiser by vanessaxoxo.

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