KORA Organics - Hydrating Day and Night Cream

KORA Organics

Hydrating Day and Night Cream

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Invigorate a dull and dry complexion with the KORA Organics Hydrating Day and Night Cream, formulated to replenish and revitalise skin. Ingredients such as rose, natural omega six fatty acids, lavender, noni extract, rosehip, mandarin and bergamot essential oil delicately blend together to leave the skin feeling hydrated, soft, smooth and supple. The formula is free from sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colours, and silicones.


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I adore this product.

The smell is very refreshing. Citrus like. The texture is pleasing, it's not TOO creamy or heavy. Feels good on the skin. I find it PERFECT if I've had a night out and my make up has dried my skin out... I'd have a shower and use it straight after. Or just whenever my skin is dry, it hydrate's it instantly.


Use after a shower on fresh skin. Perfect after exfoliating.

But honestly, just use it whenever you feel you need it. I like to use a little on my nose because it gets dry!

Ideal for

Dry, sensitive skin. Great after long days, nights out. You can use it day or night. I prefer it in the morning because the citrus smell is refreshing and energizing.



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Just Beautiful!

I recently got this at a bargain price on sale online after lusting over it for AGES! I am so happy to finally be using this in my everyday routine. I love the turquoise packaging, it reminds me of Tiffiny's blue. :) The product contains nothing but good things so I feel so good using it. I am a big fan of MK and love that this is made and owned right here in Aus. Also not tested on animals. Smells amazing too. Love this multi purpose product, so does my skin! :)



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Simply the BEST

This is the BEST moisturiser I have ever come across for sensitive, dry skin. My skin has never felt better, its not greasy and is extremely hydrating and moisturising


Use in conjunction with other KORA products

Ideal for

Sensitve Dry Skin

JB Beauty


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I thought I had combination skin before I used this. When I ordered the cleanser, mist & day and night cream I thought I would order the ones meant for normal to dry skin and guess what! My skin is no longer dry and irritated in areas and greasy in the others. My skin feels and looks beautiful after using KORA organics. The Hydrating Day & Night cream is my favourite out of the 3 though because it does'nt go on your skin shiny like every other moisturiser I have used. It goes on in like a matte look and it just feels so nice and makes my skin look even toned and hydrated!



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apply through out the day over your makeup to refresh your face. just simply pat a small amount gently onto your face.


every day use.

Ideal for

I absolutely love this product. Its very pricey but for the quality it is definitely worth the money. leaves your skin feeling soft and doesn't leave that awful oily feeling. the whole range is amazing!!



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The only moisturiser I reach for!

Perfect to apply after a few spritz of the Balancing Rose Mist. If you're limited with bag space, this is small enough to carry in your bag to use as an emergency balm for almost anything- hair, hands, etc!


Dry to normal skin that's not sensitive to oils.

Ideal for

I absolutely adore this cream! I love that it's natural, so I don't feel bad about putting chemicals on my skin or hurting the environment. It's a little pricey for the size, but you only need a very small amount (less than a five cent piece for your entire face) so it lasts awhile, about 5 months for me. While I'm not crazy about the scent, I take comfort in knowing that at least it's not an artificial fragrance. It doesn't smell bad, just real, like nature, and raw. It's very hydrating but does not make my face look like an oil slick like other natural moisturisers designed for dry to normal skin do. I love this face cream! I feel so good about putting something natural on my skin, and the best thing is that this cream really does improve it quite a bit.

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