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QV Face Moisturising Day Cream is a gentle formula created specifically for the sensitive skin of the face and neck. Containing nourishing moisturisers with the addition of SPF 30+, QV Face Moisturising Day Cream provides daily moisture, plus protection from the sun's damaging rays and premature ageing of the skin. The non-greasy formula is fragrance and colour free and ideal for use under make-up.


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Available at pharmacies and Priceline stores nationally.

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Hydration and protection perfection!

I reckon it's every gal's dream to find THE skincare that's right for them. My search for a day cream that would provide the precise level of moisture for my skin's needs AND protect it against the sun's harmful rays has been going on for decades, and I was beginning to wonder if such a formula actually existed in the market...

The much needed SPF factor always seemed to be the problem - too high, and my pores would become congested, too low (or none at all) and the pigmentation in my freckles would begin to increase at an alarming rate, no doubt along with sun damage.

I'm so relieved to at last have found Ego QV Face Day Cream, which has everything I need in a moisturiser, without any greasy overload or pore-clogging characteristics. I need only a very small quantity, and being so light and more liquid than cream, it absorbs in a few minutes, so I'm ready to apply my foundation without wasting any time. My nose, forehead and chin aren't gleaming like a beacon within a few hours, and my pores are staying clear of excess sebum.

For around $16, this is not only my ideal day moisturiser, it's also super economical, and readily available at any chemist. Full marks ego!


You'll need less of this compared with other creams, so be gentle with your pressure when dispensing from the tube...

Ideal for

Dry or sensitive skin, but even gals with oily T-zones will benefit from this lightweight formula...



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Great everyday product

I found this to be a great product which I am quite happy with.
The white coloured product has no scent and is rather runny. It absorbs quite well and I can apply my makeup practically right after application. Even though it is quite liquidly I find that it provides enough moisturisation for my combination skin without making my skin too oily or breaking me out.
I like the good level of SPF which is 30+ and even with this level of protection I found that my face was not left greasy or feeling heavy as some other products with SPF may do.
The pricing is affordable and the plastic screw top squeeze bottle that sits on its head makes the product easy to dispense.
Overall a great buy I cannot find any problems with :)



Ideal for

Anyone in the family it is not girly or masculine, and seems to be okay for sensitive skin too

Beauty Fan 69


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Moisturising, hydrating and truly inspirational!.

The QV range was recommended to me by medical staff; before using this face moisturising day cream my skin suffered from dermatitis and dryness. When applied, I instantly felt beautiful hydration and nourishment which genuinely soothed my skin. I now feel more confident when going out and I appreciate that this formula is enriched with 30+ protection, perfect with the summer season upon us. A product I truly admire and would happily recommend because it has changed my life forever!.


Less is more when applying

Ideal for

those seeking nourishment and hydration for sensitive skin.



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Holy grail moisturiser - you will not be disappointed! *Best in Beauty 2014*

This is my holy grail moisturiser. I have used a number of different moisturisers in the three years I started using QV and I always go back to it. It is cheap as chips ($14.99 - often on sale at Priceline) and the quality is outstanding.

This day cream comes with SPF 30+ and has a runny consistency. It dries quickly and you’re left with no oily residue which you sometimes can get with moisturisers with sunscreen. I can vouch for the sunscreen aspect as well, I was wearing this product for about three months then swapped to a different moisturiser and all my acne scars began rearing their ugly head. I could not figure out why until I realised that my new moisturiser had no sunscreen and QV was protecting my poor skin. I immediately switched back.

Another great thing about this day cream is that I have sensitive skin and this does not break me out. This is a miracle for dry skin as well. When summer rolls around and I’m sitting in air conditioning all day, I’ve got this in my bag for handy touch ups. Just a bit of moisturiser on the spot and you are good to go for the rest of the day - dry spot be gone!



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My first taster of this product was after having a UV face photo done during a summer road show for sun safety (in case you’re interested my results came out as being in the 90th percentile for my age meaning my skin was very good with little sun damage). The lady gave me a sample of a couple of products and this one she recommended I use for moisture and sun protection in winter time. After using up the small sample tube I decided I loved it as a daily moisturiser and promptly bought the full size product.
This product comes in a neat tube with a screw on lid. The screw on lid is a little inconvenient as you have to screw it back on after applying the moisturiser (it’s hard to put back on with moisturiser on your fingers). The size of the hole for the product is perfect however as it is very easy to dispense the perfect amount of moisturiser without making any mess. This is also complemented by the perfect consistency of the moisturiser itself – it really balances carefully on the line between being too thin and too thick. This makes it really easy to apply to the skin, and it blends in easily. I find it feels really light on my skin and even though it was recommended to me for winter I can easily wear it in summer without it being too heavy. For me it provides the perfect amount of hydration without leaving my face greasy.
I find this a perfect moisturiser for daily use for the reasons I already mentioned, plus it contains SPF 30+ which is very important to me in a quest to avoid sun damage. It also works well as a base for liquid and powder foundation or tinted moisturiser which I wear on most week days. And as an added bonus it is fragrance free (and no, it does not smell like sunscreen) so it doesn’t irritate my nose.
At $16.30 this is not a ‘cheap’ moisturiser but it certainly is still within the affordable price bracket for me (and there are a lot more than cost more). I have found this tube lasts ages as a little goes a long way which helps to justify the cost. I will definitely be considering re-purchasing this for an everyday face moisturiser when it eventually runs out.



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Daily staple

I started using this product during winter as my skin started to feel and look very dry (and I have sensitive skin). Well what can I say, I am hooked. After using the QV cleanser, I apply this daily face cream to my face and neck. It doesn't take long to absorb, and is great to wear alone or under makeup. My skin glows and feels amazingly moisturised when applied. Bonus with the SPF30 too.



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Stupid winterfell..

Winterfell is officially here and my skin has decided to have a hissy fit and throw all sorts of obstacles at me; dry flaky spots, congestion, dehydration and an excess of gorilla hair. KIDDING… or am I…

I've started diligently patting this moisturiser on my mug every morning and it's insane, literally like a SWAT shield against the blasted winter chill. An hour long walk in the icy wind might leave me huffing and puffing like Augustus Gloop but my protected skin stays perfectly healthy and hydrated. Winning.

Ideal for

Dry/sensitive skinned peeps.



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SPF but greasy

I love that this moisturiser has a high SPF 30 factor. However, I found it quite greasy and left my skin feeling oily throughout the day. The cream itself is thick and really heavy on the skin.
The SPF is enough for me to continue to finish the tube but I won't be repurchasing.



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perfect day cream for winter.

I love the whole QV range. This day cream is very thick and heavy, and a little goes a long way, so is better suited to the winter months. This is the first day cream with SPF that I have ever used that didn't make me break out in a rash. I love the fact that it is unfragranced, and is extremely cheap for the generous size of the tube. Also, the tube means its nice and hygienic rather than sticking your hand in a jar.


use a small count after a shower. Best suited for winter.



Rating: StarStarStarStarStar-disabled

not for my skin type but the product is good

It s nice to use in winter (didnt put any thing underneath), not too heavy for my oily T zone. Although I still prefer oil-free for my combination skin, it s a good moisturizer with enough spf for those don't need oil-free skin care. And it s gentle enough.

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