Olay - Olay Complete Defence Daily UV Moisturising Lotion SPF 30+


Olay Complete Defence Daily UV Moisturising Lotion SPF 30+

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Olay Complete Defence Daily UV Moisturising Lotion SPF 30+ is a light, non-greasy moisturiser provides the added benefit of SPF 30+ to help protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Used regularly, it can help prevent premature skin ageing. This product has been awarded the International Seal of Recommendation from The Skin Cancer Foundation. Also available in a fragrance free formula for sensitive skin.

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SPF 30+, great product.

Just a few drops on your fingers, smoothed on your face is quickly absorbed.


Pre-sun. Under makeup.

Ideal for

I have used Olay since I was 17...many years ago. I've always loved it, and attribute my smooth young skin in part to Olay.
Complete Defence is a fine addition to Olay's other products. I have used it under makeup as a base with good results. I love too that it is SPF 30+.



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Good for everyday use.

I've found that Olay products have always been good for me, and this one was the same. It felt very light weight on my face, and was easily absorbed. It was an extra bonus that it was as well SPF30+, which gave me a sense of protection from the sun. It's a good basic moisturiser for everyday use at a reasonable price.



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i love it, it doesn't feel heavy on my face

two pumps a day is all i need and i am covered


i put it on everyday, its a great sunscreen for my face too, and doesn't have a strong smell it fantastic



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Best sunscreen and moisturiser in one.

You dont need a lot of this as it spreads really nicely.


Ideal for everyday use all year round.

Ideal for

I have always stayed away from moisturisers with sunscreen (I usually have it in my foundation) as any I have used in the past have been very gluggy and heavy, leaving skin feeling blocked. I used this for the first time this morning after recieving it as a prize from the BH beauties. Well this is one I will be buying from now on. The texture is silky smooth, it goes on very lightly leaving skin feeling very moisturised. I didnt struggle applying it (some of them make it impossible to spread as it is like glue) and my skin actually feels quite soft at the moment. Definately recommend this product to keep your face protected from the sun as well as super moisturised.



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i tryed this moisturiser a while ago from what i remember it was ok an intensive hydration!






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Not bad but there are better

I only use a moisturizer with SPF 30 or more during the day and am always looking for the next best thing.

I'm budget-concious too though - only willing to buy items available at the chemist.

Approx 2 years ago when this first came out, I thought this was "the bomb"! This may have partly been becoz there were few alternatives available.

Since then, several other great, easily available products have come on the market.

This is still a good product but its stickiness discourages me from future purchase. No complaints otherwise - the texture and smell are both pleasant enough.



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Great for Daily Use

A sunscreen is something you should be using all year round! In this moisturiser form its a quick and easy way to incorporate into your routine.


Definitely ideal for dry to combination skin, sinks in easy and quickly leaving moisturised skin without the greasy feeling!

Ideal for

The only thing that doesn't give this is the smell of the sunscreen but that's something I can easily get used to, just depends if scents in products bother you. The product didn't break me out and I found that I didn't get sun burnt so its basically all good for me :)



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This product is a definite beauty staple

A few friends I know use this lotion so I was excited to try it. It's an all rounder and I like how it is light weight but I know it's still moisturising enough to carry my skin through winter also. I think it protects the skin not just from sun but from wind as well (hence why I know it'll be great for winter too). There is enough product to last a good couple of months and it also triples as a primer as well which is even handier in speeding up the morning routine. Make-up sits really well over this product and my skin doesn' get oily. The dispenser pump also makes sure it's hygeinic and it dispenses the right amount to cover the face, neck and decolletage, which is an important place to protect as well. I can't really think of any cons; one would probably be that there should be a bigger size available!

Beauty Puff


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Almost, but not quite complete

Olay Complete Defence comes in a hygienic pump bottle which makes the amount of product easy to dispense. I found the smell to quite sweet compared to the usual smell of sunscreen and found this a little off putting as I prefer non-scented products. However once the product is used on the face the scent is not as noticeable.

I found this really light yet moisturising compared to some SPF moisturisers that can leave my skin feeling a little dry, and did not need to use an additional moisturiser underneath. It went on well under makeup without making my skin feel oily or look shiny, although I do not usually have oily skin.

Using an SPF product is important to prevent skin damage and I am especially conscious of preventing this on my neck. This product meets my needs in terms of an adequate amount of protection (SPF 30+) and is moisturising, however I would probably not repurchase due to the scent and the fact that there are many other products available which also suit my needs.


Preventing sun damage, particularly in places like Australia where the sun can be quite harsh.



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It is affordable and a good option for those on a budget who are looking for a basic moisturiser with sun protection.

This lightly fragranced moisturiser is creamy to the touch and pleasant to use. When first applied, it absorbs readily and replenishes moisture my skin’s moisture with nourishing ingredients such as aloe, vitamin E and green tea extract, whilst protecting it from the harsh Australian sun.

It leaves my skin with a nice subtle glow, instead of leaving an oily sheen on my face like some moisturisers with sun protection. It is also recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, which also puts my mind at ease that I am using a council approved product. This moisturiser comes in a hygienic 75ml pump bottle and overall, it performs quite well. It is affordable and a good option for those on a budget who are looking for a basic moisturiser with sun protection.It's also lightweight but it was greasy though this may be due to the 40 degree days that I’ve been having during this trial period.

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