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Skin Smoothing Cream

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For normal to dry skin conditions.
Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream is a medium-weight cream with soothing botanicals and antioxidant vitamins to maintain skin’s moisture balance while restoring suppleness and tone. Silk amino acids smooth skin and improve skin texture while extracts of mallow, cucumber and arnica soothe and hydrate the skin. Antioxidant grape seed extract plus vitamins A, C and E reduce free radical activity.

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Ok but like most other creams

A milky white cream, a little thick in texture and goes on clear. It smells a little weird, a bit like tree sap to me but it is nice and gentle. Its very moisturizing and hydrating and easy to blend. I have very oily/combination skin and it felt a little greasy when first applied but then absorbed more as it dried. It left my skin feeling soft, smooth and supple.



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Gentle moisturiser for night-time

Although this is a light texture cream which I use at night over Skin Hydrating Booster, if a use just a little too much it is heavy on my skin. So I find a little goes a long way and is gentle moisturiser to use as a basic night cream.

I can use it if my skin is sensitised without irritation.

Ideal for

Use as a night cream when you cannot use products with active ingredients.



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Really great for my sensitive skin

This is a great cream. When using this cream, my face does have a tingling sensation but didn't get irritated or red which is great since I have very sensitive skin. My skin would then feel very moisturised. But this cream is very moisturising and would leave my face looking very oily, so I would apply my oil-free facial sunscreen after this to help my face look less oily. This cream is long lasting and would leave my face feeling soft the whole day!

Ideal for

Sensitive Skin

Beeper Pad


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This is the moisturiser I keep coming back to

Being a beauty addict like I am, I love trying new things from time to time, including moisturisers. No matter how many different face creams I try, I keep coming back to the Skin Smoothing Cream.

I think it is a great fuss free product. It comes in typical Dermalogica packaging - a white with grey tube. I think the squeeze tube is easy to use and more hygienic than a pot or jar.

The cream itself is very hydrating, which is absolutely perfect for my dry skin. It is fairly thick but absorbs quickly and easily into my skin. It works well if you use it at night, and is fine for me under make up.

It doesn't irritate my skin in any way, and doesn't have a strong fragrance.

If my skin has been playing up, or is irritated by any new products, I know that I can come back to this product and things will settle down.

This is a tried and true product for me.



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Great winter moisturiser

Bought this when my skin started to feel a bit dry as winter started to set in.
It isn't too heavy and absorbs quickly and really helped with my poor dry skin.
Very glad I found this



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Great day moisturiser for dry/sensitive skin

This moisutiriser has been fantastic for my dry/sensitive skin. I suffer from breakouts in the T zone and so often products aimed at dry skin just make the non-dry areas break out even worse, but this is fantastic. I found it wasn't moisturising enough to use at night as well, and now I use rose hip oil at night instead. The combination has been great, my skin is softer, not flaky anymore, less irritated, and my breakouts are even improving. A really nice smell, and a nice medium weight that makes it easy to apply.



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Faithful moisturizer !

This is one I always come back to after trying new products
( which I love doing!) it's a great moisturizer , feels light but also creamy and very hydrating . I really notice how much better my skin feels and looks using this.


Can't beat the whole range so using it in combination with their
other products gives pleasing results.

Ideal for

Normal/ comb and dry I think is best for this.



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Perfect Balance between heavy & light moisturiser

With this moisturiser I have found the perfect balance. Its the perfect medium weight moistursier for my skin. Its smoothes and soothes my skin everytime I use it



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Instant hydration and freshness!

This is such a great moisturiser for every day use. Instantly wakes me up in the morning with hydration!



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Great basic moisturiser for drier skins.

I wish I could give this a 4.5!

This moisturiser is one I keep going back to after using "treatment" products. In a nutshell, it's very basic and soothing, and keeps my dry skin at optimum hydration levels.


Use it when your skin is being fussy.

Ideal for

Drier, sensitive skins.

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