How-to: get the most out of your luxe skin care

26 May 2011 05:00 AM | Posted by Editor
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If you’ve spent the dollars on a luxe skin care item, you’re going to want it to go the distance, right? Most luxe skin care brands recommend specific application techniques or ‘rituals’ to go with each product, so if you want to get the most out of your luxe buy, it’s important to follow these techniques (most of them are ultra relaxing so you’re guaranteed to feel pampered!)

For example, La Mer’s The Eye Balm Intense comes with a special silver-tipped applicator that’s designed to cool the skin (bye-bye puffy eyes!) and stimulate the circulation around your eyes (hello bright, youthful-looking eyes!). To ensure you get the maximum benefits from the ingredients in the eye cream, La Mer recommends the following application technique:

The morning and evening technique

For daily use, apply a small amount of The Eye Balm Intense with the cooling silver-tipped applicator to help stimulate micro-circulation.
1.) Starting at the temple, sweep the applicator underneath the eye towards the nose.
2.) Circle the area above the brow.
3.) Finish by gliding the applicator back to the temple.

The renewing acupressure technique

When needed, supplement the daily application technique with acupressure massage in the evening. For ideal results, use the ring fingers to massage the eye area.  
1.) Gently press the acupressure points above the inner brows. Hold for 15-30 seconds.  
2.) Apply pressure at the inner corners of the eyes and gently roll and press seven times, moving towards the temples. Hold for five seconds.  
3.) From the temples, gently roll and press over the brows seven times, ending at the inner corners of the eyes. Hold for five seconds.  
4.) Roll and press seven times from the inner corners of the eyes down the sides of the nose, ending just below the nostrils. Hold for five seconds.

Do you have a specific technique when it comes to applying your eye cream?