Vaseline Intensive Care - Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline Intensive Care

Petroleum Jelly

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Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is a gentle jelly that has countless soothing uses, including nappy rash, chaffing, sore lips, minor burns and rough hands.

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Priceline and pharmacies nationally.

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101 uses!

I believe that everyone should have this as it has many uses and a life saver! I use this as a a gloss lip balm for day and for night to keep my lips moisturized, eyelashes to make them stronger and longer and for burns when cooking. This is great for all year around and anytime of the day. It is also great if you want to make your perfume last longer on your skin. And yet still to find many more uses for it to come!

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A Must Have

This is a must have in every household. I always make sure that I have a tub of this on my dresser. It has so many uses. I mainly use it as a lip balm. I'll use it overnight, and wake up the next morning with really moisturised lips. I also use this if I have a dry patch of skin. Just after one day, my skin is noticeably softer and more moisturised. This can also be used if your are looking for longer and healthier eyelashes. I would usually just put a bit of this on my lashes before going to sleep. After a couple of weeks, my lashes are noticeably thicker and longer.

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Everyone needs this product!

This jelly is best for your lips! Australian weather is very 'undecisive', it changes from a sunny day to a cold, winter's day in an instant! It works so well on chapped, dry and peeling lips for any weather; instantly soothes and moistures your lips. After an application, your lips will feel soft and supple quickly!

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Multipurpose Gem

This product has been used for years by me. On my chapped lips, dry skin, as a brow gel and as an eyelash enhancer. It has soooo many uses and products came and went but Vaseline has always stayed in its place.
An excellent budget buy that lasts forever and has a bajillion uses!

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Amazing Moisturizing Product.

I love using this Petroleum Jelly, I use it everyday before trying different brands of lip balms. I love using this because it keep my lips moisturized.

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Cheap and Effective

As a lip balm, I only use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly.It is effective and last for a long time so I don't need to reapply.

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Household staple

My family and I have been using this for years! A jar has often lasted me for years (I'm not sure how hygienic that is haha)! The brand and packaging is obviously iconic and for good reason - the product has so many uses! I use it on dry damaged lips obviously, but it's also good for smoothing close to the hairline when home dying hair to prevent staining. It works well when mixed with powders to make the perfect lip colours and liquid blushes. Its also effective on patches of really dry skin. I don't think I could live without Vaseline!

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Tashee 92


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Love this

Always have a jar because you can use it for anything. I like it for a lip balm & my hands when there extremely dry.

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Beauty junkie


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Smooth lips garanteed

I love the good old Vaseline it dose the job dosnt irritate and I keep it buy my bed every night to apply before bed works a treat I have used expensive lipbalms before and I always go back to this

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Great multi-use product

I use vaseline on the insides of my new shoes. I apply a bit around the heel or toe area, or wherever the new shoe is causes friction, which can lead to blisters. It really helps to allow my feet to break in the shoe, without giving me horrible pain or blisters. The vaseline also allows my feet to move around in my shoe, and acts as a protective barrier. I also use some vaseline now and then on my heels when they are very dry, it helps to moisturise them.

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