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Must Have Product

this is a product that i must have on stand-by at all time. it has SO many uses and is great for dry lips, under eyes, cracked heals etc i also use this on my elbows and ankles before i fake tan to protect those dry areas from absorbing extra colour. there are so many things you can do with this i can even begin to list them all!



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Have used it for papercuts and dry lips and cracked skin. It really works for so many different things. It probably shouldn't be your first resort for lip hydration though, but sometimes all you need is a product that is free from all those colours and fragrances. I don't recommend it for long term use on your lips however.



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multipurpose essential!

This can be used for sooooo many things and is a staple for every house hold.

-chapped lips
-nappy rash
-dry skin
-help lashes grow
-foot balm
-cuticle cream
-barrier cream
-dry nose after a cold

AND SO MANY MORE!!!!! Its the ideal house hold product!



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This is something every one should have lying on their desk, on the beside table in their bathroom. EVERYWHERE. Not only do I use it to moisturise my lips. But if my nose is very dry and flaky, I apply it to my nose and the next day, the flakiness has gone away.


You can make your own lipstick colour with vaseline. Just choose your favourite eyeshadow colour for the colour of the lip balm. Scrape out the powder into a bowl with the vaseline and MIX! DIY lip balm. Amazing! Now you have a tinted lip balm and you'll look gorgeous. Everyone will be asking where you got that lipstick from ;)

Ideal for

Dry chapped lips



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A beauty staple!

This is one product I make sure I have in my cupboard at all times! It is good for almost anything and everything! I use it on my lips whenever they are chapped or really dry. It is thick and you only need to use a small amount. It lasts you for ages! It's also great for burns or cuts to protect it from infection. It's the only thing that is strong enough for my dry skin! I use it on my feet, hands and even a bit on my legs and it gives it a nice shine! You can never go wrong with this product



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Amazing for rough hands or feet!

In winter my hands and feet become so dry and cracked......so not cute! I simple just apply a generous amount of Vaseline to my hands and put on some gloves, apply some to my feet and wear some socks before bed and I wake up with the most softest and sublets skin ever!! Would highly recommend ❤️


This is also good for dry cuticles.

Ideal for

Chapped lips, Rough hands & feet, dry cuticles, rough elbows



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Lovely cheap and versatile product

There are so many ways you can use Vaseline but I tend to use it the most in Winter as a lip scrub or to moisturise my cuticles or to soften my feet. It doesn't irritate my skin and it does a great job at sealing in moisture. It's definitely a product that everyone needs!



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Good barrier balm

It's great if you want a protective barrier on your skin to stop it from drying out. I don't find it improves cracked or dry skin, just stops it from getting worse.

Ideal for

Cracked or very dry skin



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Ye olde faithful

No gimmicks or flavours here. It's just good lip-smacking and rehydrating petroleum jelly.
Yes, you can accidentally apply it a little too thick, but who doesn't like glossed, puckering lips?
It is great for wind burn or chapped lips for overnight use.



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101 uses!

I believe that everyone should have this as it has many uses and a life saver! I use this as a a gloss lip balm for day and for night to keep my lips moisturized, eyelashes to make them stronger and longer and for burns when cooking. This is great for all year around and anytime of the day. It is also great if you want to make your perfume last longer on your skin. And yet still to find many more uses for it to come!

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