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Petroleum Jelly

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Vaseline Petroleum Jelly is a multi-purpose soothing and moisturising jelly that can be used on the body, the face, or the lips. It's effective in soothing nappy rash, skin chaffing, chapped lip, minor burns, and even rough hands and feet.

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Great multi-tasker!

I keep it in my house for emergencies. Vaseline can be used for anything, from keeping dye off your skin to using it as a makeup remover!

Read the full review of Petroleum Jelly by ToxicCandyification.

Miss Danger


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Ultimate multi-tasking product that belongs in every beauty bag

A must have product, can be used for a multitude of beauty tricks, so versatile and comes in handy pack sizes. I have the large tub in my cabinet and the small tub in my makeup bag. This is a classic cult product with a million and one uses!

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Chia Seed


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Fantastic for anything and everything!

There are so many uses to Vaseline, it's shocking! I use it for dry lips, a highlighter, dry skin, conditioner for eyelashes, eyebrow gel, nail and cuticle conditioner, the list is just endless. I love that it does everything. It is quite greasy at times and it wouldn't be my number 1 option as a cure for dry skin but it does the job when I need it or when I'm running late and need a quick fix. It tends to make me a bit shiny but nothing extremely noticeable. I use it on my lips mainly and it really does lock in moisture in the lips. It is so affordable and should be everyone's essential!

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This is a great product and can be used for A LOT of different things!! Chapped lips, dry skin patches, Cracked heels, are just some of the uses!!

It's a great old school/ cheap substitute for the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream!

Read the full review of Petroleum Jelly by trulyj.

Arty Girl


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Has other uses

We (my husband and I) always have a jar of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly in our house and I keep it in the medicine drawer so I always know where to find it.
I know it protects my lips from dryness as I've used it so but I don't particularly like the petroleum taste of the jelly and it is very greasy. Because of this, we use it for mainly household purposes.

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Soft Smooth Lips

i have used this product since the day i was born ! This product has to be one of the best product ive used. It keeps my lips soft and moisturised, even if its summer. This product is one of the best product i have used ! Its worth the money.

Read the full review of Petroleum Jelly by Kim670.



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This is amazing

If you don't have a pot of this in your household get one! It's amazing fir chapped lips and strengthing eyelashes!

Read the full review of Petroleum Jelly by zoepoulos.



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its a must

Vaseline has been a must have in our household ever since I can remember. its great for everything, from moisturising lips to dry hand and feet treatment. its also great from keeping hair dye from getting onto your forehead or neck. And a single tub lasts for quite a while for the cheap price, worth it

Read the full review of Petroleum Jelly by dream-angels.



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Life Saver

I do believe that Vaseline is a tad bit oily for my skin. However i love how it strengthens my eyelashes and softens my dry hands/feet. And definitely helps with chapped lips after a good lip scrub.

Read the full review of Petroleum Jelly by Fondy.



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I use vaseline as my go too lip balm as it moisturises and acts as a fantastic wind barrier! I also use it to tame and shape my eyebrows as well as making them stand out a bit. I also use it to moisturise my eyelashes or even just to make my eyelashes stand out on a day where I don't want to wear mascara! If i have flyaway hair i simply rub some vaseline onto my fingers and lightly run my fingers through my hair, it works a treat! My final use for it is as a glowing highlighter on the edge of my cheekbones on top of my make up! This works great in the evenings to give a dewy finish without an oily face.

Read the full review of Petroleum Jelly by Catrin470.

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