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Eyelash growth

I had heard many reviews espousing the greatness of Vaseline and decided to give it a go on my eyelashes (aware that it may or may not actually do anything). However, I do think that my eyelashes have lengthened and look thicker and healthier.
As such a cheap alternative to any product a cosmetic brand is offering, it is worth a try if you are not sure!



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Everyone NEEDS this!!!

Two words: BUY IT!!! This is one product that has been used at my place forever and will continue to. I started using it because my lips got dry during winter. It's a miracle worker! There is nothing bad to say about this product. It's cheap, affordable and a multipurpose product. For people who have very sensitive skin like me, you need to get it!

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Perfect for every day use

I've used this to moisturize chapped lips, dry soles, nail cuticles and skin and have found that it always works.
Used it on burns, wounds and on baby's bottoms. Works perfectly well everyone

Ideal for

All skin uses



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must have cheap multi tasker

I use it to remove makeup as it's so gentle and moisturizing. It removes heavy eye makeup very effectively as well as rest of the makeup.
I use it to protect my skin from harmful effects of bleach. Before bleaching I apply a thin layer of it and it prevents burns and redness.
It's a great lip balm and softens dry feet overnight. It's also great for dermatitis attacks on face. I mix it with my prescribed ointment (dermovit euqal parts of both) and apply the combo to dermatitis stricken areas. Vaseline boosts my ointment and clears skin up over night.Also apply it to my hairline before coloring my hair at home and it prevents my skin from staining. Best invention ever



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Cheap, effective and lasts forever. It is moisturising and as multiple uses. The packaging could be better as the lid sometimes becomes loose and falls off - not suitable for travelling as such. Love the feel of it on my lips and definitely does its job well. Have been using this for almost 8 years and will continue using it.



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$2 tub with a million uses

This little tub is the answer for everything, I get dry spots on my face and if I put a little bit if Vaseline on it, the dry spot disappears straight away. I also use this to put on my hair line when I dye my hair so it doesn't get on my forehead and ears, especially if I'm dying my hair red or blue or something that will stain. So many uses, everyone needs a pot of Vaseline in their house!



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Multi purpose tub

Vaseline Jelly has been a staple in my house since forever so I'm happy to finally get around to singing its praises online! So this product is my go to for many things and is a great back up for a great many other functions. I use Vaseline primarily for my chapped lips as well as a general gloss over lip stains. A great add on for Vaseline is that it helps me get extra wear from lipsticks gone dry to help them go the extra mile. I also use the Vaseline include to smooth flyaways and eyebrows. In addition, my soles are never smoother than when i smother them in Vaseline and pop some socks on over night. Finally, this baby is a miracle to remove my false lashes! So many uses for one product! 5 stars for effectiveness, multipurpose use and price!



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So many uses

I always have a container of this in my cupboard , there are simply so many uses , great for dry skin , for when you have a cold for your nose , for my babies delicate skin , teething rash , for putting around your hair line when your colour your hair , Its cheap and simply so good !


A must have for any ones home.

Ideal for

cuts, dry skin , hair colouring , babies skin , teething, colds and flue



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So many uses

I always have a tube or jar of Vaseline in the house.
It's great for chapped lips to keep them soft & moisturised.
I also have used it for cracked heels and on my hands and dry knees and elbows.

It has many different uses and is good value for money.



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Keeps lips moisterized

I use Vasaline for dry chapped lips especially in the winter. I have a jar of this by my bed and usually its the last thing I put on before going to sleep. The packaging isn't the most convenient to carry around or hygienic to use as you have to dip your finger to get the product. I think I'm on my third jar of Vaseline now.

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