NIVEA Lip Care - Fruity Shine Strawberry

NIVEA Lip Care

Fruity Shine Strawberry

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NIVEA Lip Care Fruity Shine Strawberry provides daily care and protection combined with a tasty strawberry flavour while it features a shimmer tint. Contains caring almond oil and protective vitamin E. It provides young lips with care to maintain their natural smoothness and suppleness and gives lips an exciting fruity taste and reliably protects lips from drying out. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved. Free from preservatives.


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Supermarkets, Priceline, Myer, Target, Kmart, Big W and selected pharmacies.

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Smells & feels amazing

This was basically the first lip balm I ever bought myself. I'd seen people I worked with at the time using it & I could always smell how amazing it was. Not only does it smell like heaven, it moisturized my lips so well they were always soft. Even in the middle of winter when I played soccer in the freezing cold wind. I'd be the only one on the team without chapped lips. And to that, it also gave a red tinge to my lips and a little bit of a gloss shine.

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Lovely scent.

The first thing you notice is the amazing scent. Application is really smooth and easy, it does give your lips a wonderful healthy shine. I am not normally a fan of red colours, but the tint on this is pretty, a great enhancement to your lips, and you can make it sheer, or build it up. I recommend to apply it gently, a thin coat first, then build it till you get it how you want it. It also feels moisturizing on your lips, and can be applied to cracked, dry lips, and reapply as often as you like to make your lips feel smooth all day long.



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Not as good as it smells

What usually draws me to lip balms is the smell of the product and the effectiveness of it.
Nivea definitely delivers on the smell part as the Fruit Shine balm has a fruity, sweet scent which I can smell not just when applying the product but it lingers even while wearing the balm.
The product has cleverly disguised itself as a balm behind a lip tint as it adds a subtle red tone to your lips which you can build up to be more or less pigmented as you desire without having the opacity or boldness of a red lipstick when you are after something both nourishing and a but funky. The texture of the product is smooth, creamy and glides onto your lips nicely without having too much shine.
On terms of moisture, the product does pretty well but comparing to something like Carmex or Lucas' PawPaw Ointment there isn't much competition as they are more dedicated to the care side rather than the aesthetic. I find that even after thirty minutes to an hour I need to reapply or I can feel the dryness creeping up on my lips which is kind of annoying as it can make them go a little flaky - not the best look.
The packaging is like the other Nivea balms and that is the slip off cover from which a roll up balm stick emerges. I quite like this packaging as it is sleek, very easy to open/close and keeps the product in tact.
Would I repurchase? Probably not as I prefer a lip balm that keeps my lips moisturised for at least an hour or two however I will keep using the product until it's finished. RESPONSE FROM NIVEA: Hi spash96, Thanks for your honest review of our product. As you have highlighted this product is for people with dry lips who want a touch of colour. If you are looking for something more nourishing then we can recommend our NIVEA Essential Care or NIVEA Repair and Protection. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts about our product.


Build up colour slowly and don't over apply.

Ideal for

Dry lips and people who want moisture and a bit of colour.



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Like the shine

I am enjoying this one, it smells really good and I like the red tint it puts on my lips. Its shiny and long lasting. My lips feel softer and it doesn't make my lips flake. Its a winner.



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Gives a nice reddish tint to the lips
if you're looking for a moisture...steer clear away from this. No seriously. In doesn't moisturize at all.


If you have seriously chapped lips then DON'T BUY THIS!

Ideal for

Those who don't mind reapplying throughout the day



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This lip balm does hydrate my lips perfectly and leaves sheer red on my lips and it has a nice strawberry scent to it, good for everyday use.



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It's got a nice tint to it and makes lips look 'alive'. But after a few hours, it wears off and leaves gross red flakey bits of skin on your lips and is very unsightly. Not moisturising at all in the long-run, but it's pretty and has nice packaging.



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tinted red lips

This lip balm is moisturising, glossy and provides a red tint. It has some silver specks too. It wont work as a night time lip balm as there is an evident tint. It works well on days where you are too lazy to apply a lipstick as this product provides colour and gloss together. However it isnt one of those balms where you can apply without a mirror. I would recommend this product and hope that Nivea introduces a coral and pink shade!



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It goes on really smooth on the lips but my lips looked very red and unattractive. It didn't nourish my lips and instead left them feeling more dry.



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Gorgeous colour and shine

I love the smell of this lipbalm, and it tastes so good. It is moisturising enough, although not as much as some plain lipbalms. The best thing about this product is the tinting properties, it gives my lips a nice subtle red colour without being overboard. A great product that i will continue to use.

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