Britty1's product review of Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm by KORA Organics

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  • Mar 8, 2012 12:11pm

nourishing "k"are

i bought this little gem after arriving home from a few days away in noosa, with few dry lips. the first shop i walked into on arrival home (a healthfood store) had the full range of Kora products, all of which i was yet to try. i had a quick look, and as i'd read plenty on this brand and its boasting of organic ingredients and grabbed the balm with great expectations. i figured with a price tag of $ must be amazing! well after trying the product, amazing isnt the word that comes to mind, but pretty good is how i would describe it. i like the light texture of the balm, and it felt very nourishing and the scent is light and pleasant. The down side is that you have to use your fingers, which can be a bit inconvient if your on public transport...and you have probably accumilated 15 million germs on your hands in a matter of seconds, but overall good product, although im sure you could find a similar product with the same effectiveness for a lighter price tag (hence the 3 stars rather than 4).

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diva chelsea (Australia)
Smells good!