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Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm

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KORA Organics Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm will leave chapped lips soft and smooth. The balm is enriched with moisturising jojoba, avocado, rosehip, vitamins C and E and nutrient rich extracts. It is also organically flavoured, certified organic and 100 per cent vegan. Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm is free from sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colours, and silicones.


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Lovely Ingredients

I really like this lip product but it reminds me of another organic lip product I've used in the past that has exactly the same feel and scent - and is less than half the price of this one. So I have to deduct a star rating from this because I feel it's badly overpriced.

Other than the price issue, it's a beautiful concoction of natural organic ingredients which feels lovely and safe to use on the lips. It's completely hydrating and colour-free. There is no SPF in this though.



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My #1 balm

I love this balm because it repairs my dry lips in a minute. I have tried so many balm up until now, and this one is only one that works. I will stick with it.


Apply before going to bed or in the morning before you apply any lip gloss or lipstick.



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I take this everywhere with me, it really hydrates my lips especially since its now winter, you only need to apply a small amount and makes your lips softer, smoother and hydrated.


Apply before going to bed for super soft lips and apply before your lipstick.

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Supple Kissable lips

This is by far the BEST lip balm i have come across. You don't need much and it keeps your lips hydrated for a lot longer than some other brands. The vitamin enhancement just makes it even better!


Keep yourself stocked up on this you will love it

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Silky Smooth Lips

I got this as a freebie so was very lucky to be able to try before I buy but I will definitely buy it even though it is a little more expensive. I love that it is organic and it truly does make my lips feel great. I have had a cold the last few weeks and with that came the dry chapped lips but using this balm makes them soft and bearable. I agree with others that the downside is the tub as you have to keep sticking your finger in so I worry about the germs that are accumulating in my tub.



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Pricey but good

I purchased this as I've tried other products in MK's Kora range and theyve all been amazing.

However, this lip blam left me a little disappointed to be honest. I felt as though I couldve got a lip blam that did the same job but at a much lower price. Although this one has the advantage of being certified organic. It did leave my lips soft, smooth and hydrated through the day.



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best lip balm in history

Take this from someone who has tried a LOT of lip balms. The organic ingredients, (you can especially tell it has avocado oil) work wonders and you only need to apply once for it to leave your lips extremely soft the whole day. Love the fact that I'm not worried about chemicals ending up in my mouth.


Buy it!

Ideal for

Anyone and everyone for lips and any other dry skin.



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Super Moisturising!

I only purchased this product yesterday but already my lips are beautiful, smooth and soft. The price really reflects the quality of the product you are buying and this product is amazing! As it is Winter now, my lips have been becoming dry, chapped and really dehydrated. The previous lip balm I had been using(Bloom Strawberry Squeeze) just wasn't providing my lips with the long-term hydration they needed to survive the whole day. The packaging is simply beautiful, I love the gorgeous blue colouring and the matte finish and it is so cute and empowering with the word 'peace' on the back of the product. Definitely a worthwile purchase. I love Miranda and KORA Organics. :)


Apply right before bed and you will wake up with the softest, smoothest lips.

Ideal for

Everyone! It is a great little product for everyone to have. It is definitely a true saviour for dry, dehydrated, chapped lips.

diva chelsea


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Smells good!

I bought this product because it was natural and vegan friendly. It was good, made my lips feel nice and soft and it has a pleasant smell. Price wise, I wouldn't buy it again simply because there isn't enough in the tub to justify paying that much regularly. However it is a pretty good product.



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nourishing "k"are

i bought this little gem after arriving home from a few days away in noosa, with few dry lips. the first shop i walked into on arrival home (a healthfood store) had the full range of Kora products, all of which i was yet to try. i had a quick look, and as i'd read plenty on this brand and its boasting of organic ingredients and grabbed the balm with great expectations. i figured with a price tag of $25..it must be amazing! well after trying the product, amazing isnt the word that comes to mind, but pretty good is how i would describe it. i like the light texture of the balm, and it felt very nourishing and the scent is light and pleasant. The down side is that you have to use your fingers, which can be a bit inconvient if your on public transport...and you have probably accumilated 15 million germs on your hands in a matter of seconds, but overall good product, although im sure you could find a similar product with the same effectiveness for a lighter price tag (hence the 3 stars rather than 4).

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