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Keep lips kissable all year round with NIivea Lip Care Essential. This everyday lip balm contains vitamin E and jojoba oil to soothe, heal and moisturise, while ProVitamin B5 helps to neutralise against the effects of free radicals and cause premature ageing. With everyday use, lips are prevented from becoming dry and left naturally soft and smooth.


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Supermarkets, Priceline, Myer, Target, Kmart, Big W and selected pharmacies.

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Absolute must-have

This comes in a larger tube than some other lip balms I have tried. It has a very slight taste. It goes on very smoothly and seems to be very thick when first applied, but it sinks into the lips very well. I get very chapped, peely lips, and this has been great for a long-term treatment for them. I only have to use it two or three times a day - once when I wake up, once when I get out of the shower, and once when I go to bed. It leaves my lips noticably nicer. They're less peely, they don't crack when I use this, and they're not chapped.

I'm on my second tube,


If using under another lip product, absolutely apply this before you do anything else in your beauty routine. This takes a really long time to sink in, but it's totally worth it.

Ideal for

People who can commit to letting this sink in.

Your Average...


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Sinks in slowly

This lip balm comes in a dark blue tube and has a nice, thick and creamy texture. I love it when I put it on because it makes me feel like it's working. It's also very smooth. Once applied, it will DEFINITELY feel like it's just sitting on top of your lips, but once a few minutes pass, much of it has already sunk into your lips and (depending on how much you apply) some is still left on your lips. It soaks in slowly over time and I slather it on on night when I need soft, smooth and hydrated lips in the morning. It IS very shiny so use it at home when others can't see or use just a bit. It runs out quickly and I've already bought a third tube and I've nearly finished my second. It's my holy grail overnight lip balm. I like to use the Nivea Milk and Honey lip balm for day use as the essential care one IS pretty heavy.


Put on a thick layer and leave it on overnight.

Ideal for

Dry, dehydrated and chapped lips.
VERY dry lips.
Peeling lips.



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It's ok

This lip balm initially worked fairly well but after a few weeks I felt that my lips were not retaining moisture like they should. Although the Nivea Essential Care lip balm is more nourishing than the other lip products in the Nivea range I was not very impressed.

The product never really soaked in and instead sat on the surface of my lips. Even after continual application I still had flaky dry lips.



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best Nivea Lipcare Product

have been using this product for ages and still love it. it applies smoothly and leaves my lips feeling soft and hydrated

Ideal for

higly reccomend as a lipcare essential



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A Beauty Essential

I cannot leave home without this in my bag. It is a great size and really leaves my lips moisturized. It does not dry out my lips and is my favourite in the Nivea Lip Care range. This is an essential and I only have to apply 2-3 times a day as it lasts for hours. Fantastic product for such a fantastic price



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A nice neutral moisturiser

I love this lip balm. I use it daily - whether my lips are cracked and in desperate need of hydration or when they are normal and just need a bit of protecting. Over night I can tell the difference already - my lips are plumper and there is less dry flaking of my lips (yes.. times to get that bad). Also I love that it doesn't really have a taste and isn't too sticky; its a nice neutral, moisturising lip balm which I swear by.

Ideal for

Chapped lips, normal lips.. and anything in between!



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Good for touch ups during the day

I find that this lip balm isn't moisturizing enough for my morning/night routines however it works well to touch up my lips during the day without needing to use a heavy balm.


Use during the day

Ideal for

Lips that don't normally get chapped or dry.



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not for me

I am very particular about my lip care products and of all the products I have tried so far, my lips only seem to like Vaseline. This lip balm in particular seems to dry my lips out after a while and leaves me with flaky lips. I will not re purchase.



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I am a huge Nivea fan, will always pick then for lip products, this is extremely hydrating and lasts quite a while.



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Good product

Bought this one for myself, not long after I couldn't find and then found out that my fiancé has taken it for himself! I found it hydrating and long lasting (until it was taken from me, haha). And he gives it the thumbs up so it must be good


Apply at night before bed and wake up with soft lips

Ideal for

Men and Women

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