Palmer's - Cocoa Butter Formula Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Lip Butter


Cocoa Butter Formula Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Lip Butter

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Formulated with cocoa butter and vitamin E to deliver essential, long-lasting moisture to lips. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Lip Butter imparts a subtle gloss and a dark chocolate and peppermint scent.


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Nice texture and feel but does not have long lasting effect

I used it awhile ago.feels good on lips with fresh menthol kind of sensation but does not seem to do much for lip care ,i have tried better lip balms.its not moisturing enough to b used for night time or for dry lips,lacks spf to b used as day lip care either

Ideal for

Better products are there on market.

yvonne yang


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My must buy every year

I use this lip butter almost every day, especially in winter. It works very well on me, even though I wear lipstick very often and don't really take care of my lips.
I even use it on my husband too. He has dry lips sometimes and it's a bit painful for him even to talk. I apply this lip butter and it smooths the lips instantly and my husband likes it too.



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Yummy, moisturizes good

This lip balm was almost good enough to eat, the flavor of it was Delicious. Although, It didn't do as well as other products I use, as it didn't chap my lips as well. I would recommend buying this but don't expect it to be life saving



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Minimal lasting power, great scent

- Packaging: squeeze tube with slanted opening
- Scent: lovely chocolate and mint smell. is strong and does linger after application
- Texture: a bit oily/greasy. There is no stickiness whatsoever. It will slide right off and you'll need to reapply soon.
- Handy to have the tube, but unfortunately the lasting power was not enough for me.



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Best In Beauty 2013

There's plenty to love about this Lip Butter.

It comes in a squeezy tube that has a slanted tip for dispensing easily & is a good design. The first thing I notice when opening up the tube is the strong scent of chocolate & peppermint - very similar to my favourite block of chocolate!

It has a texture that's more like a lip gloss than a butter ie very shiny - but at the same time works like a lip balm/butter to keep my lips soft, smooth, nourished.

Quite a unique product, and that's why I like it so much - definitely will repurchase



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Best in Beauty 2013

This is my FAVOURITE lip balm :) i loooooove the smell; this product is so moisturising and looks like a clear lip gloss. My friend has dark chocolate and cherry, smells even better :)



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I don't like this

It feels as if its just sitting on your lips with out doing a thing to fix dry/chapped lips. It somehow wears off almost instantly as well.. No good in my opinion



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Not moisturising enough

This isn't extremely moisturising, and does not help all that much with dry lips. It adds a nice gloss to my lips, and the smell is divine. I also like the thin consistency of this product, and the fact that it isn't sticky. The fragrance is strong on application, but does disappear after a bit. Overall, okay product but would not reach for this when my lips are really dry.



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Torn between..

I'm torn between hating this, and loving it. For a long time, I did love this, it was a great lip balm for me, smelt amazing and easy to apply. But lately I've found that it's actually drying my lips out, more than keeping them soft. I've also heard lots of people who love the taste of this, and lick it off their lips, which in the long run, will cause their lips to dry out as well.. So, this has completely dried out my lips, but if you use a lip balm, then this on top for a natural sheen, it works a bit better. Like I said though, my thoughts are all over the place on this product.



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Works a charm

I first bought this product on a whim, but now its one of my must haves. It leaves a great sheen on my lips and sinks fairly quickly. I reapply a lot, mostly because I love the smell, so I'm not so sure how effective it is only used once.

Ideal for

Those with a sweet tooth who like smooth, not sticky, glosses and subtle sheen.

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