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freezeframe® HYPER WHITE works to even the skin tone, brighten the complexion and lighten pigmentation. The clinical pigmentation and brightening treatment offers instant and long-term results. It will reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, age spots, sunspots and acne scarring quickly. Its dual-effect formula reduces the appearance of all types of hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone within minutes of application.


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Miss Danger


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Stunning skin brightener with instant results

I went through a phase recently of using products designed to treat pigmentation as I found they gave my skin a bright, luminous glow. Freeze Frame Hyper White would have to be the best that I found.
Clinically proven to reduce all types of skin pigmentation and to give a unified brightening effect, this was right on the mark.
After application, the melanin index in the skin is reduced by approximately 10% in the first ten minutes so you see instant results, I found it made my skin look instantly brighter, my pores appeared more refined, redness was reduced.
Progressive skin lightening is achieved in four weeks, I noticed that all my dark marks from old acne scarring disappeared and my skin had an amazing luminosity.
In clinical trials, at 8 weeks, 97% of participants saw a reduction in pigmentation and more even skin tone and 100% of participants saw more even, brighter and more luminous skin. After 8 weeks of use I had flawless, dramatically brightened and highly luminous skin. Extremely satisfied with the results, it was exactly what I was hoping to achieve.
The product is packaged in an easy to use pump dispenser that has a real clinical, professional look to it. Retailing for $69 this gave me better results than products that were twice the price. Definitely money well spent.
This product has the added bonuses of enzymatic peeling and dramatic moisture enhancement so you can apply directly after cleansing, add sunscreen and eye cream and you're done, no need for extra creams or lotions, this has you covered.


I always make sure I apply an spf 30+ every day, sun exposure is a bright skins nightmare, it will undo all the good work, sun damage is a leading cause of pigmentation and uneven skin tone so make sure you're well protected.

Ideal for

All types of skin pigmentation from acne scarring to hormonal, this will dramatically improve the appearance of pigmented skin and give overall uniformity and luminosity.



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I love this product! It is a great primer for makeup and it evens out my skin tone really well. I've been able to see a difference just after four weeks in the pigmentation of my skin.

use this before the applying your makeup, it makes your skin tone look much more even



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Finally a way to get rid of pigmentation

so easy to use, just apply to clean and dry skin and away you go! I saw the effects after the very first application and am now in love with this product. My face looked brighter after the very first application and I was no longer worried about anyone seeing the pigmentation left on my skin after pregnancy.


Anyone who is looking to improve pigmentation and looking for a brightening effect.

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