Estée Lauder - Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator

Estée Lauder

Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator

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Estée Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator is an intensive yet gentle oil-free serum with Triple-Optic Technology to instantly illuminate skin for immediate radiance. The serum features exclusive CorrecTone Technology, a comprehensive triple-action complex compromised of highly effective, anti-spot ingredients, powerful antioxidants and soothing anti-irritants to address the signs of an uneven skintone. All skin can be fresh and radiant and appear clear, even-toned and luminous. Ingredients included rice bran extract, vitamin E, licorice and gentian.

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Nice but expensive

I got a few free samples of this product and it felt lovely on my skin, made it feel very smooth/regenerated and my make up went on smooth even without a primer. I will consider buying it full size after I have finished my current day serum.


Apply it on fresh clean and toned skin and under a moisturiser.

Ideal for

Combination to oily skin.



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wonderful Serum

i realise there is a big improvement in my skin tone and my pores however it gets less effective after 1-2 months of daily applications. However i am satisfied with how brighter and smooth my skin looks and it also reduces my acne redness. This serum is able to calm my skin and it's oil free which is great to apply it underneath my foundation.



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Lovely but no improvement on my pigmentation

I used up a large bottle of this serum. The iridescent serum has a light silky texture which feels nice on the skin and absorbs easily. However I didn't notice any improvement on my pigmentation which the product was designed to do which is a shame.

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Amazing for pores

This is a lovely serum that has the most divine consistency. Best used in the mornings under your regular day cream. Very light and pearl like in consistency, a little goes a long way, but you will sure see a noticeable differemce in your pores and texture of your skin. Your skin will be much smoother and if used regularly, pores will look much smaller.



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Does not really make difference to actual skin tone problems

I have been using this product for a few years now, to see whether this product actually works. Serums like these must be used for at least a few months to see a difference. I currently have a bit of pigmentation around the eye area which is what I am targeting. This serum is supposed to help correct uneven skin tones like what I have from the pigmentation. I found that after using it for over 2 years, it has not really improves anything. Although it is quite nice to apply and feeling of the serum is very pleasing, it has not really addressed the problem that it was designed to fix. So overall, I think this product can be used to illuminate the skin but to target actual problems? No, I do not think this is the right product.



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Feels lovely on skin but I found no improvement

This serum feels beautiful on the skin and feels like it is adding further hydration to the skin. It has a lovely texture and very lovely smell but for me I just found no noticeable improvement in the tone of my skin or reduction in imperfections. I really was hoping for a visible difference in tone. As others reviews have stated it feels lovely and does make skin look dewy and fresh for a short while after application but at its price tag I want an improvement on my skin tone and imperfections. A little does go along with it though.

Ideal for

Long term fans of Estée Lauder will no doubt love the smell, texture and feel on the skin.



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This serum didn't really live up to my expectations.
Although it left my skin feeling velvety smooth, it really did nothing for pigment or redness.
I am not even really sure it did much as far as evening out my skin tone in general.
The sparkly/ shimmery serum did illuminate my skin but this effect does not last.
It does feel luxurious on the skin and I did enjoy using it, however I was expecting better results in terms of addressing pigmentation.



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Shimmering skin

I love how this product gives my skin a gorgeous effect. My skin has lots of shimmer in it and the way it's catching the light is making me love the way I'm looking
But it still much prefer to see the Advanced serum by Estée Lauder.



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Gorgeous frangrance, easy application, feels great, unsure of results.

I was given this skin illuminator as a trial sized gift by a representative at Estee Lauder who convinced me I had patchy skin.

Now while I love the silky feel and great fragrance of this product, I didn't have any notable / noticeable results with my skin.

This is probably because I don't have patchy skin, so maybe it would work on someone who does have patchy skin.

I loved the little applicator and the actual product seemed great quality, just not for me.


Make sure you use for a long period of time if you have problem skin, then you probably will see results.

Ideal for

For problem skin only.



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Best in Beauty 2013

I love this skin care wonder buddy from Estée Lauder. I have always dreamed of being the owner of even toned and radiant skin, but it was always just a dream.. That was until I got my hands on a bottle of this 2 years ago. Since then my skin has just gotten better and better, and my dream is now a reality!
Firstly I must say that I love the cute pale blue bottle this wonder product comes in, it's easy to find and just looks luxurious. The Illuminator itself is a light golden colour which just illuminates the skin as well as hiding (and correcting over time) skin tone flaws. I love how easy this is to apply, just two pumps and smooth over entire face and neck and you're done.
I couldn't recommend this product enough as its fixed my skin concerns and I can now feel comfortable in wearing no makeup (if I want to).

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