St. Ives - Fresh Skin Invigorating Apricot Scrub

St. Ives

Fresh Skin Invigorating Apricot Scrub

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St. Ives Fresh Skin Invigorating Apricot Scrub gently exfoliates to reveal smooth and radiant skin.The formula contains 100 per cent natural exfoliants and 100 per cent natural apricot extracts; which are home to powerful antioxidants. The formula works to nourish and care for the skin, whilst providing you with an effective, deep clean.


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Priceline and pharmacies nationally.

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Same same as the other scrubs

I think that this scrub is very similar to the other 2 or so of this range.

I find this harsh for frequent use and would actually use it sparingly and with very light pressure. It does a good job in exfoliating but can irritate your skin if you use it too often. It's full of apricot and other nuts (like walnut) crushed kernel parts and can be abrasive.

It is a good size for the price and can be found in most supermarket, chemist and pricelines.



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BIB – Still my no.1!

I’ve just read my review from 2008 – although I gave it 5 stars, my measly 3 lines didn’t do this marvelous product justice. St. Ives makes terrific scrubs – I love them all, but there has been a special place on my shelf for this deep cleanser for more years than I can remember.

I have mature skin that needs regular exfoliation to maintain radiance and remove flaky skin bits, and I count on this “original” version to give it a thorough going over at least once a week. Although it’s probably the most powerful scrub in my kit, I don’t find it harsh at all – when I emerge from the shower, my skin is smoothed and soothed, and any hint of dullness has washed away down the drain. I wet my face first, squeeze a small amount onto my fingers and then gently massage it in, all the way down my neck to my décolletage. The fragrance is refreshing and natural, the soft tube makes dispensing a breeze (right down to the very last drop), and the generous 150ml lasts me months, making it great value.


Use it twice a week and your skin will glow...

Ideal for

Combination skin that needs a deep clean...



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best in beauty 2012

A great staple scrub.

-The packaging is quite nice and appealing, fresh and simple.
-A hygienic squeeze tube which makes it easy to dispense the desired amount of product.

-The consistency of this product is quite thick. It feels lovely and rich, therefore you only need a small amount. A little goes a long way with this product which I love because it will last you ages.
-The scrub smells beautiful, feels great on the skin.
-It is quite abrasive so it is important to not apply too much pressure when scrubbing.
-Because of this roughness I only use it once or twice a week, otherwise it can strip the skin and cause breakouts.

-It leaves the skin feeling so smooth.
-I have found that after using this product my skin feel so clean, smooth and bright.
-I use less moisturiser because it is easier to spread on my smooth face!

-If it is a bit harsh for your skin, mix it with your favourite cleanser.
-Could also be used as a body scrub.
-Do not apply too much pressure and only use a small amount.
-For best results use twice a week, if this makes your skin tight or irritated, cut back to once a week.



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B-i-B 2012- Too harsh for my skin

I bought this scrub because of some rave reviews. So i thought i'd give it a try. The first few times i used it, it was great. It cleaned my skin,leaving it feeling fresh and squeaky clean.

After about 2 months, my skin started going overly dry after i use it. My skin starts peeling, and when i exfoliated slowly, the rough particles are abrasive on my skin, roughing it up the wrong way. So i've decided to use it. Because of the dryness, i started breaking out with cystic pimples that hurt so much.

I had to end up throwing this product away. :( RESPONSE FROM ST. IVES: Thank you for your valuable feedback. We are sorry to hear you are disappointed with our product description and will take your feedback on board. You are welcome to contact our friendly St Ives team on 1800 888 449 to discuss this further. We look forward to hearing from you .



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Best in Beauty 2012

This used to be my favourite scrub when I was in my teenage/twenties. I would use it twice a week, it always left my face feeling super smooth. The granules in the scrub are massive and can sometimes be a bit sharp but I always felt like I was cleaning out my clogged pores. Plus it is so affordable. I can't use it now though. I'm 42 now and my skin needs a bit more pampering not abrasive scrubs.

Jamie Teixeira


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Good stuff

I wish it had more tingle. If they could combine the green tea scrub with this one, tey would have the perfect product. But overall, I love te scrub.


Expect a goodscrub down

Ideal for

Acne prone skin



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Keeps my skin clear

This scrub lives in my shower and I try to use it 2-3 times a week, depending on what my skin is like.
It is a white cream with little exfoliating particles that get rid of dead skin. I only use this on my nose, chin and forehead and it works wonderfully. I don't get dull skin as often and my breakouts have minimised. This is my favourite scrub as it does the job!



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St Ives Apricot Scrub has been my husbands only skincare purchase
He adores the scrub and has used it for many years
He likes the scratchy feel of the apricot kernels and says it makes his skin feel really really clean.
He works around as a fly in fly out tradesman on the mines so his face can get really dirty and grimy
This scrub is my husbands cult product

Ideal for




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Great product, but...

I really like this scrub, but not for my face. I did buy it to use on my face, but find it a little too harsh. But it is absolutely FANTASTIC for your hands. After a day in the garden or if your hands are feeling really rough, use this scrub and they will look and feel so soft and clean. I do continue to purchase this, but for my hands only. Love them fresh apricot scent too.



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Always in my cupboard

Love this product when I have way to much dry skin is very rough texture and will get off all Rhodes dead skin cells this product is the only one my hubby uses aswell

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