Olay - Olay Deep Cleansing Blackhead Clearing Scrub


Olay Deep Cleansing Blackhead Clearing Scrub

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Olay Blackhead Clearing Scrub contains two per cent salicylic acid to help remove excess oil. The exfoliator helps eliminate most blackheads as well as prevent new ones from forming.

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Good for non-sensitive skin

I bought this scrub to help out with a breakout I experienced after using a moisturiser that didn't agree with my skin. Although it didn't do much for the breakout that was already happening, I feel that it did prevent it from going any further and had an overall refining effect on my skin. My pores looked cleaner and a lot lighter, which was wonderful!

I wouldn't really class this as a scrub as the exfoliating beads contained in the gel are very gentle. Although the product isn't overy harsh I did experience some irritation around the side of my nose and had to reduce my use of the cleanser to every other day. For this reason I would advise some caution to those with very sensitive skin. Otherwise, this is a really fabulous cleanser.



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pretty good

I must say this product was pretty good. It's a gel like scrub with really good exfoliating beads (best efxoliating beads ive come across). It has a nice scent to it, and the exfoliating beads are really nice and you definitely feel like your getting a deep clean. And once you wash it off, there is a visably noticable difference, your pores are more refined and aren't as big, and the appearence of black heads are decreased and your skin is smoother. However I found it didn't really eliminate my blackheads, just kind of shrunk them in the pores so they weren't as noticable. And also afterwards your face is really dry because it strips your skin of its oils, so apply a gentle moisterizure approriate to your skin type. But overall, a good product.

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