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Deep Clean® Shine Control Daily Scrub

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Neutrogena Deep Clean® Shine Control Daily Scrub combats the problem of sheen in two ways. Firstly it removes skin impurities and excess surface oil. Secondly, after rinsing, rice proteins are deposited on the skin to combat and absorb excess oil for up to eight hours. Salicylic acid targets blemishes at the source; cleaning deep in pores to removes impurities. Skin is left with a long-lasting, clear, shine-free finish throughout the day.



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I have been trialling this out for a month after having been sent from BH.
This came at a great time too. My skin tends to break out like crazy and gets overly oily when I get stressed and I'm in my pre-exam stress bubble at the moment. So reading about what it claims to do, I was all for it. I love the idea of using rice protein.
The first thing I thought when I squeezed the product was that this smells great. A lot of acne washes have that chemical smell which I cannot stand. This leaves a very ‘clean’ scent and is definitely refreshing.
At first I used this in the morning hoping that it will control my shine throughout the day. It worked great for a few days but I felt that after a week or so my skin started to overcompensate and hence I turned into a greaseball again. So I swapped my soap-free cleanser to the morning and used this at night. This worked a lot better because it did a great job in cleansing all the residue on my face that had accumulated throughout the day. This also meant that I could put on super moisturising night creams without waking up feeling gross and oily.
I love the idea of a daily scrub because my face tends to clog up during the day and this just leaves it feeling smooth and clean. The beads in the scrubs were great. They weren’t too rough but also not so small that you couldn’t feel the exfoliation. I sometimes get some dry patches on my face and this did not aggravate them and the microbeads seam to actually help gently exfoliate the flaky dead skin. But in the long run I mainly focused the product on my t-zone and other oil-prone areas. This scrub does do a great job of clearing day-to-day oil but this did not really help with my other problem spots. I broke out before I used this and this didn’t really do much for those acne. Well it’s not really targeted for full blown acne skin even though there is salicylic acid listed in the ingredients.
Overall I quite liked this product. It does help with shine control but that’s all. I’m definitely using this everyday soon especially with summer coming up. But I would probably use other cleansers to help with keeping my acne at bay.

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Left me feeling shine free

I tried this exfoliator as part of the trial team, and I really enjoyed using it though I think I’ll revert back to my other scrubs. It smells and feels great when I use it and it’s not too harsh on my face at all, but strong enough to do its job. After I used it my face would feel matte and shine free though it’s more a product I would use short term...let’s say my face feels really oily and I just want to get that feeling out of the way but I wouldn’t use it daily as a scrub, as my face didn’t really look clearer or smoother whilst using it. Ultimately it did what it said it would, which is control shine and clean the face.
I would probably use this product, if my face feels really grimy and dirty and my pores feel clogged, but on a daily basis probably not.

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Less shine, clearer skin

I am a fan of many Neutrogena skin care products so I was excited when BH sent me their Shine Control Daily Scrub. This product is targets my skin type perfectly, as I have oily/combination skin which is prone to shine throughout the day which usually requires me to blot my skin.

The packaging is fantastic. It comes in an easy to use 125ml squeeze tube which puts you in control to determine how much product comes out. It has a flip-top cap to ensure no spillages. Half of the container is clear so it is handy for letting you know when you are running low on product. The product has quite a distinct smell. It is not an unpleasant artificially fragrant smell, rather it smells quite fresh and light which is perfect to wake me up in the morning and refresh me.

The product dispenses in a light blue cream consistency with very small dark blue exfoliating beads dispersed throughout the product. The scrub is of a medium consistency, it is not thick and gluggy and it is not watery and thin. Upon application the scrub felt nice and smooth. The scrub doesn't lather up too much on the skin but it still does a good job at cleansing the skin and removing impurities. The exfoliating beads are not irritating or rough on the skin which was the most important thing for me. I have tried many scrubs in the past which have been very abrasive and have done more damage than good, so I was very pleased that this scrub had gentle yet effective exfoliating beads. On some nights I would massage the product into my skin for a good 1-2 minutes, and the beads still did not irritate my skin or cause any extreme redness.

The scrub was very easy to use. The exfoliating beads moved over the tricky areas of the face like the nose with ease. The product was very easy to rinse off the face and it did not leave any residue. Neutrogena recommends using the product daily for best results which at the start of the trial, I did follow. However after 5 days of using the product daily, I began to feel as though my skin was overproducing oil because my skin was being stripped too much. My cheeks which are usually normal also began to feel quite dry and tight. I tend to only use a facial exfoliating scrub 2-3 times a week, which is what I began to do with the Neutrogena scrub. Using the product 2-3 times a week depending on how my skin was feeling really worked well for me. So I recommend that those using this product get a feel for how your skin reacts to the product, and tailor usage to fit your skin needs.

Overall the scrub did live up to its claims I believe. The exciting and innovative addition to this cleanser was the rice protein technology which is used to absorb excess oil throughout the day and allow the skin to breathe. Even after my first use, I monitored my skin throughout the day to see how long it took to get shiny, and I found my skin stayed matte significantly longer than when I didn't use this scrub. That was wonderful for me as it is really bothersome to have to continually be checking your skin to see whether or not it needs to be blotted. My pores felt and looked visibly clearer after 2 weeks of using the product. I didn't break out while using this product too which was great. Overall I think this is a great inexpensive scrub which helps keep my skin clear and holds off the shine throughout the day which is great.

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Controls shine - but not perfect

I was sent this to trial by Beautyheaven, and was very excited as it seemed perfect for my skin type. I usually have very few pimples and blemishes but my skin gets oily very quickly and by the end of the day I have blotted it so much I have next to no makeup left on my face.

For the first few days, the product seemed to work quite well, as my skin took a few hours longer throughout the day to get oily and when it did become oily, it wasn't as bad as usual. Unfortunately after the first few days I started getting little pimples all over my face. When I stopped using the product for a few days, they went away, and when I started using it on it's own again, they came back. I liked the effect so I was willing to give it another go, so I started using it after my usual face wash and only when I was going out, and the pimples haven't reappeared. I think it wasn't very good at washing away the oil that was already on my face.

The cream texture is nice and doesn't dry out skin but as I mentioned it also doesn't leave it feeling very 'clean' after I'd used it. The blue beads are much bigger than I usually like in exfoliators and it didn't really feel like they were doing anything (and they ended up stuck in my hairline when I rinsed the face wash off!). It was very convenient to use - a squeezy bottle with the lid at the bottom (so you won't waste any) and no extra cotton pads or face washers necessary so easy to use in the shower.

Overall, while I think this product does what it claims to, and does it well - being "shine control" - for me, there were too many negatives to make me try this again. RESPONSE FROM NEUTROGENA: You may be assured that Johnson & Johnson Pacific values the comments you have made regarding products in the NEUTROGENA* skincare range, especially as such feedback provides the company with an opportunity to better understand consumers' concerns about their products.

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Rejuvenated and refreshed

Thanks to Beautyheaven, I was given the amazing opportunity to trial this new scrub by Neutrogena. I was very eager to give this new product a go as I get a lot of oiliness, in my t-zone especially, which often leads to black heads and the occasional break out.

The packaging is very classic and standard of any other daily face scrub. The design of the bottle itself, does work well as it’s easy to hold in one hand to squeeze the product out. Visually, I like the use of the vibrant blue mixed with the softening orange.

First impressions were that the scrub doesn’t smell like anything in particular. There does seem to be a very subtle scent, but I can’t quite pick what it is. I was also a bit uncertain about the colour of the scrub, the very blue colour with its even bluer small scrub beads at first just seemed unnatural.

I began using this scrub the moment I received it in the mail, and have been using it continually for just over one month now. I was a little concerned to begin with as I thought that the scrub may be a little too harsh for everyday use, however my worries quickly went away when I realised that this product wasn’t as beaded as my normal exfoliator.

The scrub was easy to use, following the simple directions on the back of the product. I didn’t feel like I needed a lot of the product for it to work well- I used about a 5-10cent piece size. Neutrogena’s scrub is slightly creamy, but not enough to lather in your hands. I felt that by massaging the scrub onto my face in small circles concentrating on the oily sections was lifting away the impurities and cleaning out my pores. Instantly I felt rejuvenated and refreshed. I continued to use this product daily for another week or so until I noticed my face beginning to get the occasional spot here and there. Although I do have blackheads I rarely get pimples so this shocked me a little bit. I don’t have sensitive skin either, so I’m still not sure as to whether this was an effect of using the product or just another peril of being 18. Despite the pimples erupting on my face I continued to use the scrub. Sure enough my skin began to clear again, which makes me think that the outbreak was just my skin getting used to a new skincare product.

Although this scrub has done very little to combat my blackheads, I have noticed that my skin is less shiny which is a huge plus for me as I prefer the matte look. I usually carry around blot paper in my wallet to get rid of excess oil on my face throughout the day, although I haven’t needed to use my blot paper since using this scrub! Most of all though, I love that my skin now feels so soft, not the dry feeling that I expected would come in return for a product designed for ‘shine control’.

I would definitely purchase this scrub again as I think it is a great everyday skincare product for me. Use once a day, best in the morning.

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works to control shine but causes break outs

Thank you BH for giving me the opportunity to trial this new product from Neutrogena. I have normal to oily skin, and at the end of the day the skin on my face looks reaaaaly oily. So I was really happy to give this a go.
This product works in two ways, firstly it removes impurities and excess surface oil; and then after rinsing rice proteins are deposited on the skin to combat and absorb excess oil for up to 8 hours. I found this product really effective in controlling oil from appearing on my face during the day. However, it didn’t really prevent break outs, for me – it caused them. I read the other reviews and I noticed one more person had the same problem. So yes I was really disappointed and I had to stop using it for a while. I started using it again after my skin had cleared up, but the same thing happened. So I just gave it to my sister and it works fine for her (she’s got an oily type skin).
The thing that I like about this product though is its really refreshing smell and the colour as well. The product is blue with small exfoliating beads.
In my opinion this product is great at controlling shine, it’s only that is causes breakouts in some skin types.
RESPONSE FROM NEUTROGENA: You may be assured that Johnson & Johnson Pacific values the comments you have made regarding products in the NEUTROGENA* skincare range, especially as such feedback provides the company with an opportunity to better understand consumers' concerns about their products.

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Great for oil control

Having combination/ oily skin meant I would typically be greasy on my T-zone by 6pm in the evening. After 4-5 days from starting the trial of this daily scrub, I found my skin to get less oily than it usually would at 6pm so kudos to Neutrogena!
Being a daily scrub, I used this everyday for about 2.5 weeks. It comes out with the consistency of a toothpaste, a light Minty blue, with dark blue- green exfoliating particles. I do not usually use an exfoliator quite as often,so I found the
dark blue exfoliating beads slightly too large and abrasive as an everyday scrub.
However, I did enjoy the refreshing scent, although I can't quite place it, and the smooth plastic tube packaging was excellent at repelling grime commonly known to dirty the packaging of other bath/ facial products placed in the shower.
I also enjoyed the fact that was not overly drying, and my skin didn't feel taut and dry upon every use, and left it feeling refreshed, supple and clean.
I would encourage persons with extremely oily skin types to try the scrub out, not particularly great for more sensitive skin types.

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Trial Team Review

Thanks bh for sending me this to trial :)
Who would've thought you could have a mattifying scrub? This scrub has a subtle smell that reminds me of other neutrogena products. It is a grainy yet creamy scrub which doesn't lather, and comes in a a tube that is easy to handle. I found that this scrub wasn't as exfoliating as the scrub I usually use, and it had no effect on blackheads or pimples. I found I only needed a small amount - about the size of a 5c piece. I found that it is gentle enough for everyday use, but perhaps not for sensitive skin. I did notice an decrease in the amount of shine on my face during the day and even into the evening - so good work, Neutrogena! However I probably would only use this occasionally, as I prefer a face scrub to have a different texture to this one. I only gave 3 stars because I want to see how it goes in summer - the season for a shiny face - before I give it a 4th or 5th star.

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Really good!

I used this almost everyday when I was trialling it. I found that if you use it too often, it can make your skin sensitive and peel. But, its awesome as a twice a week thing!

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Lovely morning scrub

I was sent the Neutrogena Deep Clean Shine Control Daily Scrub to trial. I liked the packaging, it was simple and stylish. The products instructions on the back were easy to interpret and the ingredients are all clearly listed.

The products smell is a bit hard to describe, because I haven’t smelt anything like it before. It’s not a bad smell, but it smells like something to do with the rice proteins in the product.

The bottle is a squeezable tube, which is great. The product is blue, with tiny little beads that exfoliate and it’s gentle on my skin. I really like how the product feels on my face, it does not sting or burn and it feels refreshing.

The product is very easy to use, I use mine in the morning. This scrub controls oil from appearing on your face throughout the day, thus preventing a break out or pimple. I like that scrub controls the oil on my face, and I’m able to wear makeup without feeling like I have to blot my face with blotting paper all the time! I can wear makeup for a good 6 hours without it looking oily. I would definitely recommend this product in the summer time, as it’s going to be your best friend!

At night time, I found that it didn’t do the best job in terms of preventing pimples. I noticed a few pimples on my forehead starting to appear, I get pimples on my forehead when my skin has gotten to oily.

The product at night did not remove all the oil from my skin. It says on the bottle ‘removes 85% of built up oil’, so I’m assuming at night time you may need to use something else if your prone to acne or pimples. I love using in the morning though, because my skin is still quite clean. In the morning it does at great job of gently cleansing, and preventing oily skin for a few good hours.

I would purchase this product again; I think it’s a great morning cleanser for me. I really like how it makes me feel awake in the morning.

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