Neutrogena - Deep Clean® Shine Control Daily Scrub


Deep Clean® Shine Control Daily Scrub

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Neutrogena Deep Clean® Shine Control Daily Scrub combats the problem of sheen in two ways. Firstly it removes skin impurities and excess surface oil. Secondly, after rinsing, rice proteins are deposited on the skin to combat and absorb excess oil for up to eight hours. Salicylic acid targets blemishes at the source; cleaning deep in pores to removes impurities. Skin is left with a long-lasting, clear, shine-free finish throughout the day.



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Can be used for daily use

Has a decent smell and a nice texture to lightly exfoliate my skin, but I am still having problem break ups while using this product. It doesn't dry my skin out but my skin starts getting oily after a few hours.



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So far, so good.

I have been using this for a week now and I am impressed with the results so far. My skin hasn't been as oily and it hasn't dried out either. Has a nice smell. You don't need too much as a little goes a long way. My only concern is it doesn't wash off very easily and sticks.

Ideal for

Oily prone skin



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Excess Shine is a thing of the past!

I am a fan of many Neutrogena skin care products so I was excited to try the new Shine Control Daily Scrub. This product is targets my skin type perfectly, as I have oily/combination skin which is prone to shine throughout the day which usually requires me to blot my skin.

The packaging is fantastic. It comes in an easy to use 125ml squeeze tube which puts you in control to determine how much product comes out. It has a flip-top cap to ensure no spillages. Half of the container is clear so it is handy for letting you know when you are running low on product. The product has quite a distinct smell. It is not an unpleasant artificially fragrant smell, rather it smells quite fresh and light which is perfect to wake me up in the morning and refresh me.

The product dispenses in a light blue cream consistency with very small dark blue exfoliating beads dispersed throughout the product. The scrub is of a medium consistency, it is not thick and gluggy and it is not watery and thin. Upon application the scrub felt nice and smooth. The scrub doesn't lather up too much on the skin but it still does a good job at cleansing the skin and removing impurities. The exfoliating beads are not irritating or rough on the skin which was the most important thing for me. I have tried many scrubs in the past which have been very abrasive and have done more damage than good, so I was very pleased that this scrub had gentle yet effective exfoliating beads. On some nights I would massage the product into my skin for a good 1-2 minutes, and the beads still did not irritate my skin or cause any extreme redness.

The scrub was very easy to use. The exfoliating beads moved over the tricky areas of the face like the nose with ease. The product was very easy to rinse off the face and it did not leave any residue. Neutrogena recommends using the product daily for best results which at the start of the trial, I did follow. However after 5 days of using the product daily, I began to feel as though my skin was overproducing oil because my skin was being stripped too much. My cheeks which are usually normal also began to feel quite dry and tight. I tend to only use a facial exfoliating scrub 2-3 times a week, which is what I began to do with the Neutrogena scrub. Using the product 2-3 times a week depending on how my skin was feeling really worked well for me. So I recommend that those using this product get a feel for how your skin reacts to the product, and tailor usage to fit your skin needs.

Overall the scrub did live up to its claims I believe. The exciting and innovative addition to this cleanser was the rice protein technology which is used to absorb excess oil throughout the day and allow the skin to breathe. Even after my first use, I monitored my skin throughout the day to see how long it took to get shiny, and I found my skin stayed matte significantly longer than when I didn't use this scrub. That was wonderful for me as it is really bothersome to have to continually be checking your skin to see whether or not it needs to be blotted. My pores felt and looked visibly clearer after 2 weeks of using the product. I didn't break out while using this product too which was great. Overall I think this is a great inexpensive scrub which helps keep my skin clear and holds off the shine throughout the day which is great.


Tailor usage to your skin needs. Although it says to use daily for best results, I use the product 2-3 times per week and it still works wonderfully for my skin.

Ideal for

Those with oily/combination skin who struggle with built up oil and shine throughout the day. Anyone who has blocked pores and are looking to clear the skin



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Generally a good product

Balances Skin
Improves Skin Texture
Leaves Clean Feel
Not Greasy

Not so great for sensitive skin



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Face is not as shiny

When I first found out about this product I was very eager to try it as I have very oily skin. Since using this product I've noticed a decreased amount of shine to my t-zone that lasts for a few hours. I was initially using this product twice a day but noticed that this started to dry my skin out so have now reduced it to using it once a day. I'm hoping that with continued use this product will make my face stop looking like an oil slick.



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Left my skin smooth and oil free!

I have combination skin, that gets very oily during summer. This is the best exfoliator I have used compared to other brands under $15. Some are either way too harsh, and the ones that claimed to be gentle did nothing at all. This one left my skin feeling baby-smooth with a lovely fragrance. Must be those rice proteins! My pores looked smaller after just one use! It claims to not over-dry skin, unlike other exfoliators with salicylic acid. Fantastic product. Definitely recommended for oily/combination skin and blocked pores :)



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I found this scrub to work quite well at controlling my oily T-zone, however I do not think this product gave my skin a deep clean. After using this scrub twice I still found makeup left on my skin, so I feel this scrub is best used makeup removal. Whilst using the scrub I found the consistency to by quite thick on my face, not sure if I would repurchase.



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Love It

I have unbelievably oil skin and I find it hard to reduce the shiny, oil slick of a face. This scrub was very gentle with such a lovely fragrance. The exfoliating beads were very small hence allowing the scrub to be gentle whilst removing all the hidden dirts on my face. I will be purchasing another bottle of this as it does control shine and it is just such a trusted brand that I can't fault it !


After using it for a few day I found I didn't have to moisturise as much.

Ideal for

Sensitive skin and very oily skin



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Shine free skin

I was very excited to trial this scrub because I am always a fan of Neutrogena skincare products and this product was really a god send for me.
The packaging is nice and compact and includes all the necessary information. This scrub is meant to be used daily and its consistency/texture is such that I can use it daily with no problem because its gentle exfoliating beads are not very harsh on my skin.
Its consistency is not very thick nor liquidy and scent is not very overpowering buit very subtle which I quite like about it. I only need a tiny amount and it works just well.
I normally use this scrub 2-3 times in a week instead of using it daily because I don't really find any need to use a scrub daily. I have a combination skin so my T-zone normally get oily in the everning but since using this scrub I have noticed that its not that oily now so I am very impressed with this product.
I have also noticed that my skin feels very soft and smooth and looks much clearer now.
So overall I am impressed with this product.


Use it 2-3 times a week instead of daily.

Ideal for

Ideal for anyone having oily skin.



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Awesome scrub that really does control oil!

Thankyou to BH for allowing me to trial this great new product.

I used to use Neutrogena in my teenage years, and was curious to see how this product would turn out. Well, it pretty much ticked all the boxes for me. If I could give 4.5/5 I would!

The packaging is a comfortable plastic squeezey tube with a tightly closed flip cap; no risk of leaking or spills here! I love a tube that you can store on it's lid, so you're able to get the most out of the product. It is also a generous 125ml.

The product is a pale blue with bright blue exfoliating beads. The texture is quite thick, which you would assume means creamy, but it's sort of more of a fluffy mousse consistency? Like it has been aerated. For those with oily skin (like me!) do not fear that it is too rich or creamy for you skin, because it really does do an excellent job of reducing oil production. The smell is a pleasant fresh scent (reminds me of some of the neutrogena deodorants) with a hint of menthol which I love because it gives you that tingly clean feeling.

It is easy to apply to a moist face in a circular motion, and provides a very thorough cleaning. Does a great job of removing makeup and sunscreen at the end of the day, and the exfoliation means you get that smooth, clean feeling. My two criticisms of the product were:
1) Sometimes the little blue exfoliating beads were difficult to remove from the skin, and had a tendency to get caught in the hairline. But being careful not to use the scrub too close to the hairline, and using a face washer to remove the product, generally avoided this problem.
2) I loved the thoroughness of the clean, but I found the scrub slightly too abrasive to use daily. For myself I found it appropriate to use every second day.

As for shine control, I was quite skeptical of this. But I was pleasantly surprised! It really did keep my oil slick at bay for longer than normal (I usually spend most of the day with a slight sheen), but while using this product the sheen stayed away until well after lunch. I use spf30+ daily, so I was pretty impressed. I put this down the the rice proteins in the scrub. The toner that I use also contains rice proteins, so perhaps this contributed to the effectiveness of the scrub.

For under $14, I think this is a great scrub for people with oily skin, and I will probably buy this once I've finished this tube!

I'm not sure how those with sensitive skin would fare with the abrasiveness of the scrub, but it's probably something each individual would need to try out for themselves.
Well done Neutrogena!

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