Neutrogena - Deep Clean® Shine Control Daily Scrub


Deep Clean® Shine Control Daily Scrub

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Neutrogena Deep Clean® Shine Control Daily Scrub combats the problem of sheen in two ways. Firstly it removes skin impurities and excess surface oil. Secondly, after rinsing, rice proteins are deposited on the skin to combat and absorb excess oil for up to eight hours. Salicylic acid targets blemishes at the source; cleaning deep in pores to removes impurities. Skin is left with a long-lasting, clear, shine-free finish throughout the day.



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An Average Scrub

This was pretty good to use daily. It didn't strip or dry out my skin; as this brand usually does and did what it promised.
It did exfoliate my skin and left it feeling clean and smooth.



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Gentle scrub, suitable for sensitive skin

I got a sample of this in a Neutrogena sampler pack and was keen on seeing further results so I went out and bought the full size product.

I like to use this scrub 2-3 times a week to exfoliate my skin, having sensitive skin I usually cant use harsh scrubs so this is perfect for me because it isn't harsh at all and my skin doesn't react to it in a bad way. It also have a nice smell.

As for acne /blemish controlling properties I cant say much because I haven't seen a major difference in my skin. It isn't drying but it is hard to wash off and doesn't control oil for more than a few hours (2-3 at most).


Massage in a circular motion on oily areas of the face

Ideal for

Oily combination/ normal skin



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Great scrub that's not harsh on skin

I really like this product because it leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturized, without the harsh scrubbing. It's gentle enough to use in winter on dry skin.



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ok but not the best

I found this scrub to be ok, ok for daily use as it doesn't strip away your skin, ok that it cleans my skin but as to no shine and reduction in pimples, hmmmmm infact it made it worse, not happy jan!



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great scrub with a nice smell

I love the smell of this and it works well once a week to maintain my skin



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Best in Beauty 2012 - Excess shine is a thing of the past

This product targets my skin type perfectly as I have oily/combination skin which is prone to shine throughout the day, usually requiring me to blot my skin. The packaging is fantastic. It comes in an easy to use 125ml squeeze tube which puts you in control to determine how much product comes out. It has a flip-top cap to ensure no spillages. Half of the container is clear so it is handy for letting you know when you are running low on product. The product has quite a distinct smell. It is not an unpleasant artificially fragrant smell, rather it smells quite fresh and light which is perfect to wake me up in the morning and refresh me.

The product dispenses in a light blue cream consistency with very small dark blue exfoliating beads dispersed throughout the product. The scrub is of a medium consistency, it is not thick and gluggy and it is not watery and thin. Upon application the scrub felt nice and smooth. The scrub doesn't lather up too much on the skin but it still does a good job at cleansing the skin and removing impurities. The exfoliating beads are not irritating or rough on the skin which was the most important thing for me. I have tried many scrubs in the past which have been very abrasive and have done more damage than good, so I was very pleased that this scrub had gentle yet effective exfoliating beads. On some nights I would massage the product into my skin for a good 1-2 minutes, and the beads still did not irritate my skin or cause any extreme redness.

The scrub was very easy to use. The exfoliating beads moved over the tricky areas of the face like the nose with ease. The product was very easy to rinse off the face and it did not leave any residue. Neutrogena recommends using the product daily for best results which at the start of the trial, I did follow. However after 5 days of using the product daily, I began to feel as though my skin was overproducing oil because my skin was being stripped too much. My cheeks which are usually normal also began to feel quite dry and tight. I tend to only use a facial exfoliating scrub 2-3 times a week, which is what I began to do with the Neutrogena scrub. Using the product 2-3 times a week depending on how my skin was feeling really worked well for me. So I recommend that those using this product get a feel for how your skin reacts to the product, and tailor usage to fit your skin needs.

Overall the scrub did live up to its claims I believe. The exciting and innovative addition to this cleanser was the rice protein technology which is used to absorb excess oil throughout the day and allow the skin to breathe. Even after my first use, I monitored my skin throughout the day to see how long it took to get shiny, and I found my skin stayed matte significantly longer than when I didn't use this scrub. That was wonderful for me as it is really bothersome to have to continually be checking your skin to see whether or not it needs to be blotted. My pores felt and looked visibly clearer after 2 weeks of using the product. I didn't break out while using this product too which was great. Overall I think this is a great inexpensive scrub which helps keep my skin clear and holds off the shine throughout the day which is great.



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I wanted to lke this, but everytime I use it, it just breaks me out.
Doesn't control oil at all but smells nice. Shame! RESPONSE FROM NEUTROGENA: You may be assured that NEUTROGENA* values the comments you have made regarding the products in their skincare range, especially as such feedback provides the company with an opportunity to better understand what consumers think about their products. NEUTROGENA* would appreciate your telephoning their Consumer Care Centre during Sydney business hours on 1800 678 380 quoting reference number 001385743A, so they can personally respond to you.



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Works well, I have used better though

I found the first couple of uses it made my skin actually a lot shinier which is not a good look. Over time it did get better though but like I said I have used better and at first it did sting a little so I might not get this product again.



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Great for oily skin

I trialled this product and it was great in reducing any shine.... But found it was a bit to harsh on my face. RESPONSE FROM NEUTROGENA: You may be assured that NEUTROGENA* values the comments you have made regarding the products in their skincare range, especially as such feedback provides the company with an opportunity to better understand what consumers think about their products.


Would not use this product every day



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I use this scrub a couple times a week and find it's gentle enough for me. The beads aren't too abrasive and feel nice when massaged on my face. Will def buy again.

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