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Deep Clean Gentle Scrub

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With beta hydroxy and gentle microbeads, Neutrogena's Deep Clean Gentle Scrub cleans deep down into the skin's pores. It exfoliates and dissolves away the dirt and impurities. Dermatologist tested.


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Does what it says

I would use a scrub a couple of times a week so they last me forever and this one was ok it had an orangey smell and is creamy with small beads in it but it's not very harsh at all.
I'm just not sure enough that it did anything for me and there are plenty more on the market to try.



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Great scrub

This is a nice gentle scrub which worked with my sensitive skin.
The cleanser is creamy and gentle. It applied well and rinsed off cleanly with no residue. The beads washed out cleanly too.
My skin didn't feel tight or dry afterwards, and over time it feels smoother and looks clearer.
The beads felt a little bigger than I was used to, but they were very smooth and massaged my face.
The scrub particles were few and far between, so it didn't feel like I was getting a good scrub, but I suppose it was to make it more a gentle everyday exfoliator.
The scent at first smells like lemon, then you realise it's more like the artificial lemon essence like in the packaged lemon puddings. But it faded quickly so it didn't bother me too much.
This was a lovely scrub, good value for money. Will recommend.



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Leaves skin soft and well exfoiliated

This product has a fresh fragrance and the gentle scrub feels great on the skin. The micro beads really seem to exfoliate your dead skin cells and unclog the pores. I've even noticed improvement in the texture and clearness of my skin after using this product. I'd recommend it for all skin types!



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Gentle, great smelling scrub

This scrub smells like orange lollies! It has a creamy cleanser component with little scrubby beads. I think it could do with more scrubbiness but the cleansing part is quite effective. I enjoy the smell of this scrub and it rinses away easily without residue left behind. I think there are probably better scrub products available, but this is at a great price and easily available from most supermarkets and chemists.



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A Nice Scrub

I use scrubs on my skin about once or twice a week, it depends on it needs. It does have a nice scent but I not what it smells like. This is one of my favourite scrubs, this one does not irritate my skin and leaves my face feeling nice and soft. What I also like about this scrub that it has different sizes of micro-beads in it. I do like this scrub and I will re-purchase it again but I do want to try the scrub from Sukin first.



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Average Scrub

I received a sample of this product and decided to try it out. I found that it scrubs up well, but lathers rather than foams. The exfoliating beads could be a little larger, but this is just my personal opinion. I normally don't have sensitive skin, but this product caused some redness and irritation on my skin. Sadly, I wont be buying this product, but thanks for the sample Neutrogena. RESPONSE FROM NEUTROGENA: You may be assured that NEUTROGENA* values the comments you have made regarding products in their range, especially as such feedback provides the company with an opportunity to better understand what consumers think about their products.



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This cream exfoliator contains microbeads I find effective in removing dead skin cells so my skin is smooth and radiant. It smells of citrus and because it's not so rough...I like to think of it as between a cleanser and an exfoliator so I use it 3-4 times a week.

I'd recommend it to combination to oily skin types or just when you want a refreshing cleanse and exfoliate.



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Definitely a good choice

I've used SO MANY facial scrubs to pamper my skin, and didn't even finish using some because they were not working at all. After so many experiments, I ended up coming back to Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub, which always works for me. It's revitalising, and keeps my skin fresh and clean. It's excellent for oily skin. It's recommended that people use it only a few times a week, but I think it depends on the skin and on how you apply it to the skin. I use this one every single day, twice a day and gently wash my face to avoid damaging the skin. It really depends on your skin because my friend used a facial scrub (I don't remember which) a few days in a row and her skin started peeling off.



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Nice enough, but I'm never bowled over by exfoliators

I received a sample size of this in a set from PinchMe several months ago. It did what it said on the tin: removed dead skin cells and made my skin feel a little smoother than it had before.

However, I have congested and very acne-prone skin that's difficult to tame. I've been on the pill and used heavy duty skincare and thus far it's proven resistant. So while this did make my skin feel a little nicer, I'm not going to tell you that I stepped out of the shower and thought "Whoa, my skin is glowing and so clear now!"

It's definitely a nice step in my routine, but I've never been bowled over by an exfoliator. Maybe people with normal to combo skin tones will notice a more drastic difference! I'd repurchase it if I ran out of an exfoliator, purely because I'm familiar with it and it did what it says on the tin.

Brown Beauty


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Best Scrub

I got it as sample from Neutrogena and then I bought full size product. The scrub comes in convenient tube packing. The scrub has thick with creamy texture with small plastic beads. The exfoliating beads are round and fine, while they did not feel harsh and abrasive on my skin. After massaging this scrub, I removed it with few splashes of water. It is not sticky and can be remove easily. My skin felt fresh and hydrated after using it. It did not tear and striped my skin. I used it for weeks and noticed that my skin was healthy and glowing. It did minimize the appearance of blackheads or pores and it did not cause me bad reaction. I really love this product, this is an other winner from Neutrogena. But I did not use it every day, I used this twice or thrice in the week. I will recommend it for every one, for all types of skin, even your partner can use it.

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