Bioré - Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips


Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

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Bioré Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips combat difficult pore-clogging dirt and oil around the nose area. Formulated with tea tree oil, menthol and witch hazel to cool the skin and custom fit to reach dirt and oil in hard to reach areas. Pore strips will help reduce the appearance of pores with regular use.


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6 strips


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millie rose


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Gentle and Effective

I use these around once a week, and apply after showering and exfoliating. I dampen my nose with a warm cloth before peeling the strip away from the plastic sheet, and place on my nose, making sure that it properly fits into the sides of my nose, as that is where I often get blackheads that are hard to remove. After ten minutes the strip hardens, and I peel it off, pulling towards the centre. It tugs on my skin a lot, but it isn't painful, and is easy to peel. It removes a lot of my blackheads and dry skin, however with some blackheads it just brings them to the surface, where they are easily removed by just squeezing gently...gross, I know!
I love how they do not leave any residue on my nose, or cause my nose to break out, like many other products do due to my sensitive skin. My skin is super soft after I use them, and blackheads and clogged pores are definitely reduced. They have a pleasant clean smell, like many other Biore products, and are surprisingly gentle on the skin, considering the deep cleaning effect they have. I love them.


Use once a week along with regular cleansing and exfoliating for smooth and noticeably clearer skin.

Ideal for

Clogged pores and blackheads



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Love it!

Am loving how effective these strips are in removing blackheads and any other nasties from nose area.
Easy to apply and remove.



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Works on whiteheads

This works a treat on my whiteheads but doesn't seem to attach to my blackheads. I don't have large blackheads, they are quite small, so a challenge to extract. This does take out any excess sebum and some nasty whiteheads that could turn into pimples. I like to use it after I've already done a mask or steamed my face/ after a shower. I think it's effective but perhaps for those with large blackheads. I would probably stick with the Biore self heating mask and a chemical exfoliant and only use this if I'm more congested than usual.



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make my pores bigger!

This product is really good in removing whiteheads/blackheads andany other unwanted gunks on your nose...but unfortunately, my pores gets bigger and now there's no skincare that will help to shrink it even using pore shrinking products doesn't help..too good to be true,even using this product twice a week,, still made my ppores bigger.



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Works very well after a shower

I find the best time to use these pore strips (or any for that matter) is after a shower when your pores have opened up/softened from the hot water as you can extract a lot more of the blackheads out that way. It works very well on me and the amount of gunk that comes out is unbelievable. I find that my skin feels a bit tight and dry afterwards so I just make sure to moisturise after. My boyfriend also uses it once a week and his is a mini forrest (he has an oily tzone).



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Does What It Claims

This is an amazing product that I've been using on and off for absolutely years. Anyway, they REALLY work. The stuff that comes out of your skin and remains on the strip is incredible (although gross!), but you can really see and feel an instant difference. I would always say to follow through with a gentle cleansing and tone the area just to really clean and get any remaining strip glue off the nose area. I don't use these all the time, only fortnightly, as I do tend to have senitive skin these days, but they've caused me no problems in that department.
One thing however, I find these stick too close to the delicate skin around my eyes, so whenever I use them I smooth them down but immediately lift the top two edges away from my eye area carefully, because removing the strip when it's dry from near the eyes hurts. Well, it does for me. I suggest cutting a small piece off from the top two corners of the strip prior to putting on if you have delicate skin near your eyes too.
Overall, this product is great value for money and I would highly recommend it to anyone with oily skin suffering from blackheads.



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original is better

The only benefit of the ultra is that the strips are longer, however I find that the original removes more of my blackheads and gunk from my skin. but still decent



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I have always used the original ones with great results. I recently bought this one thinking it might be better but I was mistaken! This did nothing for me, didn't even remove my whiteheads properly let alone the blackheads. Plus, it says on the back of the box that it removes more dirt than the original just because the strip is longer, not because of a new formulation that's more effective or anything. It should probably have said that in front. I will go back to the original one.



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Removes blackheads effectively

Surprisingly I found these strips to work the majority of the time. I use them once a week to give my skin a deep cleanse. I steam my pores first to ensure they are open for the strips to work more effectively. I found these strips very easy to apply and use. I slowly remove them from my nose when stiff to the touch. I feel rewarded when I see what is on the strip as quite a lot gets on it that would usually be trapped in my skin. Removes most of my blackheads but not all of them.

One complaint is my skin looks red after use and feels dry and tight around the nose. Overall a great product other than a couple issues.



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See all the gunk stuck to the strip like a forrest!!!

Great product! Removes all the blackheads. Easy and convenient! Bought it along on holidays to use in hotel room at night. See all the gunk that has been removed from your nose! My boyfriend is also addicted to these strips!


Use after a shower to maximise results!

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