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Pore Unclogging Scrub

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Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub is an exfoliating cleanser for all skin types. It has a creamy, pearlescent formula with micro beads and salicylic acid, which unclog pores and remove dry, dull skin so that pores can breathe easier. It helps prevent blackheads and breakouts from forming. The lightly foaming scrub is gentle enough to use everyday. For periodic pore un-clogging, use several times a week to get smooth and radiant skin. To use, wet face and squeeze product into the hands. Massage over entire face and neck. Rinse thoroughly. Use several times a week.


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Made my nose produce oil like crazy

I don't normally have a very oily nose. In fact I have relatively dry skin. I'm not sure why this happened, but after I used this scrub, my nose started producing oil quite badly. You could see little oil bubbles on the surface of my nose. I tried it again just in case it was a strange coincidence, it the same thing happened. To make matters worse, the scrub didn't do anything it claimed to do. I didn't notice any difference with my blackheads.



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I received a few samples of this product and it was pretty good.
It was a very thick, creamy scrub and the beads were squishy.
It left my face feeling clean and refreshed.
The sample has definitely made me consider purchasing more of the biore range.



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Pretty good.

Definitely only for people with oily skin. This face wash got rid of all the oil on my oily skin, leaving it really squeaky clean. Had a very average effect on acne, though it did help a bit. Scrub is rather harsh so good for sparse exfoliation.


People with oily skin. Summer days, after you sweat a lot.



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Fast working

I'm a huge fan of their exfoliator, and this scrub is also fantastic. It reminds me of a mix of their exfoliator and Warming Cream Cleanser. You can really feel it work. It has that slight tingle on the skin which feels great as you know it 's working. It helps to exfoliate, but don't contain harsh beads that feel scratchy on your skin.

It contains Salicylic Acid to help fight blemishes and keep your skin clear. While it's soft enough to use everyday, if your skin is dry once or twice will be enough. I like that this is something that I can use once or twice a week when I have hormonal blemishes, but it won't upset the balance of my skin by drying it out.



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Great for clearing the skin

Really nice feel and great for spotty skin. It has salicylic acid though so it def isn't for sensitive skin and would only really recommend this with people with trouble, problem skin (black heads, oily skin, acne).

I noticed that I do need to be a bit gentle and scrub softly with this one and not leave it on too long but the feeling is lovely :)

Would def not pair this with anything else with BHAs though in case it irritates the skin.


People with oily skin with blackheads, pimples.



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This face scrub was ok but not great for me. I'm not sure if it really did much to help my skin. It didn't make it worse though so I guess that's a plus!



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Tired, tested and still unsure

I have been using this scrub both morning and night for about 3 weeks now. I am not sure if I have noticed a result in my pores though.
I have acne suffering skin so it does take some time for my skin to adjust to another routine.
The scrub is not too abrasive and actually feels really nice on the skin. The scent is so fresh and as you massage it into your skin you can feel it getting rid of excess oil and dirt on the skin.
It was not drying at all so that was so pleasant for me. I usually find that scrubs dry my skin out and I cannot go a single minute without applying moisturiser straight away.
It is a great scrub but for me personally I think I need something more targeted at my acne.



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This scub is Good it made my skin feel soft and refreshed it is easy to wash off but it didnt really do anything to my pores. i would recommend it



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Great value for money

I've been using this scrub for atleast 12 months now and my skin has never been smoother. This product retails at under $10 in the majority of supermarkets across Australia so it is rather easy to find and easy on the pocket too. The product is very creamy, spreads evenly across the skin and washes off with ease. I have quite sensitive skin and my skin hasn't reacted to it which is a plus. Oh the smell is also a winner! Great bargain buy for those after a cheap decent face scrub.


A little goes a long way. Make sure that you rinse your skin off thoroughly after use as the granules can irritate if left on the skin.

Ideal for

Everyday use... great for both men and women.



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great exfoliating scrub

i like this exfoliating scrub when i started using it, however its not working as well for me now that ive been using it for a few months. it cleared my face for the first few weeks, thats it. now it doesn't even help reduce breakouts anymore. my friend used it once and said that it felt like she was sand-papering her face. i will try another scrub, this isn't the best but its ok.

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