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Good scrub, but has large granules!

I got this scrub in a gift pack I purchased from Natio. I find the cream base is quite nice but the granules are larger than I expected. Sometimes they can be too rough on my skin. Due to this I only use this about once a week. It does give a good clean though and leaves my skin feeling soft. I have just purchased a different gift pack that also includes another tube of this, and I will use that until its finished. because I only use it once a week it will last for ages so is good value for money.

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Princess Per...


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Creamy Texture

This has a really nice creamy texture and is lightly foaming. The exfoliating particles are quite large which sometimes can mean a harsh exfoliation but not in this product. They are fairly well spread in the formula and the creaminess stops this from being hard on the skin. It gives skin a good cleanse and seems to contain moisturiser too so that it doesn't dry the skin out. My only gripe with this is I don't like the smell but otherwise this is a nice and well priced scrub.

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Sensitive skin stay away!

The particles in this scrub are definitely not what you would call gentle. They have the right balance of particulate to cleanser base but it wasnt nice on my face. They are irregularly shaped bits like most walnut shell or sugar based scrubs but the scrub bits are smaller. They feel very harsh on the skin, i could think of many better options in place of this one - QV face, Aveeno, Dr Lewinns...
Because it was no good on the face i tried it on the body. It did an OK job but my skin was irritated after using it.
This is in a creamy base but doesnt leave a film so is suitable for all skintypes aside from sensitive.
I couldnt get behind the smell of this either, its a very medicated cream smell, like something you would get from a hospital.
It did do its job of a scrub but it did it poorly - i wouldnt recommend this at all.

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Love it!

This scrub is very mild so it doesn't scratch or irritate. Although it's mild, I still felt as though I was getting a good clean. I used a little in the shower, on a wet face, scrub lightly in small circles then wash off. I didn't notice a fragrance, and my skin did not feel dry after using it.

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Soft skin.

I've been looking for a cream consistency that still actually feels like it's doing it's job and is doesn't leave my dry dehydrated skin feeling tight. This is it! I'm so pleased with this product. It's not too harsh, smells nice and is an excellent price.

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Too harsh for sensitive skin

I like Natio products, they're good value for money & usually deliver as expected in the product description.

Having a (very) sensitive tzone I do have to be careful what I use for an exfoliant or scrub product - so expected "Gentle Facial Scrub" that was suitable for all skin types would be effective but not too irritating, given it's description.

I've tried it a few times, but have had to discontinue using - while it does a very thorough job of exfoliating & my face in non-sensitive areas tolerates it well, my tzone hates it - it feels too harsh on application & afterwards, even with gentle application, my tzone remains red, irritated & sore - it feels almost as if it's been sand-papered - not pleasant at all.

If you've got skin that can tolerate a relatively harsh scrub, it does a good job, but if your skin has any sensitivity, avoid it - otherwise you may find you have the same issues I had

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Gentle enough for sensitive skin

This facial scrub is gentle and really pleasant to use. The back of the packaging says to use after cleansing, however these days due to time restraints, I love using a little bit of this a few times a week mixed in with the Natio Gentle Foaming Cleanser. It leaves my skin feeling really clean, but not dry.

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Worked initially

When I first started using this is made my skin feel so soft and smooth I fell in love with it, but now the granules are too rough for my skin and the formulation dries out my skin- this product now actually gives me flakes instead of getting rid of them!

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Effective but gentle

Great scrub for use a few times a week, really does help brighten skin and remove dull skin. The beads are not too harsh and unlike most exfoliators I did not find it too drying.

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Natio: Gentle Facial Scrub

Pleasant smell, feels like it works well, gentle yet effective scrub.
I use this in rotation with the Natio Gentle Foaming Cleanser, leaves my skin soft and happy.

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