Nutrimetics - Apricot Exfoliating Gel


Apricot Exfoliating Gel

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Nutrimetics Apricot Exfoliating Gel exfoliates and smooths skin. Apricot kernel extract softens and smooths skin while apricot seed powder buffs away dead skin cells, leaving skin bright and fresh.


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Grainy baby

I love this scrub, it containsn apricot kernels to buff away dead skin which makes it nice and grainy. One of the better ones I've used although it can be a little harsh. The smell is simply DEVINE! Its a wonderful apricot smell which melts away the stresses of the day



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Not worthy of being called a scrub

I was given a gift pack with a load of the orange nutrimetics (which are great) but I was disappointed with this scrub as the little exfoliating beads did nothing for me! I had to use another scrub afterwards to get my skin smooth.

HOWEVER as a cleanser at the end of the day it was great, got my make up off and refreshed my skin, just didnt exfoliate as well as St Ives etc.


Nice as a night cleanser

Ideal for

Cleansing your face but you'll need a stronger scrub for any noticeable exfoliation.

sarahnh BD


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Perfect scrub!

It seems to sweep away all the sludge and grime of my days! A little goes a super long way and with the little grains and beads you can actually feel it doing it's job. It smells like heaven, I adore it :)



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yummy smell

i have to say the smell of this product is divine, and not only that but i do feel as though my skin feels in balance , and feels good and soft. The price of this product does seem a bit exxy, but in the long run it was worth buying.



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Another great product that didnt irritate my sensitive skin!



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A good grainy scrub.

This apricot scrub smells yummy! It has good texture, I think it is apricot seed or kernel ground up, so it is nice and grainy, the way I like a scrub to be. I would not recommend it for delicate skin though.

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