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Hydrating Mask

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KORA Organics Hydrating Mask cleans, rehydrates, and protects skin. The face mask contains noni extract, vitamins, and minerals to refine pores, remove dead skin cells, and promote healthy tissue rejuvenation. Free from sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colours, and silicones.


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Available to purchase online, at selected Terry White Chemists nationally, and in all David Jones department stores nation-wide.

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Parisienne Chic


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A winter must have

When it,s winter, you are over 40,live in the Blue Mtns and work indoors,your skin is going to hate you sooner or later.Mine had enough a couple of weeks ago.Dry,sore and in need of help i got this .....and am glad i did.It is so soothing on parched winter skin,nourishes and deep cleanses all at the same time.I will use it weekly during winter that,s for sure.It is suitable for all skin types (even oilier skins in winter.

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I lived in Austria last year, and boy, did the icy weather have a dramatic effect on my skin. I left Sydney in January, and by March, my skin was dry (you could even peel flakes off my face like a sunburn peels), and ravaged with acne under my chin line. in Winter/ Spring, every room, every pub, every mall, is heated 24/7, and this hated on my skin.

I remember having a bitch to my Mum on Skype, that i couldn't stand the lacklustre and patchiness of my skin and I was so embarrassed to go out anymore. Sure, wearing scarfs and beanies constantly didn't help, but I was constantly washing them, so i knew I needed something to hydrate my skin. This is where Kora's Hydrating mask came to the rescue.

Mum heard my distress calls and posted over a heap of Kora products, knowing that I was obsessed with Organics (as are most Austrians!). Upon first opening the Hydrating mask, I knew we where going to be friends cause the smell was inviting and the texture was perfect.

I used the mask every second day for a month, coupled with a gentle exfoliator, and i can honestly say, my skin was in heaven. I had never seen my skin gleam like it did and really loved how I was no longer waking up to dead skin flakes on my face. Sure, my acne didn't subside, but i had a lot more confidence to go out and explore the city and make new friends.

I am so grateful for Kora, for delivery results and making my confidence saw- thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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