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KORA Organics Hydrating Mask cleans, rehydrates, and protects skin. The face mask contains noni extract, vitamins, and minerals to refine pores, remove dead skin cells, and promote healthy tissue rejuvenation. Free from sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colours, and silicones.


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A mask that feels like a thin cream.

Thankfully I received this full sized product in a Bellabox, but it took me a couple of months to use it - now that I have, I really enjoy it, but still cannot justify the $45 price tag. The product comes out a little more liquid like than the masks I'm used to (I like a thicker consistency) but it also means that 'less is more' and it will last longer. I left mine on for 15 mins vs the recommended 5-10 mins as I had expected it to 'dry' but it didn't really... I did notice tiny little beads of sweat forming across my face and I had a glow. Upon washing it off, I felt fresh, clean and had the softest skin! I'll continue to use 1-2 times a week and if it lasts a long while, then I'll consider buying it.


Given the liquid consistency, I'm wondering how the product would go being kept in the fridge? I'm not 100% sure if that would affect the product, but I think I might try it.

Ideal for

When you don't have a lot of time, but need a quick hydration (as usually masks need to set a lot longer).



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Very good but can't justify price

i do love this mask - i found it hydrating, but not leaving an oily residue like in other hydrating masks. i used twice a week for a month, and exfoliated twice a week. the price however is high...id rather buy 5 average masks instead of just this one.
i also prefer a mask that goes hard as i can really feel it working
- this one didnt go heard

glad i tried it though!!!

Lady of Crow


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A good mask but very dear

I actually have combination skin meaning this product isn't aimed at my normal skin type, but like all of us my skin sometimes likes to mix things up. If my skin does the dry thing I like to use a hydrating mask. I found that this product is great for this as it hydrates without sending my skin oily. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and plump.

However that said, I just don't feel that it is the best hydrating mask I have and for near $50 I was hoping for something with a bit more wow-factor to it. I personally feel that there are similar products, which are cheaper and preform better.



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it dried my skin

I was very excited about trying out this product, unfortunately it just ended up drying the skin on my cheeks. The feel and texture of the product was lovely and light. id didn't dry to hard and it was very easy to clean off. RESPONSE FROM KORA ORGANICS: The KORA Organics Hydrating Mask is recommended for a dry/sensitive skin type. This soothing mask has been specially formulated to not only hydrate the skin but also to refine the pores, remove dead skin cells and promote healthy tissue rejuvenation which should leave the skin feeling replenished and rejuvenated.
May we suggest gently pressing the Luxurious Rosehip Oil into the skin under the Mask for additional hydration.
We recommend you apply enough Hydrating Mask to completely cover the skin over the face, throat and décolletage avoiding the eye area. Please note that is product will not dry hard however, may soak into the skin if dehydrated. Please allow mask to set for approx 5 to 10 minutes before gently removing with tepid water.
For more information please do not hesitate to contact KORA Organics at: info@koraorganics.com
Kind regards,
The KORA Organics Customer Care Team.

Ideal for

a person who's skin is not sensitive.



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Not as hydrating as I'd hoped.

I use a cleansing mask once a week and I wanted to add a hydrating mask to my midweek routine. I loved the sound of the ingredients in this mask. I found it easy to apply, but a bit thinner in consistency than I thought it would be. It was easy to apply a thin layer, but it dried rather quickly. It rinsed off cleanly but I found it a bit drying in the cheeks. In fact, I didn't actually find it very hydrating - more cleansing, really. Lovely product, but not as hydrating as I'd hoped, like maybe a mask containing honey might be.



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Gentle and purifying

The KORA Hydrating Mask has a light green colour and a creamy consistency. When you apply it to your skin, it doesn't go hard. Removal of the mask is easy with water, and my dry skin felt soft afterwards. Sometimes when I used the Hydrating Mask, I felt a subtle drawing effect on my skin. I didn’t experience this with the KORA Clay Purifying Mask (which has a light pink/peach colour). I feel that the Hydrating Mask is slightly more purifying.

Judging from the pale green colour of the Hydrating Mask, I'm guessing that KORA have used green clay. I’ve read that green clay is more suitable for purifying the skin. I’m confused as to why green clay was used in a hydrating mask. Anyway, it really doesn’t matter because both KORA masks feel gentle on my dry skin and they left my skin feeling soft.

NOTE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: This mask contains the essential oils of sandalwood, patchouli and rose. Not everyone can tolerate essential oils on their face.

Parisienne Chic


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A winter must have

When it,s winter, you are over 40,live in the Blue Mtns and work indoors,your skin is going to hate you sooner or later.Mine had enough a couple of weeks ago.Dry,sore and in need of help i got this .....and am glad i did.It is so soothing on parched winter skin,nourishes and deep cleanses all at the same time.I will use it weekly during winter that,s for sure.It is suitable for all skin types (even oilier skins in winter.



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I lived in Austria last year, and boy, did the icy weather have a dramatic effect on my skin. I left Sydney in January, and by March, my skin was dry (you could even peel flakes off my face like a sunburn peels), and ravaged with acne under my chin line. in Winter/ Spring, every room, every pub, every mall, is heated 24/7, and this hated on my skin.

I remember having a bitch to my Mum on Skype, that i couldn't stand the lacklustre and patchiness of my skin and I was so embarrassed to go out anymore. Sure, wearing scarfs and beanies constantly didn't help, but I was constantly washing them, so i knew I needed something to hydrate my skin. This is where Kora's Hydrating mask came to the rescue.

Mum heard my distress calls and posted over a heap of Kora products, knowing that I was obsessed with Organics (as are most Austrians!). Upon first opening the Hydrating mask, I knew we where going to be friends cause the smell was inviting and the texture was perfect.

I used the mask every second day for a month, coupled with a gentle exfoliator, and i can honestly say, my skin was in heaven. I had never seen my skin gleam like it did and really loved how I was no longer waking up to dead skin flakes on my face. Sure, my acne didn't subside, but i had a lot more confidence to go out and explore the city and make new friends.

I am so grateful for Kora, for delivery results and making my confidence saw- thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Drink plenty of water and exfoliate 2-3 times a week for best results.

Ideal for

Dry skin

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