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Great for sensitive skin

I love that this purifying mask is gentle enough for everyday use, however I enjoy using it between 2-3 times a week. My sensitive combination skin feels truly purified, cleansed and smooth after using this, with absolutely no irritation at all. The best part is that it does not dry out your skin, like a lot of other clay masks tend to do.

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Works for me

I don't use masks very often as my skin is sensitive. This one worked really well. It feels lovely and soft on and left my skin feeling beautiful. And like other QV products, no over powering scent.

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Affordable magic to my face

This is an amazing mask I've been using for almost a year. I tried using Estée Lauder creamy masks before but they are too expensive and doesn't seem to improve my skin much.

But this one makes your skin visibly better, smoother and slightly brighter - makes you feel fresh and radiant. If you're lucky, you can buy the QV Purifying Mask as cheap as $10.

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Scray Scray


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Fast working!

This is my go to mask for redness, and it works awesomely! It doesn't sting or feel pseudo cold on my skin. It's very nice, very straight forward. It spreads easily, but does dry quickly, so make sure you've got it all on in time! It washes off easily as well. Very affordable and always leaves me with softened skin.

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This mask certainly does a good job at cleansing - I feel squeaky clean after using it. However, I don't feel that it's particularly moisturising though as my face feels quite dry after (and it was already fairly dry to begin with)

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Love it for redness !

I bought this after my lush one ran out. I check all the review on BH and this one stood out. I have to say i am pretty happy with it. I find that it is really great for redness that i get. I some how manage to obtain alot of chemical burns on my face (sensitive skin) and i find this reaklly calms them down. I can say whether it has help my breakouts because i have started using clarins skincare and some other new products as well as the mask. And while my skin has improved dramatically, i cant tell what exactly its from. I have been using this in rotation which a clarins mask which i also love

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awesome product

This is the QV product that i ever purchased from the QV range, and i will definitely be repurchasing this product again. I left the clay mask on for about 15 minutes. After rinsing the residue off, my skin felt very smooth and soft.

This product is of great value and works on treat on my sensitive skin.

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This is the only face mask I have ever used and I don't think I will ever switch to another brand. It's perfect for anyone with super oily skin as it does a fantastic job at keeping oil at bay without drying you out too much. I have found that my acne has reduced considerably since I have started using this mask. The consistency is smooth and pleasant, and applying the mask feels like a pampering special treat :)

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This product is absolutely AMAZING, I can't rave about it enough!! I work as a swim school teacher and am in and out of the chlorine, so my face can be very dry and flaky but I also have naturally oily skin (problem much!). Anyway, I bought this and tried it one night and left it on for about 20mins- it wasn't at all tight or felt uncomfortable and when i took it off my skin was AMAZINGLY smooth, like a baby. So then I tried it after I finished teaching when a lot of things tend to 'burn' my skin- it went on nicely and it worked to combat that flaky/irritation i get. I will be buying this over and over! Best face mask I've ever had (and i splash out and buy expensive ones too)

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Elegant mask

When you squeeze the mask into your fingers it feels so soft and nice, like cute poofy squishy cream that you can easily spread over your face like a cupcake (haha it feels so good). I like how its gentle on the skin yet very effective. As soon as I washed it off after 5 minutes i could see a difference. My face was alot smoother and it seemed to calm down the redness on my face. This product is love!!!

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