Montagne Jeunesse - Passion Peel-Off Masque

Montagne Jeunesse

Passion Peel-Off Masque

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Bursting with fruity goodness, the deep cleansing Passion Peel Off Mask contains pulped pomegranate, which has three times the antioxidant properties of tea. Rich in vitamins A and E to soothe, heal and repair. Passion flower hydrates skin, while revitalising raspberry calms the complexion. Generous amounts of grape and cranberry relieve, cleanse, purify and protect for healthy looking skin.



Priceline, Target, Big W, Woolworths (range varies across retailers).

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Effective & affordable formula

I first tried this in a sachet & liked it so much I've now bought the (10 use) Tottle for under $10.

I've used a product by Murad that's an Exfoliating Face Mask with Pomegranate, that comes in little sachets and is a little on the pricey side for a 6 pack. So I was keen to try this very modestly priced alternative.

This is packed with pomegranates & other fruity goodness. It's a pretty sticky formula, but with applied quickly & with light fingers the formula goes on really nicely. I just make sure I avoid my eyebrows when applying.

After it's on for 20 minutes or so I peel off easily & find my skin feels very clean, pampered, & ready for moisturising.

It's a lovely, revitalising face mask at an affordable price.



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Peel Off Fun!

This is a bright purply-pink transparant colour on the skin. It dries in around 15 minutes and peels off. My children and I enjoy MJ's peel off masks for a bit of fun plus it does tend to freshen my face a bit and it's fun to peel off. What I love a lot about these peel off masks is that my children can't wait to peel it off for me - so I get a bit of pampering from them! Then they want their turn to wear it and peel it off themselves!



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Didn't do much and stung my eyes!

I purchased this from Priceline when it was on sale a few weeks ago. I checked out the reviews here on BH and thought it sounded interesting as I've never tried a peel off mask.
First of all there is too much product for one use in the sachet, but in saying that, there is too little product for a second use. If you were to save it for another time I don't know how you would do so because the product is quite runny and you can't reseal it.
So when tearing the sachet, a light, berry red gel oozed out. It did smell like berries however it smelled slightly 'chemically' and 'fresh' (which I didn't like!). Anyway I applied it all over my (very oily, blemish-prone!) face with my fingers making sure not to get it too close to my eyes. However my eyes were still becoming watery! It was also very sticky; I forgot to put on a head band, so some of my hair started to stick to my face! I left it on my face for about 20 to 25 minutes and I started peeling it off. I admit, it is quite fun to peel it! But as I looked at the peeled of mask, I saw some eyebrow hairs that had been 'waxed' off! Well this was probably my fault as I did apply it very close to my eyebrows. Anyway, after I thoroughly removed the mask I didn't notice any real changes in my skin. It was slightly less oily but everything else was the same.

All in all, it was fun to peel off and it was cheap but it pulled out some of my eyebrow hairs, the berry/chemical smell was a little off-putting, it gave me extremely watery eyes and I didn't see any real differences to my skin. So I wouldn't repurchase this product or recommend it.



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Peel mask

I liked this mask because it felt nice on the skin and peeled off really easily! It felt as though after I had peeled it off all of the dirt and gunk in my pores was brought to the surface but not quite cleaned or cleared out, I think this mask just wasn't quite right for my skin type.



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Pomegranate Power To Purify & Protect

Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel-Off Masque comes in a 10ml colourful foil sachet.
The masque is formulated with pulped pomegranate & passion flower to deep cleanse, purify and protect skin.
Before applying the masque cleanse skin.
The masque is pomegranate pink in colour.
It is a gel with a thick flow consistency.
The texture is smooth and gooey.
Out of all the yummy ingredients the masque is made out of, a raspberry aroma stands out. It reminds me of redskin lolly.
I use my fingertips to apply the masque, finger painting my face with the wet gel.
I try to apply it as evenly as I can, then sit back for about 20 minutes and allow it to dry.
The masque feels cool and wet on skin, as it drys you can feel it tightening, my cheeks andd crease areas the last to dry.
Once the masque is thoroughly dry, it is ready to be peeled off.
I gently ease off the masque little by little, peeling slowly, doing it this way ensures the dry, thin, rubbery masque comes off in 1 piece.
The masque makes way for cleansed skin that feels smooth, soft and lovingly pampered.
I purchase single foil sachets of Montagne Jeunesse, different varieties from Priceline.

Made in the UK by Montagne Jeunesse.



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Fruity goodness

Scrub and apply..finish with toner/serum/moisturiser


Combination skin

Ideal for

This is my most favorite of all the masks as it's loaded with the best potent natural ingredients.It has a lovely aroma and texture.It spreads very easily and is a delight for your senses.It dried in 10 mins and be careful not to overdry as it can flake off and create a mess.It's very easy to take off and left over bits can be taken away with damp face sponge or splashing. I love its results as my skin feels very smooth, baby soft, silky,hydrated and very radiant.It's my go to mask for an instant pick me up after a long week or before a special ocassion.I wish they come up with a bigger and better pacakaging for easy usage and storage.It's a keeper!

Bellezza Cielo


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Smells nice, affordable, easy to peel

Got this from my local priceline.After cleansing, exfoliating and steaming my face i applied the mask. First thing i didn't like squeezing the contents out of the sachets. Too messy.I wish they could come up with better packaging.

Applied it on the face using my fingers. Easy to apply. Spread really easily. Very slight irritation only cos i got it close to the eye. Big no no.

Dries out in no time. Main thing was it was so easy to peel of. Came out in a big piece. Very little left bit.

My skin was left feeling refreshed and the whitish stuff on the nose was all gone. Nice.


T zone skins



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Only mask that didn't dry out my cheeks!

For starters, this mask smells great! It looks nothing like the picture (they usually don't..) - when applied it's not purple, it looks more like you're very sunburnt and you've rubbed aloe vera or something all over your face. It took about 15 minutes to dry, and when it dried it came off in large pieces, not frustrating small ones, so that was good. The only trouble with it is the 'ouch' factor. It could be because this is the first peel-off mask I've tried, but still, I tried to avoid my hairline..But when I was taking it off, the mask itself came off easily, it's just that it tried to take hair off with it (like the peach fuzz on lower cheeks/above jaw). Apart from that, I'd say it's one of the best masks I've tried. Most masks, even ones for dry skin, dry out my cheeks (always the same part - lower cheeks, either side of my mouth) but this one didn't, I was surprised to see.
Also, after taking it off, my face was a teensy bit sticky, with only a small amount of mask that hadn't peeled off, but that was easy fixed with a damp face washer.
Afterward my face felt really nice, very clean, soft and like it should after a good face mask.
Will definitely re-purchase, as long as I take care in avoiding my hairline when I apply :P



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Not too bad

I tried this product last night. To be honest, I'm not sure it really cleaned out my pores the way it was supposed to, though my skin did feel nicer when I was done.

Easy to use, smells great, and not too expensive. Also, I only ended up using half the contents of the sachet, so I've sealed it up and should get another use out of it, so all in all, not bad.



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Pure Luxury

This Peel-off Mask was a pressie from BH , it was very easy to use with just your fingers to apply it , has a lovely aroma and easy to wash off those little mistakes . So calming having it gently tighten on on face while it drys and was easy to peel off., leaving my skin soft clean and a just pampered feel to it i loved it.

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