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Pore Unclogging Scrub

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Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub is an exfoliating cleanser for all skin types. It has a creamy, pearlescent formula with micro beads and salicylic acid, which unclog pores and remove dry, dull skin so that pores can breathe easier. It helps prevent blackheads and breakouts from forming. The lightly foaming scrub is gentle enough to use everyday. For periodic pore un-clogging, use several times a week to get smooth and radiant skin. To use, wet face and squeeze product into the hands. Massage over entire face and neck. Rinse thoroughly. Use several times a week.


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microbeads - scratches eyeballs and bad for environment

I have oily/combo skin like kevlar so I wasn't afraid of this cleanser stripping my dermis dry of moisture - which is incidentally, precisely what my derm recommended I should do for my comodone-prone skin condition .

I bought this because it 1. had salicylic acid and 2. was a scrub! I need as much ammunition to fight my oil secreting pores as I can fill my bathroom vanity shelf.

The tingly minty methol feeling was nice in summer but not so pleasant in winter when I was staying in a building without indoor heating and had to wash my face with cold water because we had to save precious dregs of hot water for warm showers. But I'm sure most MUA'ers live in lovely heated buildings with generous efficient boilers so that wouldn't be a concern. And one does get used to it after a while.

I can't say this scrub worked any better than any other salicylic acid based foaming daily scrubI've used. But in terms of using the round microbeads as exfoliant, I loath it. Like some of the other reviewers said, there wasn't enough of the beads for it to be truly effective as an exfoliant. I ended up using this in conjuction with a muslin cloth to keep my face baby smooth.

But what really annoyed me was that these balls would get into my eyes and scratch my eyeballs. Sure, loads of other grainy scrubs get into my eyes when I use them on my face, it's inevitable, but none are as uncomfortable as these microbeads when they get into your eye. Avoid if your eyeballs are not so kevlar-proof!

- nice, creamy, generous lather
- pleasant smell
- contains BHA

- microbeads BRAND RESPONSE: Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback on the Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub.
Please give our Bioré Customer Care team a call (1800 468 318) so we can learn more about your experience, and perhaps suggest another cleanser that is better suited to your skin type and skin concerns. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Biore team.

Jazmin 193


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Great Scrub

I love the way this leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and clean. I've never tried anything that left my face feeling so fresh. It's gentle but not too gentle and it's creamy. It has a decent scent that lingers on your face.

Ideal for

Oily skin



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Leaving skin soft and clean

It is one of my favourite cleansers! Biore is a great starter brand for all first time users with skin care products. It is amazing how this product can fit with most skin types. I really like that it has beads in the scrub, to ensure for a more thorougher clean to scrub off the dead skin cells on the face. Leaving your skin soft and clean . On the done side, it does make my face very dry afterwards and sometimes it can flake up.


I use scrubs once a week to ensure that I still have natural oils on my skin and that my face is not always dry. As this product dries out my face.

Ideal for

Oily Skin



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very drying and harsh

Exfoliates the dead skin on my face, especially forehead area to leave it relatively smooth.

For my especially dry skin, this scrub was much too harsh for my sensitive skin. After using this product, you get a 'squeaky clean' kind of feeling, which was terribly drying for my already dry skin.
Definitely a once-a-week product for me. Also, I didn't really notice a reduction in the clogging of my pores (although I didn't really start off with a lot of clogged pores!)

I reckon this product would probably suit more oilier skin types, as it reduces oil production whilst providing the exfoliating properties we need to keep out faces smooth (but not necessarily for me) clog free.



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I used this product only once, but even after that I an definitely say it does not suit my skin. It dried my skin out far too much, and actually felt like it was starting to burn some parts of my face even after only being on my skin a short time. It makes me sad, because I'm generally a fan of Biore, but I guess there must have been some chemical in it that just didn't agree with me. RESPONSE FROM BIORE: Hi EC465,

We are sorry to read about your experience with our Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub.
We would love to hear from you, so please call our Customer Care Center on 1800 468 318, so we can find out more about your skin and suggest the best product for you to use.



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A purifying scrub that leaves my skin clean and fresh!!

I love using this exfoliant- the small beads scrub out your pores and it makes me actually FEEL clean. Also, it doesn't dry my skin out if I use mousturiser after (it soaks in really well after using the bioré scrub), and a toner also.


I use it once or twice a week, as well as cleansing twice daily. Moisyurise and tone after.

Ideal for




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The only scrub that's ever worked for me!

I love this product! It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth, and doesn't dry my skin. It has a fresh scent, it reminds me of melons, and it has quite small particles to really gently exfoliate the face. I use it once a week to keep my skin in great condition.



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Clean and fresh

I don't name and shame my pores so I don't know if they were smaller after several uses of this product. But my face felt clean, my small zits disappeared and my skin felt clean and fresh. Moisturiser afterwards was readily absorbed. This scrub, like so many others, is best used in the shower to ensure all the little beads are washed away. The smell was pleasant, not overpowering.



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Great scrub!

I'm a big fan of this clear squeeze bottle - it's easy to see how much is left. This scrub feels so nice! It feels like it's really cleansing and exfoliating, leaves skin feeling really smooth afterwards, but it's gentle enough to use every day. I find that this scrub is especially good to use after a gym session, to unclog my pores after getting all sweaty. I find that I only need to use a small amount, so it doesn't run out fast.
I'd recommend giving this product a try. I'll repurchase this for sure!



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My perfect scrub

This one of my favourite scrubs. I use it 2-3 times a week and it helps clear up my acne, I’ve had a huge improvement in blackheads and my skin feels so soft after using it. Its also not super abrasive so use don’t feel like your scrapping off your skin. It’s a scrub that works for me in everyway and will definitely be buying it for years to come.

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