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Clay and Plant Face Mask

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A deep cleansing mask which contains essential oils and clay properties to absorb excess oil and draw out impurities for soft, clear, healthy looking skin. Kaolin absorbs impurities while bentonite helps prevent the appearance of blemishes. Pure essential oils of sesame, palma rosa and lemon gently hydrate, nurture and soothe the skin. Natio Clay and Plant Face Mask Purifier helps to unclog and tighten pores, rejuvenate tired skin and improve skin’s firmness and texture. It is also ideal for people with oily and blemished skin. Suitable for all skin types.


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cat lover


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Good, but prefer the Spa Green Clay one...

I purchased this Natio clay mask after not being able to find the Natio Spa Green Clay mask that I used last time.

While I quite liked this one I prefer the other product as I felt that it was more effective at drawing the impurities out of my pores.

The thing I did love about this product is how gentle it was. I could leave it on for ages and it didn't dry my skin out. I'd recommend it to anyone wanting a nice gentle mask that invigorates the skin without dehydration.



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Nice smell

This mask has a really thin consistency which makes it feel like you don't always have enough on. It has a pleasant smell but due to the essential oils it can irritate some skin types. My skin felt a bit hot during use but when I took it off their were no marks, I will continue use to trial further.



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Runny, not very effective

I have oily combo skin.

I've used a variety of other clay masks and frankly, this one comes up short.

- affordable
- pleasant floral (smells a bit like lemongrass) fragrance

- runny and therefore difficult to apply to face
- need a lot of product to cover your face
- doesn't really absorb oil like other clay masks.

Cosmetics qu...


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Fresh, clean and smooth skin

I am onto my second tube of this mask and I have to say it really works to make your skin smooth and clean. I have normal/ oily skin and I am prone to blemishes. This mask does a great job of drying up my excess oil without being drying!

I had been using a terrible cleanser that was giving me bumpy and painful skin, so I stopped using it and then applied this mask. After leaving it on for 15 mins I washed it off and all of my blemishes that were laying dormant came to the surface. I had whiteheads everywhere. I was fine with this as it proved the impurities were brought to the surface (and then I dealt with them).


I use this product twice a week or more of I have blemishes. Steam your face before you use this product and leave it on for longer if you have very troublesome skin.

Ideal for

Blemish and acne prone skin. Also oily skin for mopping up the excess. Great for summer too.



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Tighter Pores and Smoother Skin!

I absolutely love this mask!! It has clay-like consistency and dries out real quick as soon as you smooth it on your face - I could literally feel the mask working on my pores - forcing and squeezing it to tighten (insert squeal)! I wuv it!


Don't squeeze out a whole glob! Unlike other masks, this one spreads out a veryy thin layer.

Princess Per...


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Nice Scent

I usually love Natio products but I have to say that this is not may fave. I found it a little bit runny for a clay mask and a bit hard to apply. It did dry on my skin eventually but when I took it off my skin felt irritated and looked a bit red. My skin felt dry too. I do suffer from sensitive skin though so it may be that this would suit normal skins just fine. On the plus side - it does have a pleasant clay sort of smell but otherwise, I probably won't use this again.

Ideal for

Normal skin.



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OK, but may cause irritation

The first thing that you'll notice is the consistency of this mask - it's relatively thin compared to most clay masks. So don't overly squeeze the container when you start off! I've generally found a mild stinging sensation when using the product, but this subsides as the mask begins to dry. Immediately after rinsing with warm water, I have definitely noticed finer pores - but I also find that this look only lasts a few hours. I didn't find that it helped with any developed or developing spots.

Ultimately I stopped using the product when my skin turned bright red after removing it! I hadn't changed any of my other products, and the redness occurred exactly where I applied the product. That's when I decided to never use it again.

There are other clay-masks out there which I haven't reacted to, so I won't be purchasing this again!


Natio don't produce testers/samplers, so I would advise to hold onto the receipt even if you've used the majority of the product. I didn't and so it was effectively a waste of money!



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I love this clay mask!

I bought this little product a few months, and I absolutely love it! I found its quite gentle on my face and doesn't irritate it one bit which is a definite bonus!! And the smell of this product isn't too overwhelming.

After washing off the clay mask off my face, I also found that my face is more softer and a bit smoother!! Would definitely recommend it for any age to use this product.



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I love this Natio Face Mask. It is clay based and left my skin feeling matte and brighter. It is also a great price point which is another bonus.


Leave on whilst luxuriating in a hot steamy bath. The mask will dry but not rock hard and is a lot easier to remove when in a bath and not dried completely

Ideal for

Normal, oily, combination skin types



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great clay mask

i have combination oily skin and love using this. its one of the regular masks i use. i love how my skin feels so soft after using it. it also helps with blemishes. helps minimise the severity of them.

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