They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. And if that’s the case, you certainly can’t have the view obstructed by lines, puffiness, and lacklustre lids.

And because we know that sometimes forking out your hard-earned (and very wisely saved) money for non-essential items isn’t exactly at the top of your list, we thought you’d love to hear about these beauty bargains that are sure to pretty up those peepers.

Pay only $60 for either the Advanced AHA Cosmeceuticals Smoothing Eye Serum, Idebenone Complex Superceuticals Eye Serum, or Coffeeberry Natureceuticals Radiance Eye Serum when you purchase the matching moisturiser from the PRIORI range.

Decleor Paris
Pay only $20 for either the Expression De L’Age Relaxing Eye Cream, Experience De L’Age Eye and Lip Cream, or Excellence de L’Age Regenerating Eye and Lip Cream when you purchase the matching moisturiser for the Decleor Paris range.

ColorOn™ Professional
Create any eye look imaginable with these super-easy-to-use eyeshadow applicators. During June, purchase the 10-pack kits for $18 each (usually $37.95), the 5-pack kits for $12 each (usually $24.95), or the entire range for $130 (usually $300).

Interested in purchasing ColorOn™ Professional? Email for an order form.

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What’s your favourite kind of beauty special?

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